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Saturday, April 08, 2023

BLACK FEATURELESS HUMANOID Observed at U.S. Naval Submarine Base (PHOTOS)

A Marine Corps Security Force member recalls an incident while he was guarding a tactical weapons area. What he and others witnessed was a black featureless humanoid that set off alarms.

The following account was forwarded to me by my friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"I was stationed on a Navy submarine base from 1987-89. I was part of the Marine Corps Security Force team and our job was to protect certain tactical weapons. I had a few “odd” experiences during my 2 years there.

The main area we guarded was 3 square miles, surrounded by 2 rows of chain link fences that were separated by 50 feet and topped with razor wire. “The wire” as we called it, was broken up into 50-foot sections, each section was numbered and had multiple sensors that triggered alarms. There were stadium-type lights that faced out of “the wire” so the entire inside was almost pitch black and the outside BRIGHTLY lit up. The dense tree line outside was cleared back about 100 yards. There were 3, 60-foot towers -(picture an aircraft control tower) with a searchlight on top, bulletproof glass, gun ports on all 4 sides, a locked door at the base, spiral stairs, and a trapdoor up top made of bulletproof metal with a gun port. I’m 5’1” and had to stand on the heater box to see out the windows as the bottom of the glass was 5’.

We were locked and loaded at all times while on duty as it was a live fire-restricted area (come over the fence = you WILL get shot). I was on 12-4 duty in one of these towers the night this happened.

A sensor tripped and I investigated with my binoculars. I saw a person standing outside the first wire but I couldn’t see any features, just a silhouette of what looked like a lost hunter, which happened occasionally. I figured he looked like this due to him being close to the wire and the lights shining past him. I radioed to control that there was someone outside the wire and a mobile was dispatched. Mobiles are a truck with 2 Marines (alpha-driver/bravo-passenger).

I jumped back up on the heater and watched the mobile approach and deploy the bravo in the shadows and the alpha drove closer and turned on its lights (we drove without headlights so as not to give away our position). When he turned the lights on, the guy wasn’t there. I had been paying attention to the mobile and the deployment, not what I should have been doing. The alpha and bravo searched the area with a spotlight and radioed command “clear.” The mobile then drove to my tower. As soon as it stopped, the alarm triggered again in the same spot. I could see the alpha look over and could tell that he saw the guy. The mobile raced back to the wire and I kept my bino on the guy this time. Right when the alpha turned on his lights, the guy disappeared. I was in disbelief.

The mobile came back to my tower and instead of broadcasting on the radio, we spoke through a tower gunport, me yelling down and then moving my ear to hear. We were discussing what we each saw when the alarm triggered again. The alpha yelled up that he saw him and took off. I jumped back up on the heater and I was locked on the guy! This time when he hit the lights the guy stayed for a fraction of a second, then he wasn’t there.

What I saw in that brief moment was what looked like a dark shadow of a person. No face, texture, or anything discernible, just flat black. The mobile came back to my tower and we did the gun port thing-going over what we each saw. The rest of that shift was one of the tensest times I ever had. I was constantly watching that area and hoping to not see anything.

When we got off duty, the mobile and I were pulled into the corporal's room and asked what was going on. We were all hesitant to say anything but the corporal let us know that he’d seen his fair share of odd stuff at this duty station. We told him what had happened and he said he’d cover it in the report (everything was logged!). As we were finishing up, the corporal pulled me aside and said “You know, I just realized. The lights hit the bottom of the outside fence so it couldn’t be he was dark because of being back-lit.” We both got the shivers and nothing was ever brought up “officially” about it again.

There were plenty of guys that had things happen to them, several that I was witness to."


Echo 4 Lima

USMC, f.a.d. 86-90



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