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Friday, April 07, 2023

Deer Hunter Encounters SKINNED MAN Walking in Louisiana Bayou

Two friends are deer hunting in southern Louisiana. When they eventually meet up, the one hunter is in shock after witnessing a 'skinned man' walking through the bayou. Weird account!

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This event happen to me and a friend from out of town that I had invited to go hunting one afternoon. This location was in southern Louisiana in an area with thick woods and a lot of palmettos up to 6 feet in height in some places. The water we had to walk in to get to my deer stands was up to our waist at times, so it was slow moving in the mile we had to walk to our deer stands. My friend wasn't used to this tough terrain but he kept up and when I got to the first stand which was 15’ off the ground with a ladder to climb. Once he was up I told him I would be by to pick him up about a half hour after dark since I was a half mile past him.

There was a full moon that was reflecting off the water allowing us to hunt a few minutes longer. When it became too dark to see I climb down from my deer stand with my rifle on my shoulder and started walking slowly toward my friend to pick him up. When I was almost to his stand I shined my light up and he wasn't on the stand. So I shined my light on the ground at the bottom of the stand and there he was leaning back against the tree. What was odd he wouldn't look my way even after me calling his name. So I walked up to him within a couple feet and asked if he was ready to go. That's when he finally turned his head and looked toward me and what I saw in his face scared me so bad that I took my rifle off my shoulder, putting it between me and him. His eyes were rolled back in his head and his mouth was wide open just looking at me not saying a word and not answering me. When I was asking what was wrong. He's looking at me as if he was possessed or something.

At this point I was scared, so I finally slapped his face and he snapped back to himself. I asked if he was ok his only words were let's get out of here now. So with me not knowing WTF was going on, I made him walk in front of me the whole way back to the truck. We got in and left without saying a word I asked him what happen in the woods and why did he look shocked are possessed and that's when he started crying and telling me how he was sitting there on the stand when he heard something coming through the water moving palmettos as it was walking. When it got close enough to see what it was he said it was a man that looked like he had been skinned alive! He had no skin at all on him! He said he was so scared that after this thing had passed him he climbs down and hid under the stand against the tree so it wouldn't see him if it came back. He was in shock when I got to him. That's why he looked like he did. He was so shaken up and crying that I made him pull over for me to drive.

Well, a week went by and I was talking to my cousin who had gone on a tour at a nearby Indian memorial and they were explaining how this Indian tribe would skin men of the tribe alive and turn them loose in the woods when they had committed a serious crime. My friend who had witnessed this skinned man a week earlier wasn't from around this area and had no way of knowing this. So what did he see that put him in shock? Was it a ghost of one of these Indians who was skinned alive years ago? I don't know. I just know the shape my friend was in when I got to him that night in the woods was something I'll never forget." OA



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