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Friday, April 14, 2023

Terrified Family Shadowed by HEAVY BIPEDAL CRYPTID While Hiking in Central Pennsylvania

A central Pennsylvania family is on a hike along Bald Eagle Ridge. They begin to hear heavy footfalls near them, then heavy tree branch breaks. Was it a Bigfoot or a cryptid canine?

"I'm a 54-year-old husband father and grandfather who also served in the Navy straight out of high school for a few years. This all took place on one of the longest mountain ranges here in Central Pennsylvania. There's a mountain ridge called the Bald Eagle Ridge that runs southwest to northeast and runs for about 60 miles. It's the last mountain ridge before hitting the Appalachian Plateau to the west. It's a very beautiful part of the state of Pennsylvania. 

There are very few homes. Most of the population of the state lives in the valleys and not at the tops of the mountains so our mountains are pretty secluded. So the eastern part of the state has small pockets in the outlying areas that are populated and the rest of the state is mainly mountains and forests with no human population.

About 10 years ago my wife and I, along with my 25-year-old son, our two grandchildren, and one of their friends all went for a walk at the reservoir that supplies all the drinking water for this area in central Pennsylvania. The reservoir is set back about a mile from the main road RT 150 and that is an area for walking and hiking. But back then it wasn't used by many people at all. It was formed from damning the creek that runs down through this valley. The small lake that was formed is beautiful and is abundant with fish and surrounded by the usual wildlife.

Before having two strokes in the last two years I was an avid hunter and fisherman and taught my children and grandchildren to get out and enjoy what nature we have. So, with that being said, my son and I were both armed as we always were to protect us from any animals that may not have the best intentions. We started out a little later than planned but things were going great so far. We walked about a mile or two up into the mountain and were on our way back about three-quarters of a mile from the truck and by this time it was about 9 pm and dark. Everyone had a flashlight. We always take them for reasons like this and we were here before at the same time with nothing to be concerned about, so it was business as usual.

We were all carrying on and enjoying the outdoors and the walk. I want to make it clear now that I got a very uneasy feeling for no reason. I wish I could explain it but I can't. I know that doesn't make sense but I just had a very weird feeling. Then I heard what sounded like heavy footsteps faintly but I could hear them over the sounds my family was making. In front of me on the trail, it sounded like something big walking above us, straddling the side hill to our left. It's a very steep hill.

My son was in the lead, followed by the three children, my wife and then myself bringing up the rear. My son stopped. Then the rest of us stopped. He said, "Listen, Dad, do you hear that?" I was already listening hard and again I could hear what sounded like someone walking to our left on the steep mountainous side of the trail. I'm not going to lie, it startled me. But after gathering my senses I shrugged it off as a deer or some other animal. I told my son to keep moving, but he, myself, and the rest of the group were now focused on what was following us on the upper side of the trail. We were all moving forward and not panicked, just focused.

Just then I heard what sounded like a very large branch being broken from a green tree. My son and the rest of the family also heard it. Then it sounded like a tree or a large boulder was thrown and it was very loud. I've heard trees falling over from the wind in the woods while hunting and that's not what this noise was. There was no wind that night and it was very still and the woods were silent up until this point.

Then we heard what sounded like a very heavy person running. This is all happening 40 or so yards up the steep hillside to our left. We all started to walk fast to get back to the truck. All the flashlights were focused on that side hill but we could see nothing but trees. The rest of the walk was uneventful but the whole way back to the vehicle everyone was on edge and our senses were all on high alert. I don't know what made that noise that night. I've been in the woods long enough to know what the sounds are and what we all heard that night was a deliberately made noise. If I had to make a guess I would say something ripped a tree from the ground and threw it. That's what it sounded like to me. The rest of the way back the truck was uneventful we saw no eye shine and heard nothing else.

Were we being shadowed by a Bigfoot? I believe so."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y5oqVFjhEc

NOTE: This area and lake are located in Bald Eagle State Park in Centre County. It is well-known for Bigfoot and upright canine activity. We have documented several reports over the years. Centre County is a major hotspot in the area that Butch Witkowski and I referred to as the 'Lycan Loop.' Lon



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I received correspondence in May 2012. It was forwarded by 'John' a retired Federal employee who lives in northern Nevada and who wished to remain anonymous.

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