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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Daylight BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS Being Reported During 2023 in Pennsylvania (PHOTO)

By Stan Gordon

I continue to receive Bigfoot reports from Pennsylvania annually via phone and email. I am also in contact with numerous other researchers in the state that also receive such incident reports. Several interesting Bigfoot encounters have already been reported throughout the Keystone State during 2023. I have also heard secondhand accounts of other possible sightings.

Reports of possible Bigfoot activities continue to be reported from areas along the Chestnut Ridge and Laurel Ridge areas. Locals are reporting strange screams and howls, and the sound of something heavy and bipedal walking in the woods. Possible Bigfoot tree structures have also been reported. During January and February, such cases were reported from Fayette and Bedford counties.

In early February, I received information that there had been a series of Bigfoot encounters that had taken place in Elk County. I had the opportunity to interview two witnesses who had seen the creature. One resident told me that he had been putting out scrap buckets of food, mainly apples, berries, and corn near the woods for the wildlife to enjoy. On the evening of his encounter, he had heard the sound of heavy feet stomping in the distance. He knew it was not the sound of an elk or deer. A few minutes later, his outside security system indicated movement outside. That’s when he observed an 8 to 9 feet tall creature, covered with black and gray hair. It was so tall the head of the creature was blocked by the window he was looking from. The creature was wide-shouldered, had very long arms, and took long strides as it moved off into the woods.

Three-toed footprints were seen in the snow in February of 2022. The tracks were observed near Connellsville, PA in Fayette County. The picture was used with the permission of the witness.

Two days later, another person was in her vehicle close to where the previous sighting had taken place. It was just before noon when that person noticed a creature very similar to what the first witness had reported. She also described the creature covered with black and gray hair and it stood at least 8 feet tall. She said the beast took very long strides and “ran like a flash.” She only saw it for several seconds as it ran down below a nearby house. She looked around but never saw it again. She stated to me that “she was in disbelief” and was shocked by what she saw.

In late February in an area near the border of Westmoreland and Indiana counties, and in the vicinity of the Chestnut Ridge, a witness at about 7:15 AM, observed what appeared to be a small Bigfoot about 4 feet tall that was covered in gray hair. It was standing behind a building in a very rural area. While watching the creature, the witness began to hear loud whoop-whoop sounds coming from the nearby woods. The smaller creature quickly began to run toward the sounds. Two days later on the same property, the residents reported a horrible smell similar to rotten meat or eggs that lasted for about 30 minutes and then dissipated. Soon after their dog became ill and refused to go outside. There has been a history of other Bigfoot incidents in this general area for many years.

I recently interviewed a witness who encountered a creature that was similar to other reports I have received over the years of a smaller Bigfoot creature. This also occurred during late February or Early March of 2023, in Indiana county in a rural location close to the Conemaugh River. The observation took place just as the sun was coming up and visibility was good. The witness was driving along the road and there was a car in front of him. He noticed a creature that was walking upright and was all black. The body was quite thin, but it had long arms. The creature was about 5 feet tall. The creature was moving toward the road just as the first car approached that area. At that time, the creature suddenly turned around to move away possibly annoyed by that car. The witness was baffled at how that dark creature could be lost from sight in just seconds. He couldn’t understand how something could move that fast.  His car quickly approached the area where the creature had been and the witness slowed down to look for it, but it was not seen again.

According to researcher Kevin Paul, in early April, a witness reported a Bigfoot sighting near Jefferson, in Greene County. The creature was described as 7-8 feet tall, all-black in color, and broad-shouldered. The creature never looked at the driver of the vehicle.

I learned from Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, that during April, a team of Bigfoot researchers was again exploring a remote wooded area in Fayette County that they call, “Area X.” Eric told me that they continued to experience odd phenomena including light anomalies, strange animal howls and screams and large unseen animals walking around those who were there just inside the tree line. There has been ongoing strange activity reported in and around that area in recent years. Bigfoot reports, mysterious vocalizations, strange luminous phenomena, and small balls of light near the ground and approaching within feet of witnesses have been reported.

It was in late April, that another Bigfoot encounter was reported from Luzerne County. Max Furek received the initial report and conducted an interview, and I later conducted a follow-up interview with the witness.  This occurred about 5:30 PM as a witness was driving through a cemetery area. The man was moving at a slow speed through the area when he noticed a dark mass near the tree line.  As he got closer, he realized that he was actually seeing two creatures that were very close to each other.

The larger creature was black in color, was estimated to be over 7 feet tall, and had long arms. The second creature was smaller and looked to be about 5 feet tall. The hair color was described as similar to cinnamon. The creatures were very close to each other.  They turned and looked toward the witness. They seemed curious as they looked in his direction. When they moved off, they walked upright. The arms moved in unison with the leg movements. The witness, unfortunately, did not have his cell phone with him to take a picture.

Besides Bigfoot reports, there continue to be reported UFO/UAP sightings also taking place.



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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