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Wednesday, May 24, 2023


There have been several supposed 'werewolf' sightings in Brazil within the past two decades. There have been numerous videos and images offered online. What is true?

I received an email from Brazil in 2/2013 that describes a supernatural encounter, possibly with a werewolf or dogman creature. It was written in Portuguese, so I did my best at translating it:

"Dear Sir - I write you this story of my attack by a werewolf last August. It was a clear moonlit night as myself and a friend were sitting outside my home. I live near Oros, Ceara, Brazil near a large lake. I had heard strange sounds coming from the lake valley for many nights. It reminded me of a snorting bull but louder. There are legends of large demon dogs and stories of people who roam the night with wolf masks and steal sheep, but I never believed any of these tales.

My friend, who lives near me in the valley, tends sheep and he had lost 2 in recent days. There was no blood found but there were large dog tracks in the mud by the lake's edge. We decided to wait out the night and search if we started to hear sounds again.

The time was around 11:00 PM when we started to hear the grunts coming from below my property. It is a swampy area with a spring. We both carried shotguns hoping to find the varmint. We both thought it was probably a wild dog or maned wolf though we had never seen anything over the years we had lived here.

As we walked closer to the swamp, something stood up over the weeds. It was hard to see but we both described it as a large wolf man and over 2 meters high. It stood like a man but had a wolf head and upper body. We were both shocked at this sight. I was able to fire a shot as it ran off but I was unsuccessful. But just a few minutes later we heard the grunts again as it become louder and closer. This creature charged on all fours out of the weeds towards me. It got very close but stopped and turned when my friend shot behind it. It was so close that he shot away so I would not be struck. It ran towards the valley.

We tried to find this creature for weeks but never heard it again. Some of the local people think we witnessed a werewolf. I will never question the legends in the future.

Do you have any idea what we saw? The local authorities refuse to search for it though I feel it may have left the area." Marcos

São Paulo, Feb 13, 2009: Woman claims to have been attacked by ‘werewolf’

According to the victim’s account, the creature looked like a big dog. Police are looking for a suspect that may have used a costume to attack the girl.

The inhabitants of São Sepé, Rio Grande do Sul, [Brazil] have one more reason to fear Friday the 13th. Besides the bad luck and the strange happenings during the day, a ‘werewolf’ is supposedly at large. One of the possible victims, a 20-year-old, recorded her complaint to the police.

According to the police, Kelly Martins Becker claims to have been attacked on the night of January 28 by an animal that looked like a big dog, that was standing on its back feet and walking as if it were a man. She made a sketch of the creature.

According to the complaint, the creature scratched the face and arms of the victim. The police informed that Kelly underwent a medical examination, where the wounds were confirmed. Officers also claim they will investigate if someone is using a werewolf costume to scare people. No suspect was arrested until Friday.


Cases similar to the one from São Sepé were recorded. In the rural area of Tauá, Ceará, locals asked for police help in July 2008, scared by sightings of an individual “half man and half wolf” that was stealing sheep and breaking into houses.

At the time, the police investigated the case, suspecting that a gang was using costumes to scare the locals and commit crimes. The case, called ‘the midnight mystery’, then became a joke in the city.

In April 2008, some inhabitants of Santana do Livramento, Rio Grande do Sul, also had their moments of terror with the attacks of the ‘Man in the Black Cape’. With no solid evidence about the creature’s sightings, the police archived the records as folklore.” - AP


This account was brought to my attention. I needed to correct some of the broken English:

"I'm 20 years old and I live in Brazil, São Paulo State. What I'm going to tell here happened to me, in the year 2017, here in my city. A friend, who I'll call Thiago, made me an invitation to spend a day at his father's place. My city is just outside Jacutinga-MG, BR. It was a Saturday, and I went with him in the morning. We had a really nice day. We had a barbecue, swam, ate fruit, talked and helped his father to prune other trees, it was really cool.

When it got dark, at night, around 20:00, Thiago's father asked us to leave. His father had a Fiorino das Antigas pickup truck. We were both in the bucket, sitting and talking. We sat with our backs to the cabin's rear window, looking back. We had already gone about a kilometer. The two of them were there, looking at the road, towards the back of the truck. When his father slowed down to go through a tunnel, he came up behind a tall black shape, quickly. I thought it was a very big dog with a bright eye. At the time we commented: "What is it? What animal is that?" It stood, like a person, on top of that ravine. It was looking towards us and was about 40 or 50 meters from the truck, which was moving away. We looked at each other and were very scared and confused. Then we looked back at the animal. Then, the animal was standing on 4 legs again and ran down the ravine towards the road. When he reached the side of the road, in the rush downhill, he jumped the other way, crossing the entire road into the opposite ravine. Thiago tells me: "That is a werewolf!

The werewolf began to follow and parallel the truck through the woods. He went through the woods, we saw leaves and branches flying, we heard the branches breaking, and we saw him passing among the trees. So Thiago asked his father to speed up because there was something following the car. The father asked: "What is it?" And he said: "I think it's a werewolf!" Soon, we arrived at the river and crossed a narrow bridge. I don't know why, but he didn't cross the river, and he stayed up there on the bank, watching us, until he disappeared from view at the curve.

I had never seen or believed that there was a werewolf, despite hearing stories from my parents and grandparents. Now I avoid going to the countryside at night. What marked me the most in this story was the jump. A fantastic jump from one side of the road to the other. And me and Thiago seeing everything from Fiorino Uno's bucket. If it weren't for the river, that werewolf might have jumped on Fiorino to catch us." MP

I also ran across the following reference:

When hunting for a werewolf it is important to remember that your biggest clues will come through your suspect's personalities. Becoming a werewolf is not transparent, no matter how the victim tries to hide it. The tainted, sub-human blood greatly alters the subject's own mind and personality, even physical appearance. Therefore, look for symptoms in your human suspects that include increasing violence, increasing aggression, unprovoked rages, insomnia, restlessness, and other bizarre behavior. Unfortunately, over time these symptoms can be brought under control, so do not rely on them exclusively. A good example of this comes from a case reported by the ancient priesthood society, Manos Del Sol, of Brazil. A rash of werewolf killings there was tracked to a high-ranking officer in the army. Society became aware of the man mainly through rumors of his violent behavior and changed personality. The case was successfully resolved with the man's capture.

The above reference was probably a case of Lycanthropic Disorder, a mental condition in which the subject (called a Lycanthrope) believes that he or she is a werewolf. The subject does not actually change shape but is nevertheless capable of being as dangerous as an actual werewolf. Most cases of supposed werewolves are really the works of Lycanthropic Disorder victims.

NOTE: I'm not sure what Marcos and his friend encountered but I do believe this was not the result of a mental condition. Lon



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