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Thursday, April 06, 2023

Recent SCARY BIGFOOT ENCOUNTER Near Appalachian Trail in Perry County, PA

Three friends, living in south-central Pennsylvania, are hiking and camping on the Appalachian Trail near Duncannon. They have a traumatic experience with a possible Bigfoot.

"I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and have spent most of my life here. I've been hiking all over the state at least once a week every week since I began driving at 16. But all across the many state parks, I have spent thousands of hours hiking in the woods. I've had three strange encounters now since the summer of 2022, almost as if a door has been open since the first one.

The story I'm sharing today is the most recent thing that happened to me and my two buddies last Saturday night. It completely traumatized me. My two lifelong friends and I went on a spur-of-the-moment night hike Saturday night. I haven't hiked at night for nearly two years I used to hike alone all the time, but hiking with these two guys made us all feel bold. We were hiking near the part of the Appalachian Trail where we grew up in Duncannon and the AT runs through the town. There's a ridge next to the town with a very popular hiking vista called Hawk Rock. At the base of the mountain, there's a creek that flows into the Susquehanna River and a road that follows this creek back into the woods for about a mile and a half. It leads to Boy Scout camp shelters and water wells, follows the creek around a bend, and then ends where the road ends. We have a low-key camping site that follows an easy-to-miss trail that continues past the road and goes into the woods another couple hundred of yards. We're about two and a half miles from the car.

We're sitting there talking about Sasquatch and encounters. Both of my friends have ever had an encounter. This night was totally dark, with no moon. We couldn't see each other side by side without a flashlight and it was dead quiet. In hindsight, it seems weird. There are normally lots of frogs along that Creek. I've been at this campsite about two dozen times and never had anything happen to us there. We're talking about Missing 411 and my two previous encounters. One friend has never heard the Sierra Sounds and my other friend told me not to play them. I made two tree knocks then we played the Sierra Sounds in total darkness.

On cue, not even a minute went by, and a huge rock splashed into the creek about 30 yards away from the direction of our trail and the only way out. I was already on my feet. I've thrown many rocks into creeks, rivers, and lakes and that rock was large. It made that 'whoop' sound of breaking the water and crashing into the creek bed. Immediately, we felt that sense of dread and danger. Then it happened a second and a third time, back to back. I said we need to get the 'F' out of here right now. We were 100% sober. I've been up and down that creek by kayak, trail, and fishing. It's one of the few areas in Pennsylvania that doesn't have beavers. I've never seen a beaver or signs of beavers anywhere along that creek. I've heard beaver tail slaps, and it didn't sound like that at all. It was loud and scared the crap out of us. It was so close to us that it didn't seem like just a coincidence.

We packed our bags up at hammocks in less than a minute and started walking out in the direction of these splashes. We got parallel to where it happened, maybe 30 seconds later. The creek was five feet to our left. There was a fog over the creek. We couldn't see the other side but there was nothing over there but woods. Then it happened a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth time. Loud splashes of large rocks crashed into the water right next to us. I was on point. We're going through this trail with the brush to our right and the creek to our left dark. We weren't speaking to each other. We stuck together and we're only focused on getting out.

We got back to the road and we were practically jogging back toward the car. We were saying that was weird and was too close and too conveniently timed. We continue down this road and got a mile away from where it happened. The road was maybe 50 feet from the creek now and a little bit higher up, but still parallel to the creek and completely silent. So quiet that you could hear a pin drop. We began to feel like we were okay now.

But then it happened again! A large loud splash in the creek below is perfectly parallel to us. The sense of danger was palpable and we could feel it around us. Something was on the other side of the creek mirroring us. The problem was there are no trails, no houses, nothing but woods over there. Whatever it was over there was keeping pace with us silently without light or without a trail and we could feel it. We got to the end of the road and two kids were walking in with lights. We saw them coming. I said to my friends we have to tell them what just happened. We couldn't let these kids go in there without warning. We told them what happened and all of us were clearly shaken and rattled.

We got into the car and drove back to my buddy's place in town. For three hours we tried to rationalize and reason what it was. You couldn't think of any animal that checks all the boxes of the behavior. If it was somebody messing with us they were in the middle of nowhere without a light throwing large rocks and moving silently without a trail. If it was an animal we would have heard it moving. If it was something in the water we would have heard it displacing water while moving. I know this area like the back of my hand.

I'm terrified to go back outside again and afraid as soon as the sun goes down. We all felt like we were lucky to get out of there. I was excited about spring and summer and to get back out hiking again, but I am terrified at the thought of it." JB

NOTE: A couple was murdered on the Appalachian Trail not too far from this location in September 1990. The stretch of the Appalachian Trail, from the Mason-Dixon line through Michaux State Forest, north toward Duncannon, and into Lebanon County, is well-known for Bigfoot and cryptid canine activity. Lon

Transcribed source: The Facts by HowToHunt.com



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