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Field Location #2: Brown Mountain of North Carolina

Field Location #2: Brown Mountain of North Carolina

By Raymond A. Keller, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

The Vast Venus Conspiracy

Lady Columba Venus Revelations

Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

Mysterious Fires and Lights

Mysterious light scoots over the north ridge of Brown Mountain, North Carolina, photographed during a UFO flap in October 2011.  During that same month, 27 tourists vacationing on the mountain disappeared and have never been heard from since.    Source:  https://mysteriousfacts.com

At the end of the 1960s, those “in the know” among the contactee community, realized that the apple orchard on Howard Menger’s farm in High Bridge, New Jersey, was Field Location #1 for the landing of scout ships from Venus.  But astute ufologists like Saucer News (New Brunswick, New Jersey) publisher James W. Moseley and Allen H. Greenfield, editor of the UFO Sighter (Atlanta, Georgia), surmised that if space people were landing their saucers on Earth, it would make no sense for them to limit their contacts to just two Earthlings, the sign painter from New Jersey, Howard Menger, and his attractive wife Connie.  Greenfield, the originator of the alternate reality theory of UFOs, speculated that some of the UFO hot spots may turn out to be regular landing zones for interplanetary spaceships.  

Greenfield had gotten wind of some mysterious fires and lights, locally called “ghost lights,” hovering over the ridges of Brown Mountain, located about fifteen miles north of Morganton, North Carolina, and about 65 miles halfway between the two nearest larger cities of Charlotte to the east and Ashville to the west.  Greenfield had spoken to UFO investigators from the then largest civilian UFO investigations group, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), with their headquarters in Washington, D.C., to get a rundown on these so-called “Brown Mountain Lights.”  What he learned was that long before European settlers had ever arrived in North Carolina, the indigenous population was reporting “strange lights which appear to roam about the mountain peaks without any apparent source.”  

He also learned about sundry legends that had sprung up about the lights.  One of these legends was that the lights were caused by the spirits of Cherokee and Catawba braves flying above the mountains and scanning the valleys below, looking for their maiden lovers.  According to Native American lore in the area, both the Catawba and Cherokee tribes were engaged in a big battle hundreds of years ago, where most of the tribal warriors were killed off.  This proved to be a historic fact, at least insofar as six Native American graves had been dug up in the area back in 1966, dating back to the pre-European settlement.  Going back at least 75 years, however, a local resident, reflective of the feelings shared by many in the community about the mystery lights, stated, “There is something even more odd and peculiar than Indian spirits at work in the valley below.”

“Who ya gonna’ call?”

 When Greenfield made phone calls to Timothy Green Beckley of Flying Saucers magazine (Amherst, Wisconsin) and James W. Moseley about Brown Mountain and the mysterious lights hovering about in its vicinity, they unanimously made the decision in February of 1969 to visit the area where these UFO sightings were taking place to personally investigate the matter. Upon their arrival at the air strip in Morganton, they were met by Greenfield and a local resident, Paul Rose, who drove them out to the base of the mountain.  It was there, that Rose pulled his car into a state park, took out a map of the park, spread it out onto a picnic table, and stabbed his right index finger on a lookout point higher up on the mountain road.  It was cloudy and windy that day and the temperature was only ten degrees Fahrenheit, with a light falling snow, so all four of the men were freezing.  Anyway, they were all dedicated to discovering the truth about Brown Mountain, so it was now or never.  The road was rocky and slippery in parts due to icing, but Rose was driving a 1960 Willys 3-speed, Utility Wagon Jeep that was more than apt for the ascent ahead.  

Upon reaching the lookout point, Greenfield introduced Rose to his two ufologist friends, Beckley and Moseley.  “There are two guys in Morganton who have gotten closer to the Brown Mountain lights than anyone else, and you are meeting one of them right here,” said Greenfield, waving his hand in Rose’s direction.  “You will meet the other guy later on, once we get back into the town.”   

Paul Rose then went on to explain, “My first sighting came when I was just a youth in about 1916.  At the time, it was thought that the lights might have been caused by the headlights on locomotives running through a nearby valley.  However, during one rough spring, all bridges were knocked out and roads were too muddy to enable cars to pass.  Yet, the Brown Mountain lights were seen in greater numbers and brighter than ever before, weaving up and down over the trees on Brown Mountain.

