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Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Taiwanese Mother & Daughter SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR After Exiting Elevator - STILL MISSING After 14 Years

A Taiwanese mother and her young daughter suddenly disappear without a trace in the Yuan Lin Financial Building in Zhanghua, Taiwan. After a decade, there have been no leads.

The following case was recently brought to my attention. It has an eerie similarity to the Elisa Lam disappearance and death investigation in Los Angeles, CA:

"There seems to be not a lot of material on this one. I was able to find an English source and a Vietnamese source. However, the English source took its information from another Vietnamese source so we effectively only have Vietnamese sources. All sources are dated 2020, perhaps the case resurfaced and multiple news sites just recycle each other articles. The pictures do collaborate to make the story seems legit enough. The source of the pictures is cited to be from 'ET Today,' a Taiwanese newspaper. Since I don’t know Chinese, I can’t really say much about the authenticity of this newspaper. If anyone can find any more information on the case, please share.

On January 20, 2008, a mysterious case of a missing person in Taiwan. A 37 years old woman named Liu and her 4-year-old daughter went to the Yuan Lin Financial Building in Zhanghua, Taiwan. They both entered the elevator of the building only to be never been seen again.

The disappearance appears to be big news in Taiwan. According to the testimony of the building manager, it was late at night and the woman appeared to be confused. Both the mother and the daughter were wearing red jackets. The manager was suspicious and did not want to let them enter the building. However, the woman said she came looking for a friend and quickly went into the elevator with her daughter. The next morning, the manager did not see the two leave the building.

Suspecting Ms. Liu went to the building to commit suicide, he checked the cameras in the building. According to the camera footage, Ms. Liu entered the elevator looking very frightened and nervous. When the elevator doors shut, the woman suddenly removed the red jackets that she and her daughter were wearing, they even took off their shoes. The woman then dashed out of the elevator with her daughter and went out of sight of the camera.

The manager suspected Ms. Liu wanted to jump off the building to commit suicide since she took off her shoes. However, the fact that she took off the jackets as well was puzzling so the man called the police.

After reviewing the footage of the camera, the police believed there was a high chance that the two committed suicide so they immediately conducted a search around the building. Dozens of officers were mobilized but there was no trace of the two missing persons or any related evidence. The police also asked everyone who entered and exited the building yet no one saw Ms. Liu or her daughter. It was also possible that Ms.Liu changed her mind and decided to commit suicide by hanging or cutting her wrist so the police widen the search of the inside of the building as well. They even checked the water tank and the water pipes yet still no trace of the two was found.

After the news went out, a man who claimed to be Ms.Liu’s husband contacted the police. The man said they had 4 children together and have been separated for a year. Ms. Liu was raising the 4 children while the husband was paying for child support. When she left home, Ms. Liu said to her older daughter (who was in the 6th grade at the time) that she was taking the youngest daughter (the one that appeared in the camera footage) to the place of a relative for a few days. With little to go on, the missing case was closed after 10 years.

10 years later, Ms. Liu’s eldest daughter once again spoke in front of the media. She said that her mother was a very religious person. This sparked some theories of the supernatural since the Taiwanese believe that the color red attracts ghosts and spirits. The two of them wearing red in the middle of the night was certainly an intriguing detail. Since then, the building has become famous. Some local residents said that the building brings bad luck since no business has been able to thrive here." JI

Other Sources:

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NOTE: Has anyone heard about this case? Lon


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