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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

'SHADOW MEN' Terrorize Family For Over a Decade (SKETCH)

A group of 'shadow men' appears continuously throughout a family's home. Each member seems to have had unique encounters with these entities for over a decade.

"When I first saw the shadow men it would have been about eight years old. My family of five had just moved to a three-bedroom house around the time when my youngest brother was eight months old. I should mention that this house was in a well-populated neighborhood, not in the countryside. This house had a large basement that was split long ways into two sides. One side had a laundry room in the far back, a bathroom, a round mirror right outside of the bathroom on the opposing wall, and what we called the toy room right next to the stairs. The other side was the family den. The stairs to the basement separated these two sections.

I hadn't been in that house for more than a week when I had first seen it. I was in the basement getting something, either a toy or a book, I don't recall. It was around late afternoon. The light was streaming in from the egress windows. At first, I thought it was my father, but I quickly realized that this figure was not only a head taller than he was but thinner too. It also didn't have a reflection. If I had to give an estimate now I'd say it stood maybe six and a half feet tall. It wasn't thin like some depictions I've seen. The one I saw that day had the typical fleshed-out proportions of a man.

At this point, only a few seconds had passed. I just stood there staring at it. I had a pit in my stomach and I knew even though I couldn't see its eyes, it saw me too. I cannot emphasize this enough. This wasn't a human. I was alone in that basement. The light coming from the windows didn't seem to cast any shadows onto it. There's no face, no clothes, and no indication of a three-dimensional form. The thing almost looked like it was a hole cut from the fabric of reality itself. The sense of dread and fear that filled me was something I'd only experienced while facing these creatures. I can't explain it but something deep down told me that it was male. Something also told me that was evil. It said nothing. It just stood there. I took a step back and suddenly it charged at me taking incredibly long strides. The way it moved made it contort. The legs especially looked like they were getting longer. It reached out to me! The hand was as big as my face. It was only three feet away from me. It moved at incredible speed. I started to scream and I ran up the stairs. I ran out of the basement so fast that I actually fell when I reached the main hallway.

I told my parents. My father was skeptical and obviously looked, but found nothing. My mother said nothing about it. A few days after the encounter, in the evening hours, my sister and I saw one sitting on the sectional couch in our living room while we were walking to the kitchen for a snack. It was sitting where my mother would sit in the corner of the sectional. His legs were long. The minute it noticed us my younger sister saw it and screamed. It left the couch in one human-like motion and ran through the wall. My mother was in the kitchen and my father was at work.

That very night I saw one at my baby brother's nursery window pressing his face on the glass. I knew this one wasn't a person either. My neighbor's backyard porch light was on so this one, much like the first, was completely black like a shadow. My dad went outside with the flashlight. My neighbor joined in the search because they thought it was a pervert trying to spy on us kids. Nothing was found, no footprints at the window, no one fleeing the scene, and no prints on the glass pane.

During the next three years, my sister and I would mention these continued sightings to our parents. Each time I was told it was nonsense and to stop terrorizing my siblings with 'ghost stories' and lies. My younger sister mentioned her own sightings that I had never witnessed. I don't know the details.

My mother eventually caved and admitted that she saw them too, primarily in the basement. She begged my sister and me to stop talking about them so my brother wouldn't be frightened. She even took us downstairs to pray over the space so that they'd maybe leave. Well, right around the time my brother learned to talk, he mentioned playing with 'the dude.' The dude would play with him often, apparently when no one else would. He described it as a tall dark figure but this one is apparently neutral toward him. He mentioned him for years until he turned nine, then he stopped talking about 'the dude' completely.

My parents divorced when I was about 12 and my mother and her new husband had two more sons. The older of these two boys (M was about four) he started talking about what he called the shadow man. The shadow man was neutral toward M.

I'm now in my 20s and I've kept seeing them throughout my life. It's pretty infrequent now admittedly. When I see them there's still a great dread when they just drift into the walls without approaching me. I added a quick illustration to this email of the shadow that I saw the first time. It seemed to ooze pure evil. I hope this story helps someone out there realize they aren't alone. Since then I've come to terms with these experiences."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbNmUzuuZMA



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