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Monday, May 29, 2023

Confusion After ALIEN ABDUCTION: 'How Does Someone Rationalize This?'

A man recalls his encounter and subsequent abduction by alien beings. He goes into detail about what he experienced and the 'conversation' that he had with these extraterrestrial captors.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"Hello. I am deeply confused if I was dreaming or what is really going on. I went to bed this past Friday night at around 4:00 AM. I don't know exactly when, but I woke up with a feeling like someone was watching me, and feeling a really low power transformer feeling in my brain and body, like one of those shock prank buzzers, but the vibrations only, not a sound.

I felt really scared like my house was being broken into, which was what I thought so my first thought was to get my sword and walk toward to door, but I couldn't move out of my position and started hearing tones and voices telling me I was safe, and to relax.

Obviously, I thought this was my mind telling me to chill out and think carefully if someone was in my house, and suddenly, I saw 2 small weird-looking things standing on the side of my bed next to me with no emotions. But they seemed like they were members of my family or someone I met in a past life or something. Then I realized immediately, these were not people. I thought again that I was dreaming, or I was having a night terror or a nightmare I was going to wake up from, and I realized that this was too physically real to be a dream. Then I felt myself saying, 'Let's go, we're going now.' To my shock, my body lifted from my bed and went thru the wall of my bedroom in a bright light up toward a little star-like light above my yard. I then remember feeling a strong overwhelming fainting feeling and went to sleep.

I woke up and I was laying in an area next to the same creature, and he said, 'It's okay, you'll be alright. Don't worry.' But he said it in my voice, which I clearly remember feeling extreme fear, and it was not helping me feel safe at all. I remember crying like a child, but it was strange because it felt happy, as if I was meeting God in heaven. It had a shiny mesh/spandex suit with a triangle and circle insignia on it. I asked what are you doing to me? Why am I there? No answer. Then I felt the sensation of satisfaction suddenly, and I remember feeling love for this thing like it wanted me to enjoy the stimulating feeling. It said it was making children for the future of the Earth. It said its name was Zeta, and it was hard to make out from the bright light above us, which felt like it was brighter than the sun. I remember looking sideways and seeing another small brown-grey man, and they had really long hands, and fingers, kind of like a gecko's fingers look. They were talking to each other without making noise, but I could still hear them in my head talking like a person does when they have conversations with themselves about their plans for the day. Then I felt an overwhelming tired feeling and that was the last thing I remember.

When I woke up, I had a burning feeling of pain on my ankle and a little circle of skin was cut 4 layers down into my shin, about the size of a pinhead. Since then, I have felt like I have been hearing little beeps and feeling those low-vibration buzzers in my head when I wake up, and I feel physically sick. Am I going crazy? I am reluctant to tell anyone because I don't want to be labeled as a crazy tin foil hat guy, but I know what I saw. It was absolutely terrifying, and after reading online about other people's encounter stories, I am convinced that I have been taken by aliens. How does someone rationalize this? Is there an alternate explanation, or should I seek a psychiatrist? Do I report this to the police?" M



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The reports of winged humanoids, referred to by many witnesses as the 'O'Hare Mothman or Batman,' continue at the airport. Cargo workers, air traffic controllers, & other airport personnel are well aware of the phenomenon and openly discuss it amongst themselves. The O'Hare management and the airlines start to crack down on reports reaching the public by threatening suspension and termination. 

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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