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Monday, April 24, 2023

Disney World BLACK-EYED KID...the 'Happiest Place on Earth'

The eyewitness and his family were at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. While waiting in line, the little brother freaks out after looking at the little girl in front of him. He called her an 'alien demon.'

“Several years ago, I went to Disney World in Florida with my family. I was 17 at the time and it was me, my mom, my dad's older sister, and my 5-year-old brother. It was a blistering summer day in late August of 2006. We had been to Disney World a few times and knew what to expect: long lines, miserably hot weather, and overpriced items, but, hey, we were at Disney World.

So we were waiting in line for a ride called 'Dinosaur in the Animal Kingdom.' We had just joined the back of a long line and knew that it could be a 15 to 20-minute wait. Ahead of us, a man was holding his daughter's hand. They were unusually quiet. Very patient compared to the rest of the families ahead of them. We could hear screams of excitement coming from the ride and the rides all around us. The anticipation building. I'm standing there, distracted by all the sights and sounds around us, grabbing a splash of warm water every moment or so, almost in a daze. Without warning, my brother lets out a blood-curdling scream. Now I've heard my brother scream before when he's thrown a tantrum or when he got stung by a bee or something. This was different. It was a scream of absolute fear.

I broke out of my frozen gaze and looked down to see my little brother staring straight ahead. He was staring at the little girl who was holding her father's hand. Immediately I knew what made him scream, it was the little girl's eyes. They met mine and she cracked the evilest smile I had ever seen. But the smile wasn't the scary part. It was her eyes. They were obsidian. Polished black in color and not just the iris but the entire eyeball. Her dark eyes narrowed. She turned back around to face forward. By this point, my parents bent down to examine my little brother and comfort him. Every pair of eyes in the park was now staring at us but the terrified expression on my little brother's face didn't change. It stayed that way for a moment or so. That's when the tears came. My mother prompted us to head back to our hotel room immediately. So we did. But before we parted, I looked back at the father and the little girl, and nothing. Poof, they were gone. I scanned the surrounding crowd and there was no sign of them.

After the initial shock wore off then the questions came. My family took turns asking him what happened. My little brother couldn't find the words to describe what he saw and felt that day, so I did it for him. But my parents responded in complete disbelief as I knew they probably would. They just brushed it off and decided to take my little brother to see a doctor and everything was checked out.

It wasn't until years later that he opened up about his experience to my parents. He told them what he had seen. He described it as an alien demon. When asked how he knew what it was, he just simply explained: “Her eyes told me so.” Our shared experience lead us to begin doing some research. What we found both disturbed and comforted us. It was disturbing to know that we were not the only ones to have seen these creepy black-eyed children. It's disturbing to know how common people report seeing them. So many people have been terrorized by these things. I can't even call them children. I will never stop looking for answers.”



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A Paranormal Life welcomes Steve Stockton, paranormal researcher, and author. Bernadette McDaniel (Host)

Steve Stockton is a veteran outdoorsman and paranormal researcher, who puts together collections of terrifying, odd, and strange encounters. He also references his own personal encounters with the unexplained. Steve studied English language at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and lives in Portland, Oregon. His books include 'Strange Things In The Woods: A Collection of Terrifying Tales' & 'My Strange World'. His most recent series is titled 'National Park Mysteries & Disappearances.'

From his early years, Steve has had what can be called strange and, oftentimes, frightening experiences with the paranormal and unexplained. These encounters led him to search for the answers, only to discover the truth isn’t easy to find. His book 'My Strange World' is a collection of Steve’s encounters from his personal life, as well as his life as a renowned paranormal researcher. If you like scary stories and to take a trip down the road of the unexplained and bizarre, then buckle up and get ready to dive into the strange world of Steve Stockton.

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Featured in this edition:

In mid-2017, and then continuing into 2018,  various neighborhoods in Chicago (EX. Little Village & Lincoln Park) begin to experience multiple sightings & encounters. As the incidents start to spread throughout the Chicagoland region, more reports of high strangeness come to light. This presentation will cover the bizarre characteristics of these winged humanoids. The following video (next week) will detail synchronicities & more curious aspects of the phenomenon that continued in 2018.

The winged humanoid was first dubbed the 'Chicago Phantom,' but the media and the internet preferred the moniker 'Chicago Mothman.' 

I will describe the reports and incidents in detail and answer all questions from the chat room.






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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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