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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Recent DOGMAN ENCOUNTER in Waller County, Texas Results in Witness' Intense Fear

A supposed Dogman encounter in Waller County, Texas results in the witnesses changing their normal routines because of the fear that they may encounter the beast again.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"A friend and I came across this amber-eyed creature on April 15, 2023, in Pattison, Texas (Waller County). It was around 11:30 PM when we cut through Morton Road. We backed out of that dirt road so fast and then drove south on Durkin and the left onto Royal Road while the entire time looking over to the open field with our spotlight and the one rifle in the truck. Once we made a right onto 362 and headed south, we began feeling a bit more relaxed. We then took it all the way south to 359 and then made a left on Highway 90 and didn’t stop till we made it to our friend's house.

We were coming from Pattison, TX where one of my other friends lives. We also like to go through that patch on Morton Road during the day because it is like off-roading. We originally thought of heading to Royal High School on Royal Road but we instead decided to turn left and off-road at night when we drove past Morton Road.

it is the reason why we were so chilled about coming across what we thought was a large dog till it turned around and stood on two legs and growled at us. Its growl was deep but low, it rattle the entire truck. One of my friends told me that the only thing they remember was the sound it made while breathing which was that of a horse.

My buddies truck is lifted and usually, when I stand in front of the hood, it is around the high part of my chest (I’m 5’ 8”) but when this thing stood up, you could see most of the waist area so it had to be taller than me. I can’t give an exact measurement because I just don’t know. All I know is that it wasn’t a bear. I’ve seen black bears before. The spotlight caught it and it looked like my buddy's German Shepard with amber-looking eyes. Maybe it was a big coydog or coywolf or a bear with mange, but it was pretty tall and wide. It happened so quick.

So we put it in reverse and got the hell out of there and drove all the way to Katy without stopping anywhere. Then we barricaded ourselves in it with AR15s and shotguns, sitting there in the middle of the dark with our backs to each other for the rest of the night. We didn’t leave the house until midday on Sunday to check the dashboard camera which had recorded over the entire incident the previous night. Our cellphones recorded nothing but jumble and my buddy's dog wouldn’t come near the truck as it kept whimpering around it with its tail behind its legs.

The dashboard camera recorded all the data on Sunday. We went through it and it was from when the truck was parked at our friend's house. The cellphone quality was so bad we erased it. I drop my phone on the floor of the truck and didn’t find it until Sunday afternoon. It is not something we were planning for like most of the videos you see on the web.

Monday morning came around and we all call in sick because we refused to get out of the house until the sun was out. This obviously upset our parents who thought we were being irresponsible and we finally grew the courage to return to Morton Road on Monday afternoon.

Our 6 trucks enter Morton Road off Durkin Road with high-powered semi-assault weapons, shotguns, and hunting rifles. We didn’t find any tracks either which is weird because it had rained heavily the past few days so the ground was soft and there was standing water on Morton Road. The only thing we found was this perverse stench like something had died mixed with metallic smell (blood) and urine (ammonia). The dogs we brought with us (2 German Shepherds and 2 others were all whimpering nervously around the sight like they didn’t want to be there.

After the incident, I spent the rest of April just reading everything I could about Dogman encounters. My other three friends don’t want to talk about it either and one broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years because he just refused to spend the weekend hiking with her through the Addicks Reservoir hiking trails. They got back together after we were able to get him to open up about it but I’m the only one that has put this out to the public.

It has been a month and I still refuse to be out later than sundown. I don’t leave the house early in the morning anymore to go to the gym at 5:00 am. In fact, I have changed my life around completely and that includes no more before-bed walks at night with the dog. I have installed security bars on all my 1st-floor windows, added spotlights to my entire home, and places better security cameras.

I also no longer drive through country roads even during the day, especially by myself because I feel exposed! Last week I refused to go fishing on the Brazos River and turn down heading for the weekend to Lake Conroe. I’ve always wanted to go fishing at the end of East Matagorda Bay, but to get there one would have to off-road on a 4x4 West from Matagorda Beach on a dirt trail for about 15 miles; yet after this experience, I no longer feel safe.

I just want to go back to being ignorant about the things that go bumping about at night." SS



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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