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Friday, May 05, 2023

CREEPY 7-FOOT-TALL HUMANOID Standing Motionless Along Cold Missouri Highway

A Missouri man is driving at night on Highway 21 near Hillsboro when he encounters a very tall humanoid dressed in an ill-fitting hoodie standing motionless in the cold.

I recently received the following account:

"It was the winter of 2020. I was driving north on Highway 21, at approximately 10:10pm, just outside of Hillsboro, Missouri, just past Jefferson College. I was just passing the northbound offramp from Hayden Road onto northbound Highway 21 at mile marker 169.6. 

I’m not sure of the day of the week. I work the night shift every weekday and also work the same shift every other weekend, so all of the nights just seem to run together.  I just remember it was very cold and the road was deserted.  I was the only car in the north or southbound lanes for as far as I could see.  This is the same route I have taken to work every night for the past eight-plus years, so I know the road very well.

The dash of my car showed the ambient temperature is only 20 degrees Fahrenheit. But standing outside it felt even colder. It was clear, with no wind, rain, or snow.  It was a clear, bitterly cold night.

Just before mile marker 169.6, I noticed a rather tall thin guy standing on the right-hand shoulder of the road under the streetlight.  He stood facing me as I headed north. I slowed as I came upon him out of caution, but was not dumb enough to come to a complete stop.

He was standing completely still, not walking or moving at all. I have seen other people walking along the side of this highway at night from time to time before so I did not think too much about seeing someone this night, other than the fact that this night was so bitterly cold. 

As I approached he stood completely motionless.

He was very poorly dressed for the cold. He was wearing only a dark color faded hoodie and dark-colored, faded pants of some sort.  I cannot remember if they were jeans or sweatpants. They had no holes or rips in them, but I remember that his whole appearance looked rather shabby.  He had his head covered with the hoodie and kept his head pointed down enough so that I could not see his face. I could not see any sign of breath being exhaled into the bitterly cold night air from under his hoodie. This was really creepy.

He stood there, completely motionless with his hands hanging to his sides. I remember thinking to myself that if I were out in this kind of cold that was poorly dressed, I would certainly keep myself moving to try to stay warm. But this guy was standing completely motionless, not walking, not swinging his arms or moving his hands or fingers or legs at all. He stood completely still, like a statue.

Another very odd thing was that he wore no gloves, so his fingers had to be freezing.  He did not have either of his hands in his hoodie pocket or his pant pockets for warmth.  The hoodie seemed to fit his frame proportionally well except the sleeves were too short. His arms were way too long for the sleeves. I could see maybe 3 – 3.5 inches of the bare forearm from the bottom of his hoodie cuff to the top of his hand which looked odd.  Everything else seemed to fit OK but his arms were way too long for the sleeves.  

This guy was tall. Compared to the mile marker sign which was behind him, I would say that he had to stand six foot-nine inches tall or more.

As I slowly drove past him and watched him it became one of those moments when time seemed to slow down. It was as if it all happened in slow motion. I can remember a lot of detail and how he just continued to stand there in the cold completely motionless as I drove past him, never turning his head or moving any part of his body in any way.  

After I passed him I could still see him in my rear-view mirror standing there on the shoulder of the highway, in the same spot, illuminated by the street light above. He still remained there completely motionless, like a statue, not moving at all, his hands still hanging at his sides, his body completely motionless, not even a finger moved.  I kept glancing into my rear-view mirror to take another look at him until I rounded the corner and finally lost sight of him. I never saw him move the entire time.

I got this rather ominous – dark – foreboding feeling as I passed him.  

If what I saw were some kind of ghost or demon or specter or whatever you want to call it, it certainly was not ghostly in appearance at all and looked as solid and as real as you or me.  I still do not know what it is that I saw that night. But I hope I never see it again.  It really freaked me out." MP



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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