“I think the lights are intelligently controlled,” Rose mused, adding, “I base this on the fact that I have seen them fighting, butting into each other, and bouncing like big basketballs.  I’ve also tracked them at speeds of almost 100 miles per hour.”

If you think smoking cigarettes is problematic, here’s some news from Brown Mountain lights experiencer Paul Rose: “Some UFOs can be hazardous to your health!”

Art source: “UFO + Hazard” by Michael Irwin on https://dribbble.com.

Two UFOs Pose Radiation Hazard!

All three ufologists were impressed and wanted to know more.  Rose continued with his account, “On one particular night in the late 1950s, when excitement about the lights was at an all-time high, two of these lights appeared out of the valley, approached this tower I had built for the purpose of watching them over the trees, the tower we are in now, and climbed to within several feet of this very position.  The next day, I and a friend who had been with me, both became violently ill.  This led me to conclude that these lights are highly radioactive.”

Ralph Lael and the Venus Connection

Ralph Lael was a lifelong resident of the Brown Mountain area of Alexander County, North Carolina.  Born in 1909, he was already 60 years old when the three ufologists Beckley, Greenfield, and Moseley finally got around to interviewing him during their last stop in Morganton on the day before they were scheduled to fly back to their respective hometowns.  

Somehow Raymond A. Palmer, the editor, and publisher of Flying Saucers magazine, had gotten word of the owner of the so-called “Outer Space Rock Shop Museum,” located on State Highway 181, on the outskirts of Morganton, Ralph Lael (1909-1978), who was bragging to everyone that not only had he encountered Venusians in a landed flying saucer up on Brown Mountain in 1962, but that these extraterrestrials conducted him through an interdimensional portal in the side of the mountain and a little later took him with them to Venus in for a two-day guided tour of that cloudy planet.  It was Palmer who tipped off his columnist Beckley that if he ever got down to North Carolina, he should check out Lael and his fantastic story.

Back in 1948, Lael ran for Congress and lost by a few thousand votes.  At least up until 1962 and his alleged encounter with our friendly neighborhood Venusians, most locals took him for a fairly credible guy.  Even in late 1961, just claiming to have seen the Brown Mountain lights like so many other local residents, raised no eyebrows and no one was thinking that Lael had slipped a mental cog or two.  

Lael claims that from the first time he encountered the Brown Mountain lights in October of 1961, he felt that there was some kind of intelligence behind them that had initiated communication with him.  During his initial encounter, Lael was basically at the same spot that Paul Rose had been during his first run-in with the lights.  Lael also felt impelled by some strange attractive force to visit this contact site on several subsequent occasions.  

The reasons for these treks up to the mountain were explained by Lael thusly: “Deciding that the only way to uncover the source of these lights was to go into the almost impassable mountain area itself.  I started my own investigation.  It was shortly after 12:00 one night in 1961 when I got within 100 feet of a light that had risen up from a large hole in the ground.  Within 10 to 15 minutes, the first light had been joined by as many as twenty more.  Shortly after, they all took off into the timber and disappeared from my view.”

But Lael’s adventure was not yet over.  Lael continues: “Just half an hour later others began popping up along the mountainside in a smaller valley below.  One came so close, within 10 feet, that I felt I could have read a book by it.”  Jestingly, he added, “But not a scary one, of course; the UFO sighting was scary enough for me.”

Deciphering Answers

In his article, Beckley notes that “Several expeditions and months later, Lael discovered that by asking the lights questions, they (the entities behind the lights) would answer by either moving up and down for yes or back and forth for no.  After this form of communicating had been established, one of the light beings led Ralph Lael to an actual door of solid light which leads inside of Brown Mountain!”

Magical Mountain Gateways

Surprisingly, this type of etheric mountain entrance is nothing new.  Such doors and gates of light have been noted in the European Alps since the Middle Ages.  In Chapter 2, “Hidden Venus,” in my Venus Rising:  A Concise History of the Second Planet (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2015), I provide the readers with a detailed and erotic encounter enjoyed with an alien queen by a Teutonic knight, Tannhäuser (1200—1270), who fought valiantly in the Crusade of 1228-1229 and upon his return home was enticed by the goddess Venus to pass through a magic gate of light that instantaneously transported him deep inside an Alpine mountain.  There he remained as a lover of the enchanting Venus for one calendar year, helping her out with the many duties of supervising her realm, which she called “Venusberg,” a crystalline city of light.  But despite all the fantastic wonders of Venusberg and the unparalleled beauty of her reigning goddess, at the end of one year, our knight is pining to return to his natal land.  Venus reluctantly agrees to let him go, assured that his erotic desires for her would eventually lead him back.  

