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Thursday, April 13, 2023

REPTILIAN 'HUNTERS' & Landed Craft Witnessed on Colorado Property

A woman recalls observing several 'lizard-like beings' and a craft in her Uravan, Colorado yard when she was 12 years old. The incident is ingrained in her memory.

"In July 1968, my family and I were living in a small town west end of Montrose County called Uravan, Colorado. In the early morning, I was awakened by the barking of a family dog name Tippi outside my bedroom window. Tippi never really barked unless someone or something was in a yard that wasn't supposed to be.

I remember waking up out of dead sleep and hearing Tippi constantly barking and wondering why my older brother who's sleeping bunk above and my parents sleeping in the bedroom joining ours weren't telling Tippi to quit.

Finally, I had enough of it and decided to turn over in my bed and look out the window myself. When I did I couldn't believe what saw. There it was a small circle ship with its landed gear down and hatch with stairs fold down to the ground. Next to the ship were green lizard-like beings. Their eyes were bright yellow, and some tanks were on their backs and another bag. They didn't have fingers but had web hands that look like a bow and arrow. Their body was thin, and scaley, their legs were also thin, and their feet had v-shaped toes, I remember thinking to myself this was some kind of hunting party because my dad was a bow hunter himself, and that kind of gave me the idea. I could tell they were searching for something.

Then another alien came off the ship. It was much bigger than the others and seemed to give the others orders. Tippi again began her barking and the alien close to our house seemed to be upset with her barking. I could see it looking over at Tippi and it started walking over to her. 

I then jump off my bed and headed into my parent's room to wake my mother up. I remember how hard it was to wake her; she acted like she was on a heavy drug or something. I couldn't get her to wake up. Finally was able to get her up and told them something was going on outside and that it was going hurt Tippi. She was still not awake and was sluggish. My mother followed me to my bedroom. Once there I showed what I was seeing outside. I don't know what they did to my mom but she couldn't see them. All she wanted to do was sleep.

Finally, my mother got up from my bed and told me to crawl to the other side of my bed away from the window. I did what I was told. The last thing remember before going to sleep was looking over in the closet where the window cast light on my clothes and saw two of the lizard beings trying to look in the window. No other sound came from Tippi.

My mother wasn't drinking or taking anything that would cause sedation. I firmly believe they did something to the family to make them sleep. It just didn't work on me. In the morning the first thing I did was to run out and check on Tippi in my PJs. Sure enough, she was lying in the front yard waiting for kids to come to play with her. She acted like nothing had happened the night before.

I was 12 years old at the time and the memory is etched in my conscience. It was not a dream or hallucination. I have included an image of what the lizard people looked like.

Interestingly enough, on the same night my mother passed away in 2016, she asked me if I had remembered seeing the 'lizard people and their ship in our yard in Colorado.' That was the only time she acknowledged witnessing the incident." HK



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Featured in this edition:

I received correspondence in May 2012. It was forwarded by 'John' a retired Federal employee who lives in northern Nevada and who wished to remain anonymous.

The story centers around a bizarre encounter with a terrifying cryptid that John experienced while living with his Grandfather. John later stated to me that the property was in a rural area of Aleppo Township in Greene County, Pennsylvania. He did not want to pinpoint the location but did say that he wanted the post dedicated to his Grandfather - Samuel Hill, who he considers the most remarkable man he has ever known.

John seemed quite sincere in my opinion. He decided to come forth with the account after he had a rather strange encounter a few months previous to writing me (which he did not want to discuss).

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