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Sunday, April 16, 2023


Ever since my Bigfoot encounter in May 1981, and the apparent government interest in that incident, I have attempted to gather and present evidence of a possible connection.

I recently became aware of the following account:

"I'm an ex-combat vet who survived tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have been wounded twice and came home back in 2011. I was stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. One Night in January 2012, I was on guard detail at a medium-sized perimeter station with concrete walls two feet thick and a solid steel blast door a foot thick just about half a mile from the Missouri River.

The guard with me stepped out to grab a smoke. This was around midnight in a snowstorm. Then he started banging on the door within a minute of him going outside. I open the door and said like, "What the F! You just went out there!" He's like, "There's something out here! It's not a man, it's not any animal!" He never heard it screaming at him but he couldn't see it. So I stepped out with him and we could hear something very big just into the woods about a hundred feet away. Then we heard a scream...roar! We both went back inside and locked the door.

Within minutes the thing started banging on the door with such force that it took me back to combat. Readiness in a flash! We looked at each other and at the monitors in the station. We could see only the top of its head.

Long story short, we finally opened the door after it took off and found dents in the solid metal door. Mind you, yeah, it still freaks me out! Footprints in the snow were 21 inches long that led over the perimeter fence which is 15 feet high with razor wire. The prints were headed toward the river.

I'm a very rational person, but I had to share this. I never told anyone except my comrade who was on duty with me that night. It changed both of us to this day." M

Transcribed Source:

NOTE: I found this report very interesting since I do believe that there is government and military interest in the Bigfoot phenomenon. The account was different with respect to the information I received subsequent to my Bigfoot encounter near Sykesville, Maryland in May 1981. But I still find it relevant and curious:

The forensic sketch I commissioned after my encounter
and after my interviews with 10 witnesses of the creature during the
1973 encounters in Sykesville, Maryland

Over the past 40 years and since my appearance on 'Monsters and Mysteries in America' (Sykesville Monster' episode) was first aired, I've received many inquiries concerning my encounter on May 9, 1981, near Sykesville, Maryland. To be honest, I've had a few lingering questions about my sighting as well, in particular, 'What did I actually see?' Was it a Bigfoot or something else? At the time, I called it a 'Bigfoot' because that was the only way I could have described it. It wasn't human and it wasn't an ape. I have tried to comprehend exactly what it was I witnessed.

One of the more consistent questions I have received concerns the quick reaction by officials after my phone call to the local police. I feel that this being had been under close surveillance at the time I witnessed it. The only two scenarios that I feel may be plausible are either: 1) other witnesses made reports earlier that day or, 2) this being had escaped from an unknown location.

The Sykesville Police Dept. have no records of what happened that day. No phone logs, and no reports. In fact, the local police have no records of the '1973 Sykesville Monster' incidents either. I have made FOIA inquiries to all agencies that I feel were involved. No information has ever been forwarded to me.

On May 23, 2014, I received a telephone call from a former military contractor who lived in Maryland. We set up an interview for that evening.

The first question to me was, 'Have you ever heard of a location in the Sykesville area referred to as 'the monkey house?' Apparently, one of the witnesses from 1973 had made a comment at the time that 'it' (the Sykesville Monster) was probably from the 'monkey house.' None of the witnesses I talked to in 1981, after my encounter, ever mentioned 'the monkey house.'

I made several inquiries about 'the monkey house.' According to one source, the original witness may have been referring to a two-story building that once stood near the present-day police and correctional training facility on Slacks Rd., which was located just south of the former sprawling Springfield Hospital Center. This building was officially designated as a laundry facility used by the state hospital. I recall the building; from what I remembered, it had significant security. I was told, at the time, that correctional inmates were kept there to launder clothing and linens as part of a work detail. Many locals questioned this explanation, it just didn't seem right. The moniker 'monkey house' may have been used, for the most part, by people who worked at Springfield. The building was eventually razed and replaced by a residential community.

The contractor stated that he was ex-USAF and had worked at a government facility north of Baltimore in Harford County in the early 1980s. I'm not going to name the location at this time, but it does still exist. He was part of a group of ex-military who were employed to perform general work around the facility.

On one particularly hot and humid day, he and the crew were working outside of a specific building at this government facility. They had been told that they could walk inside the building if they needed a quick break and a drink of water. He states that he entered the building looking for a water fountain, but couldn't locate one. He walked deeper into the building and soon witnessed a 'large heavy reinforced door' that seemed out of place. The door had been damaged as if it were rammed by something of significant size and power.

By this time, he was approached by a woman in uniform who informed him that he was in a classified area and that he must leave immediately. He explained he was just looking for the water fountain. A security officer was now on the scene and he directed the witness to the water fountain. As they were heading toward the building exit, the witness inquired about the damaged door. The security officer only mentioned that the 'door was damaged by something confined behind it.'

After several years of scrutiny and questions, the contractor believes that the building was used for research and contained unknown bipedal beings that had somehow escaped between 1979-1984. He had received information that 20-34 individuals of both sexes had been in the building at some period. He also mentioned that during this period there had been many Bigfoot sightings at Rocks State Park and Gunpowder Falls State Park, which are located near the government facility.

I had been aware of the increased number of Bigfoot sightings in these locations over that time period, but I don't know if these sightings are related to the aforementioned escapes. Of course, this information is completely anecdotal and based on one witness' account.

So, let's be hypothetical for a second. Is it possible that the being I witnessed near Sykesville, Maryland in 1981 was an escaped 'experiment?' Was there a facility in the Sykesville area, known to some as the 'monkey house?' Was there another incident, or series of incidents, at another facility in Maryland during the same period?

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