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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

On the Quirkiness of Ghosts and Revelation: Musings of the “Cosmic Ray” Keller on Life in the Material World and Beyond

By Raymond A. Keller, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

The Vast Venus Conspiracy

Lady Columba Venus Revelations

Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy


From Keller Venus Files:  Sometime before the end of 1959, the Mitchell Sisters of Florissant, Missouri, Helen (L) and Betty (R), were translated to the planet Mars to be with their extraterrestrial boyfriends, Elan of Venus and Velas of Mars, respectively.  Looking spiffy in their white pantaloons and light blouses, and sporting shades that gave them that cool Hollywood look, they returned to Earth in 1964 to do some grocery shopping at a Kroger’s supermarket in Florissant, where they were spotted by a couple from a St. Louis, Missouri, UFO club, with the wife being the one who snapped this picture of the enigmatic sisters. Should anyone have seen these angels lately, don’t hesitate to contact Cosmic Ray at rkeller1@mix.wvu.edu or your editor, Lon Strickler, through this website.

Helen and Betty Mitchell, Contactees Extraordinaire

It’s Thursday, 30 March 2023 and I’m getting ready to drive tomorrow to visit my cousin Sandy, arriving on Saturday in Lafayette, Indiana, and also do a special presentation to the local UFO club in the public library there on the topic of “Finding Your Starseed Connection,” from noon to 5:30 p.m. on that same day of 1 April, which ironically is April Fool’s Day.  As I was looking through my archives for something unique to reveal to the world regarding the extraterrestrial presence on Earth at that meeting, I found a long-forgotten photograph of the Mitchell Sisters (Helen and Betty) of Florissant, Missouri, whose frolicking experiences with a man from Venus, named Elan, and another man from Mars, named Velas, I wrote about in Chapter 4 of Volume VI in my Venus Rising series, Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2022), pages 74-79.  The chapter was appropriately titled, “The Mitchell Sisters and the Space People.”   It covers Helen and Betty’s initial contact with the extraterrestrials in a St. Louis, Missouri, coffee shop back in 1957, Helen’s ride into outer space in a flying saucer, and pioneer ufologist Gray Barker’s “psychic interpretation” of all the events that purportedly took place between these two young women and their boyfriends from beyond Earth.

Timothy Green Beckley (1952-2021)

Most in the paranormal and UFO research community are familiar with the legacy of New Brunswick, New Jersey’s Timothy Green Beckley.  He was famously known as “Mr. UFO” and “Mr. Creepo,” a pioneer in the emerging fields of the paranormal, ufology, and all things bizarre. He was an author, editor, producer, and publisher with Innerlight Publications, publishing, and marketing over 200 books on sundry esoteric subjects. Previously, he served as the editor of UFO Universe magazine and a film reviewer for Hustler magazine. He ran the New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences and worked promotions for the School of Rock and Roll.

Timothy Green Beckley was a frequent radio guest on Mount Olympus Radio's Hercules and the Space Gods with Marc and Phyllis Brinkerhoff, SURN Radio, 21st Century Radio, Coast-to-Coast AM with Art Bell and later George Noory, and many more. He has appeared on the Travel Channel, UFO Hunters, Weird or What with William Shatner, the Joe Franklin Show, and many other television shows and news interviews. My connections with him go back to the mid-1960s through the early 1970s, when I corresponded and exchanged publications with him when he wrote a column for Raymond A. Palmer’s Flying Saucers magazine out of Amherst, Wisconsin. Toward the end of his life, he was a podcast host on KCOR Radio's Exploring the Bizarre with Tim Swartz, out of Las Vegas, and just a few weeks before he died on 31 May 2021, I was one of the last guests that he interviewed on that program, answering questions about the strange case of Valiant Thor along with Julie Stranges, the surviving spouse of the late Rev. Dr. Frank E. Stranges of Van Nuys, California, who first brought the Valiant Thor story to light through his International Evangelism Crusade.

While going through the old issues of Flying Saucers containing Beckley’s “On the Trail of the Flying Saucers” column, I came across an item about the Mitchell Sisters and their disappearance under mysterious circumstances in Issue #64 of April 1969. According to Mr. UFO, during a visit to St. Louis, Missouri, he came across a very enthusiastic group of Flying Saucers readers in a UFO club led by Warren and Nora Bartling.  The Bartlings happily reported to Beckley that membership in their local club had grown substantially over the years.  To the residents of St. Louis, Warren’s UFO research, together with coverage of his club’s activities in the local media, had garnered him the title of “Mr. Flying Saucer.”  Thanks to the sponsorship of the Bartlings, many of the leading lights in ufology had come to speak to the St. Louis club.  Lecturers included many then-famous contactees such as Wayne Aho, Daniel Fry, and Buck Nelson.  Psychics from the St. Louis Mark-Age Center also made frequent appearances as guests at the club meetings.

