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Thursday, May 11, 2023

'MANTIS ALIEN' EXPERIENCER Offers Personal Phenomenon Opinions & Conclusions

This is my life story and my experience with these beings: both physical interactions and mainly, via lucid dreaming. I mention a few conclusions/opinions, derived from these experiences. I might well be wrong about them though.

- I grew up in Epirus, Greece. I saw a UFO around 1989, at 7pm, as a teenager. I was with my school friend at the time, walking in our small town, and she saw it too. The UFO was silently hovering above my "religious studies" high school teacher's house. He had a 4-year-old kid at the time. My guess (based on what I know now about them): it was there for the kid. After it disappeared from our view, I "felt" the UFO flying above us, and saw it with the corner of my eye. Upon direct look, I couldn't see anything. A bunch of other teenage kids saw the ufo that night too and reported it to the police. I confronted one of the kids a few days later at school, and he refused to talk about it.

- Fast forward to 2000. I was living in Guildford, Surrey, UK, working as a programmer. I was renting a room at some lady's house. I was sleeping, and the door was locked from the inside. I wake up to at least 2 Greys on my bed. When they realized that I was fully awake, one of the two used a "rod" on the back of my head, which put me back to sleep as if nothing was happening. In the morning I woke up and was sore and in pain. The pain lasted for days. I got PTSD from that experience, it took me months to get over it. Soon after, I started having health problems. My celiac wasn't properly diagnosed for another 10 years after that. The illness eventually left me childless due to various complications from it.

- May 2013, on my 40th birthday, Bay Area, USA. A friend started talking about DMT, and wanted to tell him to "get off drugs". I was very anti-drug, but I thought, "Why don't I first research the damn thing before I open my mouth and sound like a fool?". My research on the topic opened the floodgates of information and soon after I was lucid dreaming (I've never taken DMT btw). I met my "higher self" that called himself Heva, and later on my "spirit guide", who called herself Esther (for all I know, they could be the same alien, role-playing for my convenience). It didn't take me too long to figure out that I was dealing with a Mantis alien instead.

- The first time I met Heva, he had an iPad-like device where all my metrics were written in it. From physical to psychological evaluations. When I was trying to take a look at it, two voices from invisible people were heard, telling Heva to stop, because I might not be ready. Heva said I was ready.

- From 2013 to 2018 I would suddenly have a whole bunch of lucid dreams, as much as 2-3 times a week. These guys opened the floodgates for me. They would put me on various VR tests (that are dreams, but they score you at the end), and they would talk to me about retrocausality and other such things. One time, I refused to play along, and the dream abruptly stopped, and I found myself in the Void. Two higher-ups appear and start questioning why I don't participate. Esther promises me that it would be good for me to do so. I agreed. The dream RESTARTS from the beginning, as if it was a computer program.

- In another lucid dream, Esther was angry at me (showing me on an iPad-like device that I should have promised to do, but didn't do), so she dropped her pretenses, and looked like the Mantis she is. In fact, in that lucid dream, she hit me near the liver, got in pain, and when I was awake, the pain continued.

- Esther would tell me about the future 3 times. Two times was bang on (e.g. in 2014 she told me that my business Instagram account was to be hacked, and it did so 2 days later out of the blue), and the third time it was half-right. She stressed that the future is ever-changing, and our decisions do make up the future, so a decision can change a prediction. That third time, she correctly predicted the exact date something specific would happen, which IT DID happen when she said so, but she didn't know the outcome, because that was depending on my actions.

- That third time put a huge strain on our relationship, because it was about something important for me, but she was not allowed to help further, e.g. to advise me. I obviously messed it up. That pissed me off, and while I don't have a conscious recollection of it, I'm pretty sure that I raised hell. My lucid dreaming stopped abruptly in March 2018. They closed the door. It now only happens 2-3 times a year, when she wants to tell me something important.

- One week before that third prediction was to happen, the Greys revisited me. I have the conscious memory of bringing me back only. I couldn't move, but I managed to move my arm with great effort and told them that I'm not scared of them anymore, and to let me move. To no avail, since they just put me back to sleep. Buggers.

- The last time I talked to Esther, she told me that I need to "take care of Star", and that "it was a gift to beat my loneliness". I had no idea what she meant. A week later, I get a new neighbor, named Star, who is also an artist like me, and we became close friends.

