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Thursday, May 11, 2023

UNKNOWN CREATURE Observed, Feeling of Dread, on Rural Alabama Road

Possibly a cryptid-type creature my friend and I saw on a drive on January 14, 2023, in rural Alabama. Other circumstances include being followed by a white truck and feeling of dread.

Me and my friend Cas decided to go on a drive about an hour ago because there was a spot I'd been looking at going to at night because it was secluded and a good spot to smoke in general. Around when we started talking about it he noted that he started smelling something sweet, cherries, and a hint of cigar. I was familiar with this entity as it's been around my room since I moved in back in 2020. It's not a malevolent entity and is actually quite kind. Cas stated that it felt like he'd been hugged and just overall felt comfortable with the entity around him.

So we go on the drive and we're talking and all and we turn down the last road until the destination when I saw a tree down in the road. It didn't block the road completely but it was too narrow of a gap for my car to fit. Well, I knew a back road that led to the same destination so we turned around and headed down that way. It was a very wooded backroad; no service, very few houses for miles and surrounded by trees. It was the type of road to only have one lane because of how unused it is.

As I'm driving we're talking and we pass over a bridge. I point it out as a spot I wanted to take him another time since it's just a neat area. Not long after we passed it, he said "Did you see that?" It's a very curvy road so I initially assumed it was an animal as I hadn't seen anything. I asked what he saw and he said, "It looked like something that crossed the road." Immediately I got an intense feeling of dread. I asked if he felt it too and he confirmed that he did so I stopped the car, took a moment, and immediately said "We're not supposed to be here." He agreed and I turned around, heading back to where we just came.

The dread got more intense but after crossing the bridge it eased but was still there. I stated that whatever it was isn't allowed to follow us home and it wasn't allowed on my property. It started to disappear and we kept seeing things along the road like shadows.

As I was driving to the main road a white truck pulled up very fast to a stop sign on a side road almost as if out of thin air and pulled out behind us. I didn't take much note of it until I looked in my rearview and saw it tailing the hell out of us. I pointed it out and Cas said he didn't like the feeling he got from the truck. We got to the stop sign that lead out to the main road and I purposefully didn't turn my blinker on in case it was following us, but the truck did and it was turning the same way as us.

After I made the turn I waited a few moments before looking back in the rearview and it was gone. It disappeared into thin air. The drive home was silent and Cas waited until we got back to talk about things he knew and should've thought of before we even got in the car. I was telling the story to a friend over Discord and asked Cas to describe the thing he saw on the road, asking if it walked on two legs or four. He said:

"It didn't have legs. It was brown and looked like a head that just crossed the road." Asking him about it now he said that it was tall, taller than the doorframe of my closet and he saw it from a distance so he didn't know what its body looked like. I asked if it could've been a bat and he emphasized that it couldn't have been. During the drive home, we both noted that it felt like there was a hand on each of our shoulders. He pointed out that the log in the road could've been a sign, not to go, as well as the friendly entity that appeared in my room beforehand. I'm thinking it's a certain W-word entity (names hold power and I will not refer to it by name.) This happened in Alabama."

Source: u/Broken_braces_galore. “Possible cryptid-type creature my friend and I saw on a drive tonight” - 'Paranormal' comments



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