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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Supernatural JINN WEDDING Witnessed & Described by Hired Musicians

What supposedly occurs at a Jinn wedding? Dancers & guests with animal limbs? Other supernatural activities are witnessed by outsiders. These accounts are now part of the Jinn mythology fabric. 

The following account was derived from various sources:

"It was in the early hours of the morning on a particular day in the early 2000s when a middle-aged woman was found unconscious on the road in a Diwanya, Kuwait suburb. When she was taken to the hospital, she had a horrific story to tell the authorities. Apparently, she was a musician, and she had been hired to provide entertainment for a gathering in a large villa in the neighborhood she was found in. As the night went on, however, she came to realize that a number of her clients weren’t entirely human. She tried to escape and evidently failed.

This happened in Diwanya, Kuwait in Western Asia. In the early 2000s, stories appeared in the Kuwaiti media detailing the run-in that a hapless victim had with beings that would normally be confined to the dark reaches of mythology and folklore.

The musician was a middle-aged woman who plays a traditional Kuwaiti instrument. She received a call from a prospective client who wanted to hire her for her services during the month of Ramadan. Since it is inappropriate to perform music during Ramadan, the witness initially refused. But the caller insisted and tripled her usual fee, eventually persuading her to go. The callers sent their own driver to pick her up, and what began as a usual musical event suddenly took a sharp turn for the supernatural.

The party started early in the evening but continued on until 12am, at which point some of the attendees began to act bizarrely. A group of young girls at the center of the room, for example, started to dance very aggressively. They moved in such a vigorous manner that their legs began showing under their long dresses, revealing that their legs were not, in fact, those of humans, but rather bore a closer resemblance to ’horses’ legs.’

Terrified, the woman ran out of the party where she found the driver who had picked her up waiting for her. She quickly got into the car and refused to comment when the driver asked her what was wrong due to being too distraught to speak coherently. After a couple of minutes, however, she had calmed down enough to be asked again by the driver. She told him that some of the partygoers did not have human legs, prompting the driver to reply ’ You mean just like mine?’ before revealing his legs under his clothes. Like the young girls at the gathering, they were those of an animal. The woman was hysterical with fear at this point, and so threw herself from the car and landed on the street, rendering herself unconscious.

The next day, after reporting the bizarre incident, she decided to return to the villa accompanied by the local authorities. However, the villa was gone. It had completely vanished, leaving nothing behind but an empty yard."

The author notes:

Ethiopia is sometimes said to be home to satyrs and fauns, which resemble humanoids with goat-like feet and legs. The source from which I garnered this story also makes a link to the Hebrew figure of the Queen of Sheba, who was said in various folktales and apocryphal accounts from all three Abrahamic faiths to have animal hooves. This links her to the ghoul or ghul, which is sometimes classified as a type of Djinn in Islamic tradition. The words said by the driver just before revealing his non-human identity are also very closely mimicked in Japanese folklore, with this time coming from the terrifying faceless shapeshifters known as Noppera-bō just before they make their human faces melt away to scare the bejesus out of an unfortunate victim.

NOTE: In my research, this incident may have been connected to Noora Takkakah, a Kuwaiti Noura or singer who claims to have been present at the wedding of Jinns. Lon

I also came across the following account:

"Nora Al Daqaqa Is a Kuwaiti drummer singer. In the 90s she was a hit almost everybody in Kuwait knew her name, and she was known for singing at weddings, parties, and other formal events. Nora was part of a band that was beyond successful.

Now, like any other normal day for Nora and her band, she got a phone call and just like every day she answered and stated her name and who she was, On the other side was a person explaining that they would like Nora and her band to perform at a wedding, Weddings back then In Kuwait were usually hosted in houses unlike nowadays where they get hosted In luxurious hotels and wedding venues. Like every other request she had she accepted as everything was normal. Nora and her band were unaware of what was gonna happen.

As they arrived at the house they noticed it was a huge mansion exteriorized with expensive decorations. They thought, "Oh well, just another day singing at rich people's houses." So they knocked on the door, and a woman invited them inside. They sat down at their floor seating as back then they used to sit on the floor, with a hard type of pillow for them to sit on. As they sat down, a woman came and went just to greet Nora and her band as she was well-liked and as said before very famous. But as they kissed on the cheeks one of Nora's bandmates noticed that the cheeks of the women were very hot, it's like every single one of them had a fever, and had a very manly-ish feel. Nora had noticed as well, but she told her to brush it off.

As Nora and her band were performing 30 minutes into the wedding, Nora's bandmate was so frightened at the sight she saw. The women who were dancing at the wedding had hands that were very hairy, and as they lift up their skirts their legs were revealed to be lambs legs and stabbed with knives and forks. The bandmate was nervous and very scared as any of us would be. Nora told her, "Don't worry, we will be done soon. If we cause chaos they will be suspicious and who knows what they will do." The bandmate complied but still was very scared.

As the groom and bride entered they sat on this figure with its mouth wide open with 2 little chairs for the man and woman to sit on. Five minutes after the bride and groom entered the room, the lights went out and it was pitch black. Nora's bandmate ran for her life, and Nora and the rest of the band ran for it as well, taking only a few personal belongings and leaving the rest. As they left Nora looked behind her and noticed what once was a mansion was an abandoned house.

As they ran a man came to them and asked them, "What's wrong?" Seeing a bunch of women running at 3 am wasn't the norm of course. The man, desperate to help, asked what he could do? The bandmate said, "That house, That house, it's filled with jinns. We saw them with our own eyes!" The man said, "That house is abandoned. Why did you go in there?" The women said, "It wasn't when we saw it!" The man was very scared and gave them a ride back to their house. The day after Nora and the band retired and never sang again."



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