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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

British Soldier Amazed While Watching MULTIPLE BIGFOOT in Alberta, Canada

A British soldier was stationed in the wilderness of Alberta, Canada for training. During his time there he had the opportunity to watch a trio of Bigfoot and was amazed by what he saw.

I recently received the following account:

"I served my country, Great Britain, for 12 years all over the globe. I've seen my fair share of face-to-face with some of the most evil people on Earth. But nothing comes close to this. I was sent to Alberta, Canada to do some training back in 1993.

On the first day, I and a friend decided to go for a walkabout to get to know the area. We bumped into a few Canadian soldiers. A few words were exchanged and one shouted back, "Don't let the monkeys keep you awake." They laughed. We just looked at each other and then carried on.

While out on exercise a few of the guys said they were woken up in their sleeping bags by being pulled along the ground. I heard this a few times over the weeks. Also their kit rations and other bits going missing. Nothing came of it. Also an incident of one soldier missing, who was found the next day miles away from his platoon. He said he couldn't remember why he got separated but felt that he was followed during the night by some animal. Nothing more was said. We spent around 19 months out there.

On one occasion, I was going out to check the lay of the land and a group of Canadian soldiers were just coming in. It looked like they had been out for a few days, looking at the state of them. One of them asked me, "You going out?" I replied. "I don't know." He said. "Monkeys. Watch your back." I replied, "Okay." I was thinking that I heard this before. I noticed the guys had their heads down. They looked pretty worn out.

A few months on one of the guys said something about seeing three bears walking toward him on two feet on a trail while out walking. I immediately thought of walking on two feet. I went to find him. This was just a few hours after his encounter. I couldn't find him anywhere. The following day I asked around as to where he was. "He's gone." a guy said. "What do you mean gone? Gone back to his regiment?" I knew straight away why. I later found the guy who told me about this. He just didn't want to talk about it so I left it there.

It was September. I remember this well because I lost two of my best friends and I was feeling very down and lost. It was a bad time in my career for me. I decided to go for a drive, a weekend break. I had an old pickup truck and just drove, not really going anywhere in particular. I stopped for a break in a beautiful area not far from Medicine Lodge, Alberta. I had been on the road for two days, sleeping in the back of the pickup.

I decided to go for a walk on a trail along a tree line. I walked about a hundred yards away from the tree line and I see a coyote just stop on the trail. I had never seen one so close. Our eyes met and we just stared at each other. I suddenly feel uncomfortable. The coyote keeps glancing back and forth from the tree line. I'm really feeling anxious, not because of the coyote but what's in the tree line. The coyote moves backward and forward, then just disappears into the grass. I'm left staring at the trees. Something is telling me to come closer. I can't explain this but my head's telling me 'NO!' I don't know how long I was there but I'm so scared. I've never felt so much fear. To the point where I felt sick.

I slowly walk backward, keeping my eyes on the tree line. I then turned and ran like a bad dream. I got in my pickup and never looked back. I still think about it to this day. What was in those trees?

The months go by and then my battalion comes over for an exercise. One night while out I was with another mate. We were parked on a hill overlooking a large bowl down below where a platoon of men were all sleeping. It was around 2:30 in the morning, clear skies. You could see a good distance without using any aids. My friend was asleep. I noticed a group of coyotes down below. It looks like they were looking for a free meal. I'm thinking is this what happens when someone feels they're being dragged in their sleeping bags? Could a coyote have that much strength?

I watched them for a while getting bolder by the minute. Then suddenly their body language changed. Four of them ran in one direction while one was just standing there looking up the hill. I looked through my night vision. Then, all of a sudden, three human-type figures just stood up one after the other, all of different sizes. The first thing that stood out to me on adjusting my sights is that I could clearly see that the largest one was a Bigfoot. No doubt about it. It was standing at nine feet tall, and the second one was around seven and a half feet tall. The other one was six feet in height. I looked at my mate still snoring away and just left him to it.

The details on the tallest Bigfoot were easy to see. Wow, so big! I could see his eyes. They were all looking in my direction, then just turned and walked down into another valley. I could see the hair swaying on his arms, even the calf muscles. I'm just smiling to myself. To me, this was the last piece of the puzzle. I had recently told my daughter about this. She believes me. There are so many people that know about these creatures especially where I was. It's common knowledge. I think about them every day. I'm glad I saw them and I've always believed that they existed." J



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