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Wednesday, April 12, 2023


A Las Vegas man is visiting his father in Marietta, Georgia. One night he notices strange lights in the forest behind the house, then blacks out. Eventually, he notices an implant in his arm that he cuts out.

December 27, 2011 - Will, then 16, had flown to Marietta, Georgia from Las Vegas to visit his father for Christmas. He arrived at the airport at 9:30PM – 10:00 PM and his father picked him up. Back at his house, they decided to clean up and go to bed as it was late.

Will was sleeping on the couch in the living room. There was a window allowing Will to see the backyard and the three miles of the forest behind his father's house. At around midnight, Will was laying on the couch reading a book when something caught his eye.

“I'm looking out the windows because I noticed these three lights. They're just like real faint. It's kind of out in the woods and I just kind of brushed it off. I thought they were, like, fireflies or something. I mean that's kind of weird since there are usually no fireflies in the middle of December but, anyways, I just kind of shrugged it off. They're moving. It wasn't like they were moving quickly, they were floating pretty slowly, kind of taking their time, really kind of wobbling. From far away I could tell, like, maybe they were 10 to 15 feet off the forest floor.

It's a pretty clear night and they start getting progressively closer and kind of realized that I'm not able to look away from these things, you know, I was just kind of mesmerized and I could not avert my eyes. These things started getting really close, I mean to the point where they're, you know, 10 to 15 feet from the backyard gate area. At that point, I'm like, you know, man, I don't know what these things are but they're kind of freaking me out and I'm very very afraid. I'm almost gripped with fear. I couldn't move. I couldn't look away and then these things floated over the backyard gate.

It was kind of at that moment that I knew that this wasn't something normal, you know, it's not bugs or anything like that and they proceeded to float up to the bay window area, literally, right outside the window, and began to bob up and down and I mean there were about, like, it's like basketball-sized, almost translucent. They were like a very vibrant green. I mean they were, they're absolutely beautiful. They were really freaky to look at. I mean I've never seen anything like it. The closest thing I could describe it to would be like like a firefly, just that type of glow kind. I have no idea what it was but it was just, it was very eerie. These things begin to bob up and down. It started out slowly and it was a real random pattern, I mean like two of them would go up at the same time, you know, one of them would drop down, that sort of thing. Progressively this got faster and faster and at some point, I blacked out. I have no idea what happened after that. I had been sitting on the couch which was, I don't know, maybe five-six feet from the window.”

His next memory was waking up on the couch. It was now morning.

“I had a horrible migraine but I had actually a pretty serious pain in my left forearm. I was looking at it. It wasn't swollen or anything but kind of up by the palm of my hand, there was a small bluish kind of silver-looking metal object that was, I don't know, I'd say about three or four centimeters out of my skin, that wasn't raised or anything but it was never there before and, you know, my forearm hurt hell. That was concerning.

I was back in Vegas. I'd say this is maybe four or five years after the event and I was just out for a night hike. We've got a cool area out here called Calico Basin and it's like right before you get into Red Rock Canyon. I was just out there on a night hike. It was about the same time actually, November / December and I was just summiting one of those little mountains out there and, you know, I was just kind of admiring stars because like one of the only clear places in Vegas where you can look at the sky.

I was looking up and I saw this little green light just kind of up in the sky. I just thought it was an airplane or something. There are always green lights in the sky but it wasn't moving I looked at this thing for five-ten minutes and it hadn't budged so I started getting kind of freaked out again. I need to get out of here, so I booked it down the trail toward home.

A couple of days later, I got some forceps and a little Exacto knife and I cut this little thing on my arm. It was difficult to remove. I've had little bits of steel, and a little bit of carbon fiber under my skin before and you know they're relatively easy to pull out. But this was almost impossible. There were a ton of fibers that had grown around this thing and it did not budge. Eventually, I was able to cut it around it enough and pull it out and it was the weirdest thing, I mean it was really hard, kind of like steel but it was like blueish silver still but it almost had like a dark gray patina around it.”

Source: “SC EP:547 Tree Jumping Creature”. Sasquatch Chronicles. sasquatchchronicles.com/sc-ep547-tree-jumping-creature/



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I received correspondence in May 2012. It was forwarded by 'John' a retired Federal employee who lives in northern Nevada and who wished to remain anonymous.

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