Some of the stuff I was directly told, or figured out during that time:

* The Mantis are often seen wearing a purple cloak, and a medallion. I asked them about it, and they said the medallion is actually a device and not a status symbol. They consider themselves "neutral" (or at least, they strive about it). for the Mantis is the so-called spirit guides people experience in-between lives and take care of reincarnations. According to Michael Newton Ph.D.'s book "Journey Souls", the spirit guides have a purple aura and wear a medallion. This was written before the Mantis aliens became as known as they are today (and even today, most people only see Greys).

* In other words: UFOs are not "people from other planets" per se. I have surmised that the phenomenon is a control AND support system for reincarnation. The planet belongs to them, and we are renting the place while we incarnate here. They are behind social engineering via religious creation and folk myths. They are driving our evolution via intellectual, social, and of course, genetic methods. Please note, that despite speaking about reincarnation here, I still consider myself an atheist. I don't see reincarnation as a religious thing, but rather, a system that can happen either naturally, or with technology (lately, I lean on the latter).

* The Mantis is the most common alien seen on DMT, Ayahuasca, and mushrooms (called "insectoids" in the psychedelic parlor). When I asked a Mantis (not Esther) why it's usually them we bump into in hyperspace, he replied: "We intersect".

* Abductions happen mostly in the astral (aka, a fourth spatial dimension where time and consciousness are more interweaving than in 3D). I believe that 100% of humans get "abducted" over time. Physical abductions are extremely rare and of the well-known genetic kind usually. But the rest of the people are also interacting with aliens, it's just that they don't realize it because these experiences are masked as dreams. In these interactions, the incarnated person usually undergoes tests or gets advice from their guides.

* In one of my astral "abductions", I was dreaming a normal dream, but a tooth was hurting me in a weird way inside the dream. I managed to wake up inside the dream, only to see a Grey above me drilling. It quickly placed me back in the dream. They basically serve VR experiences while they're doing work on you, in addition to screen memories.

* Many people have experienced a grid in the sky, around the Earth. Easily seen under mushrooms or LSD, but some have seen it sober. I experienced it in one of my lucid dreams. I've been told that the grid is artificial and it operates via AI. It has a dual function: to manage humans who might have astral projects or even lucid dreams by mistake and to stop other races from interfering. The grid is what people on DMT call "the waiting room". The AI decides if one is ready to experience hyperspace or not. It is a control system. I haven't decided yet if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It might interfere with our ability to evolve in the astral as well as in the physical.

* In another lucid dream, I was outside a US military facility, and couldn't enter. The more I'd push to enter, the more I would be pushed back, gently, as if I was trying to walk through a sponge. An entity next to me told me that I can't enter because the US now has the technology to repel consciousness from remote viewing.

* I know that there are a lot of people who say that the Greys have no souls etc, but I'm not sure if that's correct or not. When asked, the Greys have said "We are you". It is my understanding that the Greys are the next step of human souls in their evolutionary process. Grey artificial cloned bodies ARE powered by souls, not AI (unless of course, our souls are just glorified AI too). After we are done incarnating on Earth, then it's our turn to serve the souls that are still incarnate. I believe that that's the Greys' function. In service of us, foot soldiers for the Mantis and the overall system.

* Why have this whole industrial re-incarnation operation going on (several planets that is, not just Earth)? It is my understanding and my speculation that in the dimension that we and they come from (5D), there is no causality. There is no time between before and after. Everything happens at the same time, there is only the Eternal Now. That's the physics of their dimension. To create change ("a future") for their dimensional reality, they must create change first in the third and fourth dimensions (the free will changes propagate naturally since we're part of the same universe). Hence the 3D incarnations (humans), and the 4D support system ("aliens"). Notice how the "elders" speak to the incarnating souls in NDEs or in in-between-lives hypnosis sessions: "You are creator beings, and you have a mission to do on Earth". As for the Mantis, they call our incarnations "our duty". In other words, we're agents of change, for everyone's benefit. We're workers. The elders set a plan regarding the future they want to experience, and then they send us to realize it. Via it, we evolve. You could call all this, symbiotic. Or, you could call this prison. It's probably a point of view. Or, this could be way off, I don't know. The end game is something they don't want to share with clarity.

Source: u/eugenia_loli - Experiencers



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