Buckaroo Banzai team members prep their jet car to drive it right through a mountain at the western end of Utah’s Salt Flats.  By creating a “Tannhäuser Gate” or 8th-dimensional force field in the front of the vehicle, the molecular structure of the car and its driver exist in a state of superimposition with the particles forming the mountain’s mass.  Photo source:  The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension (Sherwood Productions/20th Century Fox, Hollywood, California, 1984).

Another gentleman who passed through a door of light into a magic mountain was the Bolivian contactee Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens, a dear friend and fellow speaker at the annual summer “From Venus with Love” conferences sponsored by Rob Potter up in Mt. Shasta, California.  In his most recent book, The Dragon Seal (Los Angeles, California:  Sacred Dragon Publishing, 2021), Mostajo Maertens delves into his many contacts in Bolivia’s Andean range with sundry Ascended Masters from a higher dimension of Venus, but most particularly an entity known as Soromez, his initial contact and spiritual guide.  Soromez first introduced Mostajo Maertens to the Venusians’ subterranean Genesis Inner Retreat in the bowels of the sacred Sajama Mountain back in 1977.  Soromez, like Lady Venus with Tannhäuser, took Mostajo Maertens by the hand and simply walked him through a gate of light that just opened up on the side of the mountain. The Sajama is about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from his home in La Paz, and it was at this retreat where he met other members of one of the many councils of the Galactic Confederation of Light that inhabit it. Soromez also informed Mostajo Maertens that the Genesis Inner Retreat was the same Temple of the Seven Rays that he escorted the late astroarchaeologist Dr. George Hunt Williamson (1926-1986) and his companion, the latter-day prophetess Dorothy Martin, a.k.a. “Sister Thedra” (1900-1992), to back in 1956.   

Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens and dedicated seekers of illumination comfortably await the arrival of Venusian Ascended Masters passing through the face of the sacred Sajama Mountain in the Andean Range of Bolivia, about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from La Paz.  Photo source:  https://www.dailymotion.com.

Inside the Crystal Room

Once he passed through the door of light, Leal found himself in a room measuring 8 square feet, with the walls made of pure crystal, “as clear as glass,” according to the gentleman’s testimony to the ufologists.  Spotting a blurry image on the crystal walls, Leal put his face right up to the glassy surface, whence he was able to see in great clarity the whole Brown Mountain area for “miles and miles.” 

Suddenly, a loud voice rang out in the small room: “Do not fear.  There is no danger here!”  

The voice continued to explain to Leal the history of an alien race called the Pewam, from which some of Earth’s diverse peoples can claim as their ancient ancestors. The Pewam, it seems, inhabited a planet in our solar system that once was fixed in an orbit equidistant between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.  Unfortunately, the Pewam were scattered over various nation-states, with two superpowers among these that deployed nuclear weapons against each other, sadly resulting in the total destruction of their world.  Hence, our solar system now has a vast asteroid belt circling the Sun on the orbital path where Pewam’s planet once was positioned.  

The voice explained to Leal that he was telling him all of this so that he could relay this information about the Pewam and their exploded planet to the peoples of our world in order to help prevent this same type of nuclear destruction from taking place on Earth.  The voice also stated that he was a Venusian and that many of the Venusians, like some of the people of Earth, could claim Pewam ancestry:  “About two million years ago, there were small contingents of the Pewam living on Earth and Venus when their world, which was known as Maldek, blew up into smithereens,” the disembodied voice from Venus declared, adding that, “The Pewam at the time took note that the highest form of life on Earth seemed to be some proto-humans living in small grass huts along a river in the Olduvai Gorge on the eastern side of your African continent.”

“Rock on” at Brown Mountain with Ralph Leal, contactee, in his Outer Space Rock Shop and Museum in Morganton, North Carolina.  Photo taken by Georgia ufologist Allen H. Greenfield.

Venus in a Higher Dimension  

Leal did not know what to make of the invisible entity behind the voice.  The entity could sense that this contactee was getting nervous.  Leal was thinking that he was trapped inside some kind of cage with only a ghost for company.  That’s when the entity calmly said, “We are not bound to the surface of your world or ours.  We do not eat or drink, either, but live on a gas called ‘pethine,’ which we absorb from through the bright aura you see around us.  We could perish, however, in Earth’s less diffused atmosphere, if we stayed here too long in an un-transmogrified state.  We were once as you are now, physical beings, that is, but eons ago transferred to a higher dimensional plane of existence.”

