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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Tenacious BIGFOOT Shot After Terrifying North Carolina Residents

A young man, living in the North Carolina mountains, has a terrifying encounter with a Bigfoot at home. His grandfather later shoots the creature in order to drive it away.

"It was the summer of 1985. I graduated from high school and was trying to head to college. My mother had already taken a job 50 miles away and stayed away from home during the work week. I had the place to myself. The daytime temperatures in the mountains of North Carolina reached the 80s but at night it would cool off to the 50s. There was no need for air conditioning. I would open the window at the head of my bed and allow the cool night air to flow through the window screen.

After dropping my girlfriend off at her house I drove home, opened my bedroom window, proceeded to the den, and kicked my feet up on the couch. I sat five feet from the door and you could see the twilight and moonlight through the front door's window. It was a small window, maybe 24 inches long and six inches wide. It ran from the top of the seven-foot door down to about the five-foot level.

I turned the TV off and grabbed my guitar and picked a bit. I had not played for long when I got that feeling I was being watched. I sat the guitar down and just listened. We had a small 12-foot porch at the front door. I could hear the porch creaking. I looked toward the door window and it was solid black. There was no moonlight passing by, not even at the top. Something was blocking the window. Then the door began to jiggle. I shouted who was there, but no sound. At that moment I heard Papa's dogs coming, barking like crazy. I heard the entire porch screech loudly and the light came through the window. The dogs came and passed barking the entire time. Whatever it was didn't like dogs. I grabbed my 357 Blackhawk and stood guard all night. I never left the couch until morning daylight came.

The next day we had a softball tourney at our local field and I got home right at dark. I never turned the TV or any lights on. I sat down on the couch my 357 and waited. At around midnight, I heard the porch squeaking, this time I heard heavy footsteps. I watched the window turn black again. It grabbed the door knob...jiggle, jiggle. I pointed my gun at the door and yelled, 'I'll blow you to Hell!' This thing screamed, 'Straight to Hell!' It hit the side of the house still screaming. When it stopped I heard the dogs coming once again. It fled.

I stayed on the couch that night. At some time through the night, I dozed off. I woke to the door opening. I damn near shot my grandfather. It was daylight and he wanted to know if I had been drinking the night before and hit the porch with my Jeep and how in the hell I busted the siding off the outside wall. I walked outside with him. The 12x12 porch was knocked off its pillars and an arm print was embedded beside the door as big as my leg and 20 inches long. I told my grandfather what happened. At the time he did not believe me. He said you came in drunk, ran over the porch, and you must have beat the siding off with a baseball bat. 

We spent the day making repairs. Night three comes around. My mother had returned home from work and I listened to a speech about drinking, having a bad temper, and hitting the house with a bat. I went to my room and opened the window for some cool night air, turned out the lights, and called my girlfriend on the phone. I had my own phone and number and my mother had a separate line. This info will come into play. My girlfriend and I chatted like forever.

I then noticed a putrid smell of urine and death filled my room. I could hear heavy footsteps, two-legged footsteps. I told my girlfriend Kelly of the smell she laughed and said skunk. I said no I've smelled this before and I can hear it walking. Then less than 24 inches away from my head I heard the breathing, inhale 15 seconds exhaling with a low growl 15 seconds long. Long, slow, and deep. I freaked out. I told Kelly what was happening. At first, she joked and said no way. I told her I was going to shoot through the screen. This damn thing was already beside me. The damn thing was blowing its breath on me. I was scared to death! The breathing got louder and deeper and the stench made me sick. I could hear and see a huge hand pushing the screen in. I heard the dogs barking. This time the barking was pure fear. High-pitched yelps. Then the sound of a shotgun being fired and the blackberry bushes and grapevines being torn down. The blood-curdling yell faded away and then the voice of my grandfather outside my window. 'Are you alright?' Kelly had hung up and called my mother, and Mom called Papa. Kelly had also heard the breathing and growling and in the fear of my voice, she knew something wasn't right. My grandfather put a load of buckshot into the quote 'bear's rear end' and ran it off.

The next day my grandfather and I inspected the grapevines. They looked like a truck had rolled through them. But there in the middle of the garden were 20-inch, perfect five-toed prints with nine-foot strides between each step. I went to my bedroom window and there imprinted on my screen was a handprint three times the size of mine. I can only imagine the force required to bend the screen and leave a perfect handprint. My grandfather said we would never speak of it again."

Transcribed Source - https://www.youtube.com/@proguide66



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