Mars Needs Women

In writing about the St. Louis UFO club, Timothy Green Beckley noted that “While in St. Louis, we (he and the Bartlings) tried to locate the Mitchell Sisters, who were responsible for quite an unusual contact story which appeared in print several years ago.”  The story being referenced here was Betty and Helen Mitchell’s own book, We Met the Space People (Clarksburg, West Virginia:  Saucerian Press, 1959), with Gray Barker as editor.

Beckley continued, “It seems that no one has seen them for at least five years.  As one long-time space researcher told us, ‘Since the two Space Brothers promised to take the girls on a trip to Mars, it is possible that they are there now.  No one seems to be able to find them.  Their former landlord said that they left without giving a forwarding address.’”  Their last known address was 1415 Bernadette Street, Florissant, Missouri 63033, according to my files.

The older St. Louis ufologist did inform Beckley that the last time he had seen the sisters was back in 1964, standing out in a grassy vacant lot on the edge of the parking lot at Kroger’s supermarket in Florissant’s then bustling Cross Keys Plaza.  Like any good UFO investigator worth her salt, so to speak, Nora Bartling always had her Kodak camera at the ready in their car, just in case a flying saucer would appear, and asked Helen, the older of the two sisters by two years (Both were in their early twenties during their first encounter in 1957), if he could get her camera out of the car and snap their picture.  “Suit yourself,” replied Helen.  As you can see in the photo, both of the sisters, all dressed in white with pantaloons and loose blouses, along with the snappy sunglasses and cheerful Southern California looks, seemed like they just stepped out of the Matrix from some future place.

Other members of the St. Louis UFO group, many subscribers to Flying Saucers magazine, and readers of Beckley’s column, had fond memories of the Mitchell sisters.  One female member in her mid-20s recalled traveling out to Kansas City, on the other side of the state, to hear the sisters address a meeting of the Kansas City, Missouri, Saucer Club.  When it came time for Helen to speak, she started rambling on in some strange tongue:

“Mel Bez de Son.  Ras, de ta ol de ieon qua son twila um bon-ta-bon Zabat dra um ta daga de tra-ce-te de ta io um bont.  Zahabat rma zabar, ott ta rma qua zabat gavon-ta-bo um-quat que Ban gav ban um ta ban ta zabat nas qua pa qua zabat ta old at um ta rama. Mel Bez de Son.”

Her traveling companion asked her, “Are you a Pentecostal and were you speaking in tongues, Helen?”

“Well, I am a Christian but not a Pentecostal.  This is the language of the Martians, one of the many species of extraterrestrials in the Galactic Confederation of Light, which I learned in the past few years in which I was off planet.

It translates as: ‘Peace be unto you, Beloved, in the evolving mind where one chooses to serve humankind, thus turning the forces of Love in one’s own direction.  When searching is difficult, these words facilitate advancement.  The adversary must now work harder to place obstacles in the path of advancement.  Now, let darkness fade to the nothingness that it is.  Let the full manifestation and potential of the light take its place.  Peace be unto you.’”

Timothy Green Beckley wanted to know, “If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of the Mitchell Sisters, we would certainly like to contact them.  Their present whereabouts would be kept confidential as we understand that they have two young children (one each) which they are busy raising.”

From the start of their respective relationships, Helen went with the Martian and Betty with the Venusian.  It seems that the two young women had made it off world as translated beings, along with their beaus.

Ghostly Adventures

The experiences of the Missouri UFO buffs with the Mitchell Sisters caused me to evaluate my own encounters with sundry translated beings:  Annalee Skarin, Dolores Barrios (Lady Orda), and her posse, Lady Encara, Annabell Krebs (Lady Columba) and Lady Aurora, the Rev. Dr. Frank E. Stranges, etc.  In a way, it’s a lot like living with ghosts.

Native American Wisdom

My friend and close associate in paranormal and UFO research, the late Phyllis “Krsanna” Duran (1948-2020), a Native American originally from Oklahoma but living most of her life in Missoula, Montana, was the author of the epilogue in my third Venus book, Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2017).  The epilogue was titled, “American Heritage and the National Security Act,” and details Native American connections to those claiming contact with the flying saucer occupants throughout American history.  The epilogue contains many first-hand, never-before-published materials that she received from her mentor, the late rocket scientist Daniel Fry (1908-1992), who allegedly flew from the White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico to New York City, and back, in a remote- controlled flying saucer back in 1949. Krsanna herself had several ultra-dimensional contacts with Bigfoot-like beings hailing from the Arcturus star system and was the author of several popular UFO and time-travel books.

As Krsanna and I would discuss various types of paranormal phenomena that we had encountered in our research, we both agreed that the late John A. Keel (1930-2009) was the expert on this subject.  Keel especially noted the deep psychic connections shared by Native Americans in contact experiences with extraterrestrials and ultra-dimensional beings.  Krsanna and I wrote about this in an article that appeared as Chapter 6, “Evolution of an Enlightened Ufologist,” in my latest book, Flying Saucers:  From Venus They Come (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2022), pages 104-107.

