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Thursday, May 25, 2023

First Nations Guide Attains Peace & Harmony After SASQUATCH Encounter

A former First Nations Chief recalls an earlier encounter with a huge Sasquatch while sleeping in a car at night. He and others were guiding a pair of hunters near Whitelaw, Alberta.

"I was in the military at the time, stationed at Cold Lake, Alberta. Myself and two of my military buddies we're guiding two out-of-Province hunters out of an off-grid cabin just south of Whitelaw, Alberta. We hunt for mule deer and elk on the north side of the Peace River and we hunted the neighboring farmlands as well.

I'm First Nation and was raised in a very traditional native way. Until a couple of months ago I was the Chief of my band until I stepped down so I could get back out onto the land.

One of the hunters we were guiding had a niece that lived in Whitelaw. She knew a farmer who had the cabin that we stayed in. The two hunters arrived at camp the night before we showed up and they each took an upper and lower bunk bed. I was the head guide so I was given my choice of the remaining three sleeping spots in the cabin. I chose the loft bed as there was a window there that I could open if it got too hot at night because of the wood stove. The other two guides each took a couch.

I suffered during the first night. The cabin must have been built with green logs and those logs have dried and shrunk greatly since, making the window impossible to open. I was roasting that first night and knew I had to find new sleeping quarters if I was to survive this 10-day hunt. The next night found me sleeping in the back of a station wagon they rented at the airport. I was parked out in a gravel yard about 25 yards or more from the cabin. This is perfect because, on the first night, we all found out just how bad one of the other guys in the cabin snored.

I can't remember if it was the third or fourth night that I was sleeping in the station wagon when I was awakened at about 4 AM by a Sasquatch. He was standing there watching me sleep, only about eight to ten feet from me. I opened my eyes slowly and it never moved. Neither did I. It was silhouetted by the night lights of Whitelaw that glowed in the distant sky behind him. I remember thinking how huge this being was. Its upper body was shaped like a giant silverback gorilla with a massive head resting on the widest set of bipod shoulders I've ever seen. The head had a definite crown to it just like the silverbacks. Strangely enough, I couldn't smell it as it was downwind of me and there wasn't much of a wind there. But it must have been just enough to keep it scentless to me at the time.

After a few seconds, which seemed like minutes, I tried sitting up and moving closer to the open back window to get a better look at him. That's when it bolted. I remember thinking about how fast it covered the 75 yards or more to get into the head of the coulee across the clearing and into the tree line. That's when the whooping and the hollering started. It woke up the guys in the camp. It never threw rocks or sticks, it just called out in the clear morning air. It was a haunting sound that you're not likely to ever forget. To this day I'm not sure if it was directed at us, if it was upset or trying to frighten us but at the time I was thinking it was communicating to others of its kind or family. Maybe warning them of our presence there. Once it stopped calling out I just laid there thinking, "Did this really happen. Was I dreaming or somewhere in between dreamland and awake?"

None of us ever talked about what we heard that night. I never told the others what I saw. It was years afterward when the oldest of the hunters talked to me about it. He was in his 70s at the time. He asked if I remembered hearing that whooping that woke us all up that night at the elk camp. I said yes indeed I remember. Well, he then said that was no coyote or wolf, to which I replied no it wasn't. That was all we ever said about it. Now many others would have been freaked out over this encounter but for me, it was actually comforting in a sense. If this creature wanted to harm me it could have taken me in my sleep. I fell back into a peaceful sleep until my alarm woke me later that morning.

During the hunt that day, I broke off from the others and walked back into the depths of that coulee where days before I was spooked out of. This time it was different for me, although the area was still a void of normal woodland sounds and movement I was at peace. 

For the remainder of the trip, I slept in the cabin on the floor just inside the door kind of as a barrier for the others inside to what lurked in the darkness of the wild Canadian north woods. I no longer fear those creatures. I fully respect them. I give them their space and move through the woods in harmony with them, connected to the land like never before."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1fUjrqdwgI



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