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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Did Deer Hunter Encounter a CLOAKED OR INVISIBLE BIGFOOT in Southeast Ohio?

While deer hunting in a thick hollow in southeast Ohio, the witness hears something heavily walking bipedally near him through the dry leaves. But he never sees anything.

"I live in southeast Michigan in northern Macomb County but used to hunt in Tar Hollow State Forest in Southeast Ohio from 2000-2008. On the last hunt of one of our trips, I decided to go all the down to the bottom of the hollow and check it out. I was told the wind swirls in the bottoms and it's better to stay out of them. There were so many big buck signs down there that I could help myself. I didn't have a tree to set up for my saddle so I had my climber on my back. I set it up, climbed up 16 to 20 feet or so, pulled my bow up, and started my last hunt for the 10-day trip.

As the evening set in and the wind settled down to almost nothing. I heard what I thought was a deer coming toward me. Mind you, it was wide-open hardwoods and I could see at least a hundred yards in every direction. There was a very thick bed of dead leaves on the forest floor. They were very loud to walk through even for the deer.

As the deer was approaching I heard something with very loud footsteps getting closer. It sounded like a person walking through the leaves, not a four-legged deer. The thought of Sasquatch was not on my radar at the time and I was one and a half miles from any road. So the chances of it being a person were slim. I thought for sure a deer was going to come into view at any second. The sound was now right next to my tree. Well, it didn't show itself. I was straining to see whatever was making the noise without moving too much so as to not get busted if it was a big buck. I could see the leaves moving where whatever this was was walking. How insane is that! I could see the leaves moving where this was walking but there was nothing there to be seen. Just crunch, crunch, crunch. I didn't know what to do.

I was kind of freaking out. Whatever it was kept on going and the sound of crunching leaves got quieter and quieter until it was obviously far enough away to where I couldn't hear it anymore. It went in the same direction that I had to take to get out of there. I stayed in my stand for another half hour and finally managed up the courage to get down and get out of there before it was pitch black out.

The entire walkout was the most terrifying moment of my life. I told my dad and my buddy Candy what happened and they just blew it off. I can't blame them as they didn't experience it. 

I had one strange thing happen previous to that incident. I was around nine years old. My uncle Kelly and I were walking up to the gas station at the corner of Baker Road and 23 Mile Road in New Baltimore, Michigan. This is back when Baker Road was all dirt. It's now a subdivision. Anyhow there is an 'S' curve in the road because the Salt River Runs next to the road. As we round to the last part of the 'S' curve we're now in the half-mile-long straightaway that would take us to the trail that cuts through the field to get to the gas station.

I looked up and crossing the road right above where the trail to the store was I saw two upright all-black 'people.' I would say walking left to right across the big road. One was tall, and one was short. They spotted us and stopped in the middle of the road, spun around, and went back the way they came. The only thing was the little one dropped to all fours and ran back as the tall one stayed up on two legs. This freaked me out bad. I thought my uncle was messing with me by having a couple of his friends do this to scare me. But he swore up and down that was not the case.

We never made it to the store. We turned around and went back to my grandparent's house. One other time I was hunting on our deer lease in the thumb of Michigan. I was 22 years old. I believe there were acorns hitting me while I was in my tree stand. They were coming at an arching angle like they were being thrown. I didn't think much of it until I heard everyone else's stories. I still hunt to this day although I may wait until I can see a little before setting out. Going out early and sitting an hour in the dark isn't an option for me anymore" DF

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lewMIH4mVxQ

NOTE: This image was captured in southeast Ohio a few years ago. Was this a cloaked Bigfoot? Lon



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