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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Florida Panhandle Neighbors TRACK, KILL, & BURY MASSIVE BIGFOOT

A Florida Panhandle teen is alarmed by a large scary Bigfoot looking through his little brother's window. His dad shoots the creature. They later track it down, kill, and bury it. 

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I'm from a real small town in Florida called Wewahitchka. It's in Gulf County, about 50 miles southwest of Tallahassee on the Panhandle. The area has lots of lakes and rivers. We lived on several acres in the middle of nowhere. We had dirt roads my whole childhood. At the time we had a single-wide trailer.

Lots of people in our community were complaining about an upright creature terrorizing them at night and stealing livestock and pets. My parents were city folks that moved into the area before I was born and opened a business so my parents told me it was just stories to scare us because we were outsiders. At the time when this happened, I was 14 years old and I had a younger brother that was five years old.

One night in October 2004 my dad and I were watching TV. My brother was in bed. My mom was in the kitchen. We had one bedroom and I had to pass the kitchen and my brother's room to get to the bathroom. My brother was sitting up in bed and he was crying. I tried to console him because I didn't want to get him in trouble for not sleeping. He whispered to me a man was looking in his window. I looked out the window and to my horror I see a pair of yellow glowing eyes watching us. So I grabbed my brother up. I knew my dad was in the living room and he kept a gun on the kitchen counter. I yelled to my dad that some sicko was looking in the window at my brother. Just then I saw his whole face. It looked like a Neanderthal man with long brown hair and it looked terrifying. His face was at the bottom of the window. I saw this massive chest and abdomen. It must have been nine feet tall.

My dad burst out on the front porch with a gun in his hand and he fires several times. It looked at my dad for a moment then ran for the tree line. My dad then came in and my mother and brother were crying because of the sound of the 44 Magnum. My parents told me to go to bed and to take my brother with me. I overheard my parents talking. They didn't call the cops because they didn't know what it was. It was not human. My mother told my father tomorrow I want all the trees gone, not a single one taller than you can stay. He reluctantly agreed. He called in every friend and every favor and had seven acres removed by sundown on Saturday.

I had two friends close in age. One lived a mile away and the other two miles away. The closest came down that Saturday morning and I asked him if he heard the gunshots the night before. I told him it was my dad. My mother came out and told me to stay out of the woods. She was going into town with my brother to buy curtains and blinds which was something we really didn't need before. But since this happened we put curtains up.

After my mother pulled away we got our friends and I guess they basically pulled together their friends so they could go look. So we grabbed our guns and our machete. We knew the woods really well. We backtracked my yard and picked up on a trail. We spotted blood at the tree line. My father was washing away blood from the side of the mobile home and so we went back into the woods following the blood.

As we walked we came across a crude shelter with the remains of what looked like trash. This thing was stealing trash and taking it to this little crude shelter. We followed the trails for hours. We heard a howl and a scream like no other we'd heard before. My father must have heard it and grabbed his buddies and they raced into the woods with their guns in hand. They looked terrified when we finally crossed paths. He said they saw the blood trail and asked what we found. We told them about the shelter and we took them where we'd been. We had been so keen on following the trail we had never noticed the carcasses of deer and dogs high in the trees.

My father chopped down the shelter and urinated all over it. One of his friends said that they had to mark to take back our land. It sounded crazy but I looked up to this man and he seemed to know what he was talking about. The six of us made a pact that it was a bear and to never talk about it again.

As we move back to our house we heard the howl again and it was mad. It sounded closer this time. Our fathers told us to run. The three of them were side by side firing at something. Of course, we didn't go far. Whatever it was died that afternoon. My dad told me to get a few shovels and be quick about it. We didn't want anyone to see a thing. I was the only one they let approach it because I had already seen it through the window. We took turns digging the hole. It was a Bigfoot, nine feet or taller and so wide. I could not jump over it. It was a male. His face was all shot up, but its upper lip was five inches from the base of his nose to the opening. Its arms were as big as my dad's legs. His fingers were as wide as Coke cans. Its feet were longer than the barrel of my shotgun. We buried it and left for my house.

Our mothers were waiting for us and frantically asked what it was. We said that it was a bear and it was injured so we put it down and buried it. We didn't want to get in trouble with the game warden. That's what we told him and I think my mother knew the truth but it was best not said." L



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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