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Tuesday, March 07, 2023

STRANGE LIGHTS Recorded Over Apache Junction, Arizona (VIDEO)

On February 10, 2022, Youtuber, El Jeffe Lefty, recorded some amazing footage of objects hovering in the evening sky. In his description for the video, which he uploaded on February 14, 2022, he wrote:

“Was way out east in Apache Junction when I saw these lights over the valley.”

The video seems to show what appears initially to be three lights. They drift about very slowly, moving up and down. Eventually a fourth appears. Followed by a fifth which is very faint. And then a sixth. At least two of the objects come very close to each other, brightening as they do. It appears almost like a dance in the sky amongst these objects.

Interestingly, others chimed in with their own sightings of similar crafts:

“Saw this in southern California, up in Rancho Palos Verdes in Jan of 2020,” wrote Jessi Leeanne. “It was the buzz of next door. Got it on film too. Officials said they were helicopters. What I saw moved in ways a helicopter could never. We were buzzed by black no logos and sheriff's helicopters on the hill. They stayed stationary and just flew in circles above us. When stationary they were facing those lights in the sky. This went on two nights in a row.”

Another person using the name SSGUSA wrote:

“Same thing I saw for over an hour in Afghanistan in February 2010. Then again at Ft. Lewis, Washington in 2012. Again in 2017 over Tacoma. Always with other witnesses. When I asked our S2 (Intelligence) about them I was told I didn’t see them.”

User, Ben, wrote:

“Same from eastern Belgium on the last days of November last year. Behavior was only slightly different but also five orangish lights doing slow movements in all directions, vanishing and reappearing for two hours. Had the luxury of watching them with binocs at various magnifications, only dots because of size and/or distance. They were in the northeast and the next day I found a video of a single orange light filmed over Germany, in a city that was precisely in the northeast and at the distance, I had estimated for the UFOs. By the way, "officials" telling stupid lies and nonsense about UFOs has been a disgrace for many decades, I can't stand that anymore.”

“That’s the same thing I saw over Camp Pendleton in 2020,” wrote Jason Solis. “We were hiking in the field and we all stopped as this was overhead. None of my instructors knew what it was and we all just speculated. Pretty strange and I feel like I'm crazy if I say anything, I worked in aviation and that’s not like anything I’ve ever seen. Although I’m not that knowledgeable.”

No surprise, the skeptics joined the discussion chiming in with the usual explanation stand–by–flares, followed by the predictable backslapping from other skeptics. Thankfully people were quick to point out that flares don't burn the way the objects in the video do. Nor do flares explain how the objects seem to be interacting with each other.

Another suggested that they were just planes coming in to land:

“It looks like there's a bunch of planes waiting to land. see it all the time outside O'Hare,” wrote Matt Majcan.

Another user, Ron Wade, pointed out:

“While Sky Harbor is west of his location, commercial airliners also have navigation lights that strobe both red and green. These are not military flares and surely don't look to be descending into Sky Harbor.”

Another user pointed out that the person filming isn't “freaking out” suggesting, somehow, that this proves that they must be hoaxing:

“Anybody else finds it strange that whoever is filming this isn't freaking out. If it were me filming what I thought was a UFO in the sky I wouldn't be able to hold the phone so steady. It's almost like his phone is on a tripod. That would be a strange coincidence, don't you think?” noted a user named dripping silence. Granted, had he been shaky and “freaking out”, no doubt the same skeptic would deem it fake based on those parameters."

Thankfully, El Jeffe Lefty himself opted to respond: 

“Well as the person filming, I can tell you that I record entire concerts holding my phone without shaking. They were lights in the sky, probably 30 miles away as best I could tell. From that distance, it could be literally anything so I wasn’t jumping to conclusions about UFOs. Some people do have the ability to be calm and rational in real life. I never said in the video title or description anything about UFOs, only mentioned“lights.”

Transcribed Source: Lefty, El Jeffe. “Lights Over Phoenix 2-10-2022”. El Jeffe Lefty. 14 Feb 2022. 


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