As to the UFOnauts themselves, Keel’s amassed documentation revealed that “They also pick out people with very interesting religious and racial backgrounds.”  Of particular note, the ufologist comments that, “If you have Indian (Native American) blood in your veins, you are more apt to be contacted than any other type of person.  This is, if your great, great grandfather was an Indian or a Gypsy, by the way.”  Keel elaborated: “Gypsy or Indian blood is very important and the majority of contactees do have either Indian or Gypsy blood.  But, if you are Jewish, your chances of being contacted are almost zero.  We have very few Jewish contactees, for some reason; and on the other hand, we have a great many contactees.  “So,” Keel surmised, “the religious factor seems to be of some significance, but the Indian factor is the most important of all.”

In the footsteps of pioneer ufologist John A. Keel, Krsanna Duran (1948-2020) explored the mysteries of UFOs and inter-dimensionality through a Native American perspective in her Time Star website and many intriguing books.  In addition, Krsanna worked closely with the “Cosmic Ray” in investigating ethereal Venusian connections to one of the first flying saucer clubs in the world, established in Paradise, California.  Their findings are detailed in Dr. Keller’s third UFO book, Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure (Terra Alta, WV:  Headline Books, 2017).

Keel believed that if you had the good fortune of living near an Indian reservation, with enough tact and persuasive ability you might be able to gain the confidence of some Native Americans to the point that they would tell you a great deal about the UFO phenomenon because, after all, “they know all about it.”  Keel declared that "A great many of them have been contactees for years and years.”  But to find out more about UFOs, one would have to get a Native American to open up about their experiences, which most are somewhat reluctant to do.  Keel continued, “You would have to spend some time there.  You couldn’t do it in an afternoon.  You would have to spend some time there to win their confidence.  But it would be very useful to you if you could do this because you would learn a great deal.”

Necromancy and the Contactee Phenomenon

In the process of pondering my various encounters with supernatural entities, mostly human beings who had been “translated” to our sister planet Venus, and who occasionally visit our world in the appearance of a human form, I could not help but relate these to encounters with ghosts as described in sundry occult literature.  Where Keel refused to disassociate extraterrestrial encounters with other types of paraphysical manifestations, I thought it was time for me to explore this avenue of approach to looking at ufology through a different lens, that of necromancy, which can appropriately be defined as “the practice of magic or black magic involving communication with the dead by summoning their spirits as apparitions or visions, or by resurrection for the purpose of divination; imparting the means to foretell future events; discovery of hidden knowledge; returning a person to life, or to use the dead as a weapon.” See Wikipedia,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necromancy (Accessed 31 March 2023). This leads us to the question of whether UFO occupants are just as much condensed ghostly apparitions as they are extraterrestrials?  And to further inquire as to the nature of “reality” on distant worlds, and even our own planet, if it might exist in parallel dimensions or various densities beyond the perception of our normal five senses?

Important Caveat

Whatever the UFO occupants say they are, however, the ufologist or researcher of paranormal phenomena would be wise to keep in mind that they should always exercise caution and not initiate the contact themselves as you never know what kind of entity beyond the Earth’s material plane will turn up.  On the other hand, if the entities initiate the contact, you can be sure that they are who they claim to be.

Truth in Poetry

I know that my late friend Krsanna would agree with the sentiments of another Oklahoman Native American, Rachel Jacobs, 78, a poet from the Potawatomi Nation, who wrote the following poem, Ghosts, which deals with both their nature and influence on human affairs:


By Rachel Jacobs with commentary by “Cosmic Ray” Keller

The adventure begins

Somewhere down the line

The clock is ticking

Marking each second of this journey we take

Introspects and all that’s magic and myth

Combine into a heady mixture of fantasy and reality

(Cosmic Ray:  Those who have dared sought for answers outside the box of this so-called “reality” or “matrix” are sure to find that magic and myth completely surround us, shaping our destiny and moving us along the path of illumination.)

So where do we exist?

Somewhere between

The shadows of yester-years

And the sweet dreams of tomorrow

(Cosmic Ray:  This is the “eternal now.”  Our supernatural friends find us when we come to the realization that everything exists, all that we ever were or ever will be, or even ever needed, right here in the “eternal now.”  We stand ready to receive further light and knowledge from our star friends, and even more, from our own Cosmic Oversoul.)

Or do we really not exist?

And what appears as normal

Is nothing more than fading portraits

And candles soon to lose their flame

(Cosmic Ray:  Our material form is transitive, illusory.  It is as much a reflection of the light as the Moon is a reflector of the light from the Sun.  We are the light, not just a manifestation of it.)

I can still dream

And if my dream perchance come true

I’ll not waste a moment

But hasten to my journey’s end

And tell all those who follow after

That the quest is not in vain

But all will be forgiven here

And what is past will fade

With morning’s light

Until the ghosts that love to linger

Find some other place to haunt.

(Cosmic Ray:  There is a new heaven and a new Earth coming where pain and sorrow no longer exist.  Nobody is crying anymore unless they are tears of joy.  Everything is forgiven because, after all, we have only been human.  Our star friends have done their job and mentored us along the way to celestial light.  Now they go on to help others in this world and others to find their way as well.)



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