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Friday, March 17, 2023

UFO, GREY ALIEN, & BIGFOOT Converge at Cabin Near Missoula, Montana

This incident occurred in 1999 in Missoula, Montana. The witness, Sue Van Clef, and her brother, Steve, and some friends, Edmund and Brent, had been invited to spend a week at a posh log cabin in Missoula. Their friend Jason had been getting serious about a girl named Tracy and it was she who invited them all to stay at her cabin, which overlooked the valleys. 

On the first night, after dinner, at around 8:30 PM, while sitting outside chatting, drinking coffee, and watching the sun go down, they all noticed a strange object in the sky. Sue states:

“Right there hovering above the meadow at almost the level of the hills, off in the distance, it appeared to be a triangular shape/sphere-shaped like an arrowhead. It had a flashing red light at each point and they flashed at the same time. Slowly the craft started turning until it was pointing right in our direction. We all squealed with nervousness. We all convinced ourselves and each other that it was much too far away and there was no way it could see us."

"Jason got up and turned the outside lights off. The object turned off its lights. When Jason turned them back on again, it did, as well. They did this a few more times with the craft always copying their actions. Then with no warning, it just shot forward and then came to a dead stop overtop of us and when it stopped that quickly it seemed that the momentum made the front end point downwards right at us.”

Terrified, they all rushed into the house and ran around shutting off the lights, locking the doors, and closing the windows and curtains. They had left the coffee plate outside and after some coaxing, Sue and another girl went out to get it. That is when they noticed the plate and the coffee was gone. The cream, sugar, and coffee tins were now empty. They went back inside. They played Monopoly to take their minds off of it.

One of the friends, Brent, went to the kitchen sink and glanced out an opening in the curtain. He screeched, “Oh my God!” and then jumped back. He insisted that he had seen some kind of creature looking in the window (years later, he admitted that he thought it was a Sasquatch but was hesitant to mention it). The friends looked but saw nothing. Later that evening, Sue joined her friends upstairs where they heard what sounded like footsteps on the roof.

“Clear as day I could hear footsteps... not heavy by any means but clear bipedal steps running back and forth like there were almost six to eight kids running around on the roof.”

Everyone agreed to sleep downstairs.

The next morning, Steve and Edmund headed off to fish at the river. Tracy and Jason went upstairs to nap. Downstairs while sitting on the porch with Sue, Brent noticed something in the tree line, watching them and moving around. Sue could not see it when she looked. Brent retrieved a mirror and then had Sue turn around. He then told her to hold the mirror out and look.

“I saw as clear as day what is commonly called a Gray alien. Its big bulbous head was peeking out from behind a tree and I saw its dark almond-shaped eyes and the tiny nose with two very small holes. I'm not sure if it felt me looking at it but it slowly moved back behind the tree.”

Around that time, Edmund and Steve came rushing back insisting that everyone get back in the house, that they had observed a Bigfoot. They revealed that while going to the river to fish, they were followed by something in the woods that matched their footsteps. Once at the river, they caught a large number of fish. When they thought they might be at their limit, they noticed that the basket of fish was empty. They assumed a grizzly had been there and so they began to walk back to the cabin.

“40 feet into the woods of mainly ponderosa pine, they saw the Bigfoot. It walked step by step with them and then it looked over at them and it realized they were watching it. That's when it started walking towards them. They started running and they saw that it was walking as quickly as they ran. When they made it through the woods they got to the clearing they ran with everything they had. They said it was dark brown in color and maybe seven feet tall. Its hair was bushy in spots.”

In the years since Sue and the others believed that the triangular object might have dropped off the alien but they weren't sure about the Bigfoot and assumed it was a coincidence. They returned to the cabin in 2003 when Tracy and Jason got married. They had no further incidents.

Source: [Cryptids Canada (podcast), from a video titled “CC EPISODE 479 VACATION RUINED BYBIGFOOT AND ALIENS” Uploaded 14 Dec 2022]



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