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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Multiple 4-FOOT-TALL 'OWL' Encounters reported in Indiana Neighborhood

An individual contacted me about 2 instances of a 4-foot-tall 'owl' claimed to have been seen in his Indiana neighborhood by friends. He states that he later encountered an unexplained large black mass.

I recently received the following accounts:

"One night in early summer, I believe, a guy named Kevin came back to my girlfriend at the time, little brother's house. He started to tell us he had seen a 4-foot-tall owl leaving his house last night. I grew up in this very area (in Indiana) when I was younger. And at first, I thought he was telling us some cheesy joke or story. When he didn't laugh, we knew he was serious. That's when we started to laugh at him.

He claimed this happened to him right across the street, and about halfway through the woods. I completely thought he was making this up, wasn't sure why he would though. I personally thought he was lying. I then asked him if this happened across the street then take me to where you saw it then. I'm glad I had him show me. At the time I really thought he was double downing on his lie. I wasn't expecting anyone else to follow us, but everyone who came with me was there.

When he brought us to the spot I looked carefully, being the outdoorsman I was. Nothing, no scratches on the ground, no blood no fur. He also added he thought it was eating something because as he cut through he thought someone was sitting hunched over in the dark. He then added that he said 'Who's there?' It lifted up over this head carrying something he thought. He said it then screeched at him, and that was all. We laughed and made fun of him for the next few years even. He got it bad. We thought he was lying and we all figured if you're going to lie, you're going to have to deal with us making fun of you for catching you in that lie. Kevin never brought it up again or even tried to defend himself. I looked right at him, and asked, 'Why to pick an owl? He was a little confused by this question. And just said what do you mean? Then I said, 'Why pick an owl. Owls aren't even scary.'

Then in the early spring of 2007, my friend Josh, who lived a few streets over from where this Kevin guy was, saw this 4-foot-tall owl. I completely forgot he told us about it unless we would see him for a laugh. I thought he was just making it up.

Josh and I cut through the same woods he saw it in, but from the other way. We could see all the way through from the street. His woods is long, but maybe only 100 yards wide. As we get to about halfway, we both hear something running on the leaves in our direction fast. I'm a little bit taller than Josh. I was able to turn around and took a few steps jumping and pulling myself up. Josh was running out of time, and I told him to jump and grab my hand. There was a mean pitbull dog that the owners would sometimes let loose at night to roam. At the last second Josh jumped on a little sapling tree and climbed it like a rope.

About two weeks later we would be doing the same thing again, only when we heard the leaves moving on the ground it was a large raccoon instead. I started to walk again, towards Dennis's house and then I heard a wooden diving board noise. When I heard this, I just stopped in my tracks and started to scan looking for the source of the noise. Eventually, I'd turn around and started to look behind us, and that's when I noticed the very large branch, still whipping up and down. Now even more confused I'm looking for what came out of this large branch, not seeing anything. Most if not all my focus was on the ground near the base of the large oak tree. The way the limb was moving something very large would have jumped out. The only thing that didn't make sense was, I'm looking at nothing on the ground. I turned back to Josh and said 'Bobcat,' only to have him roll his eyes at me. I wouldn't have believed it either except to me it was the only thing that would have weighed enough to shake the branch like that but never make a sound possibly when it hit the ground. So I'm literally waiting for a big cat to show itself and pounce. After another full minute, nothing happens and I'm even more confused and started to walk toward Dennis's house. I take a few more steps, still looking around but facing forward back at his house.

I started to catch movement out of the top corner of my eye and what I explain next, I would have never thought in a million years I'd be telling or saying. It was just a black mass or a black ball shape, darker than the night sky around it. When I see this I freeze because I'm just not sure what I'm looking at. It's still above the tree tops, halfway through this woods probably putting it in the 100 ft range up, just right above the tips of the tree. I was first and Josh was still somewhere behind me. I stayed focused on the dark movement and didn't want to lose view of what it was." JF



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