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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

35 Years of SASQUATCH Experiences in the Texas Hill Country

A property owner in the Texas Hill Country details her encounters with the local Sasquatch inhabitants. She references a previous article I posted from the same general area.

I recently received the following account from a reader:

"Hi, Lon. I just stumbled across your article on the Texas Hill Country Bigfoot from December 20, 2018, and I was curious as to which county the ranch is in. I'm from (REDACTED), Texas and my family has land on the Guadalupe River. I've been tormented by something out there for about 35 years and only recently came to realize that it's probably a Sasquatch family. Now that I know what they are I'm more annoyed than anything but still don't feel safe there at night and especially outside.

I saw a child and an adult in about 1989 when I was sleeping outside on a trampoline. The child (about 4 and half feet tall, its shoulders just barely breached the top of the trampoline frame) woke me up by accident and I scared it I guess because I was so startled. I sat straight up from sleeping. I'm guessing it tried to touch me because that's just about the only thing that I can think of that would have caused me to jolt awake like that. It grunted. Then I saw something very tall and lanky run in the opposite direction to the trees. I then heard a loud humming noise that seemed to come from all directions and passed out.

I have had multiple interactions over the years, mostly hearing them and seeing the red eyes, and hearing them scream. I believe it lives under a bridge on (REDACTED) during the day where I and others have seen it on a dare to walk through the dark tunnel when we were kids. We heard something moving and it turned to look at us and we saw the red eyes. It was screaming, absolutely terrifying. It was about 7 or 8 feet tall, we didn't see a silhouette, only its eyes. At night it roams up and down the property line back and forth to the river.

Recently we've found odd things to mark trails like X's and branches stuck in fences, tricycles tied 5 feet high in a tree with vines, sheets tied around tree branches, and a dead animal in a tree next to a fort. The fort could be from kids or poachers because it's next to a park but I don't know. The fort and the animal in the tree area are where the sound came from the first time I heard it. To this day we are still hearing heavy deep breathing in the tree line, hearing strange bird noises in the middle of the night all around the house. And a few years ago I heard loud screaming on the river by the fort area. It sounded like a woman being hurt. I thought it was a mountain lion so I just went inside, it was terrifying.

When I was 18 my then-boyfriend and I were outside and we heard footsteps so we got scared and ran inside. When we finally worked up the nerve to go back out so he could leave, I reached for the doorknob and the doorknob started shaking and there was a simultaneous loud knocking on the door. We started screaming of course and went and woke up my father who went outside with the gun and nothing was there. My father has lived there for 60 years and isn't one that believes in paranormal anything. He makes comments about the noises and had someone tear down the crosses in the fence after I told him about what I had learned. He would never admit it but I'm sure he's probably seen things too. 

Anyway, when I was reading your article, the person said there was a tall and lanky one in the group, and then one that kind of short and squat in the group that seems to be mentally handicapped in some way. That completely fits the description of what I saw and makes sense that something that didn't know any better poked me when I was sleeping. I've tried several times to better recall what I saw but all I can remember is that the little one did seem to have not much of a shape to it. The tall one has to have been at least 7 or 8 feet tall, it was very lanky and I remember seeing the long legs running. All I saw was a silhouette. It was I'm guessing about 4am and it was very overcast so there was hardly any light. It's usually extremely dark behind the house as well, very eerie, unnaturally dark. 

Thank you so much for your time in reading this. We're setting up a trail cam soon, I'm both excited and terrified at the same time to catch some pictures. Please let me know how close that ranch is to me, I'm very curious if it's the same Sasquatch family. It's hard to believe a Sasquatch could live so close to people but on the other hand, it has a lot of great places to hunt and hide over there too. Thank you again, NC"

NOTE: The other ranch mentioned in the 2018 article seems to be within 20-25 miles. I imagine that the groups are connected. I have removed any references to specific locations since this is private property and the writer's information will remain confidential. Lon



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