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Saturday, April 15, 2023

OFFUTT USAF BASE GHOSTS: Does General Curtis E. LeMay Haunt the Base?

Dark figures in rafters, others disappearing and walking through locked doors, and the distinct smell of cigar smoke. These are just a few of the reported ghostly happenings at Offutt USAF Base (Nebraska).

The following information was forwarded to me:

"Several buildings at Offutt have a rich history, among them is Building D, the former Martin Plant where several World War II bombers, including the Enola Gay, were assembled. The building now houses several different squadrons and agencies at Offutt.

Mike Little, who works in Building D with the 55th Support Squadron, said he hasn’t had many spooky experiences in Building D, but he has had a few.

“Sometimes we would have things at night, education and training in some of the classrooms and so I would be walking around down there,” Little said of the lower level of the building, where the Education and Training Center was formerly located.

Little said that often he would hear somebody walking behind him, the sound of the scuffing of shoes. “Several times, something about it bothered me and I would stop to look back but no one was there,” he said. Though Little said his own experience could be chalked up to nerves, others have reported seeing figures in several different areas.

In 1943, three crewmen on a test drive of a B-25 Mitchell bomber were killed when the bomber crashed through the roof of the building while on a test drive. A fourth crewman was critically injured.

“People have reportedly seen shapes walking around up in the rafters,” he said. “They’re shaped like people, but they’re more like these dark shapes.”

Aside from dark figures, many have reported seeing people in odd-looking uniforms walk past them in the building.

“We have a lot of different uniforms here at Offutt. We’ve got Army, Marines, Navy, even foreign militaries here sometimes,” Little said. “It’s not uncommon to see a strange uniform. But in some cases, people will say something about the uniform strikes them as odd and they’ll turn around to say something, ask them what they’re doing here, and they’ll be gone.”

Building D has several tunnels underneath it, now abandoned and sealed off. One of the tunnels reportedly connects to another building rumored to be haunted: General Curtis E. LeMay’s former office, now home to the base’s legal offices.

Master Sgt. Rosie Bevel, who has worked in the building for the last six years, said she has noticed a few consistently odd things. “I’ve smelled the cigar smoke in the stairwells,” Bevel said. Rumors of the smell of cigar smoke have been circulating for years. General LeMay was known as an avid cigar smoker who enjoyed many puffs right in that very building.

The toilets on the second floor, the same floor LeMay’s former office sat, can often be heard flushing on their own in the men’s room. “It’s always been at night when I’m by myself,” Bevel said. “My kids noticed it as well. They’ve censored toilets but it’s just weird.”

Aside from those consistencies, Bevel has also had a couple of unexplained experiences.

“I was sitting down and we were doing entry control point, which is where we monitor people entering the building,” she said. “There were some people in the conference room behind me and they had closed the door. I heard the door open and turned around. I was expecting them to come out but they didn’t. They thought I had opened the door.”

She hadn’t, and she said the door had not opened all the way but was left partially open. “You just got this weird feeling,” Bevel said. “It was the strangest thing.”

Another incident occurred as Bevel and a colleague were leaving the building one night around 8 or 9 p.m. “There was a sign hanging in one of the hallways just swinging back and forth like somebody had hit it,” she said. “We just chalked it up to a breeze or something.”

Several strange happenings are also rumored to have taken place in the communications building. Now home to the 55th Communications Group, the building is the former base hospital, built in the 1950s when the Fort Crook Hospital was torn down to make room for Building D.

“It was primarily one incident I had working there in the communication building,” said Donna Rush. “I was in the building by myself late at night. The building was pitch dark except for my little office. I was on my way back from the lady's room. I turned to my right and looked down the hallway, the exit signs kind of illuminated the path. At the very end of the hallway, I saw this figure come out of an office door and go across the hall into another door. I thought it looked like a younger person in a night-shirt kind of thing. I turned around and kind of blinked my eyes and saw the same figure come from that door and it went back across into another door. All the doors were locked. I had heard the stories before, but when I saw that figure... it was very odd.”

Rush said her office mate had shared her own spooky experience with Rush when she first began working in the building. “She had said, ‘Don’t stay late at night,’” Rush said. “She was sitting there once, working and our desks are separated by a tall partition, you can’t see over it.

“She was here alone and said by my side, by the window, she heard this sound like someone slapping on the desk, someone pounding on the desk. She said she just got up and left. It was like they didn’t want her there.” 



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