“You see,” the entity continued, “We live on Venus, which is a much higher dimension is a planet of pure crystal, as you see surrounding you in this room.  Notice that the crystal is as clear as your air.  Venus is completely surrounded by water vapor about 150 miles above its surface. The pethine is trapped in the droplets of water vapor and is released and absorbed into our auric shells when we pass through the denser atmosphere of Venus.”

Return to Brown Mountain  

No sooner had the entity finished explaining about the Pewam connections to Earth and Venus than the mysterious being told Leal, “Now that you know about us, please come again to see us at this same location in one year’s time.  Goodbye for now, friend.”  At that, Leal suddenly found himself standing right outside the base of the mountain, staring at the solid rock with no light door in sight.

Exactly one year later, in October 1962, Leal returned to the same place at the base of the mountain.  After the light door opened, Leal was bid welcome by the disembodied voice of the entity and even offered a ride to Venus onboard a flying saucer parked in a vast hangar deeper inside Brown Mountain.  He gladly accepted, and then the entity lit up like a firefly from head to toe, revealing the presence of “one rather attractive woman named Noma, who was quite beautifully dressed in a bra and panties set,” assessed the boggle-eyed Leal of the Venusian beauty.

Noma said that she was a direct descendant of the Pewam and a queen among her peoples’ colony on Venus.   When Leal saw the parked saucer, he inquired of Noma, “Couldn’t we just walk through the light door and get to Venus a lot faster?

Noma replied, “I could, but you could not.  You have not yet developed as a species whose spirituality is advanced enough that you could accomplish this feat.  Many of the great avatars sent among you, like Jesus or Paramahansa Yogananda, could easily do it.  But you still have a lot of celestial evolution to go, collectively as a species, before more of you could successfully make such a trans-dimensional jump.”

Following Noma and Leal’s boarding of the flying saucer, they rendezvoused with a mothership about an hour and a half later, and then they were on their way to Venus, arriving in just two days’ time. While on Venus, the contactee was shown some three-dimensional newsreels in a Temple of History about life on the Pewams’ former home of Maldek and also some newsreels of Earth, taken by Venusian drones, or what ufologists then called “registered disks,” or what we now erroneously refer to as “tic-tacs.”  

The newsreels of Earth showed Russians banging their shoes and shouting at the “imperialist Yankees” during an assembly of the United Nations and various military ships and planes massing off the coasts of Cuba.  Leal thought the world was coming to an end and that the Venusians, for some reason unbeknownst to him, wanted to save him from the destruction resulting from World War III.  Maybe there would be a few survivors and they, like him, could start over in this paradise world.  All I can say about that is “Thank you, President John F. Kennedy, for saving the world!”

“We’ll nuke those commie bastards, Mr. President!”

On 6 October 1961, after attending a ballistic missile launch test and hearing military brass assess the Soviet threat, President John F. Kennedy rather pessimistically stated, “Americans ought to start building nuclear bomb shelters!”  Photo source:  Politico

Ufologists’ Appraisal

Noma then explained that the Pewams were just one of many tribes from all over the Milky Way Galaxy settled on Venus; and that the original inhabitants of that cloudy world were a form of super-sentient honey bee, each one some five to eight feet in length.  

Timothy Green Beckley felt the story was “unbelievable;” but he felt the same way about the Brown Mountain lights.  Leal told Beckley and the other two ufologists, “There are many things that I have seen and heard that I cannot reveal here because of my obligations to the Pewam people that I made during my several encounters.  Whether you believe or disbelieve what I have told you is of no importance.  But I admonish you and others now, those who have read these things, that you should have fervent love for the peoples of Earth and those inhabitants of the whole Universe!”

Damn good advice, I would say!  After all, can we really count on a president of the high caliber of John F. Kennedy coming along in our generation to pull our feet from the fire….?


(Editor’s comment:  Keep reading Cosmic Ray’s columns on this website as he picks up with his series on the “Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges,” Part XXXVIII, where he reveals what the late Assemblies of God minister from Van Nuys, California, explores what the Air Force claimed it knew about flying saucers back in the early 1970s. - Lon)



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