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Tuesday, March 07, 2023

SASQUATCH PAIR Follow Four-Wheelers Back to Otsego County, Michigan Cabin (VIDEO)

Eyewitness describes, in a video, the frightening encounter he and his daughters had while riding four-wheelers in the deep woods of Vanderbilt, Michigan back in 2017.

“I'm up north and this is northern Michigan and anybody who knows anything about Michigan, once you get past the center of Michigan, it's pretty much all wilderness up until you get to Canada.

So my wife's family, has a cabin probably three hours north of where we live, in a place called Vanderbilt, a very small little village. Their place is way out in the sticks. There's one street. And the street is maybe a mile long and there are six houses on the whole street. So it's a small cabin and it sits on maybe close to 70 acres but it's all wooded - just totally wooded. So the next neighbor is close but then after that, you know, you're probably about, a half mile before you get to the next person.

So we're up there on four-wheelers. We go up there, take the four-wheelers, take a bunch of gas, and we ride... like the whole family. So this one time, I don't know what in the hell possessed me to do this but five o'clock or six o'clock up there is not like it is when you're in a city because there are no street lights and you're totally in the forest. So I've ridden it. I have been going up there for damn near 15 to 20 years by this time and had not seen anything, had not heard anything. There was no indication that anything sketchy at all would be going on.

So I get my daughters, two of my daughters. So we jump on our wheels and my thing is this is like you take a main road down probably a mile and then you turn and you go on a dirt road and then you take that road around. Then you're going to the wood and then there are things called two tracks and this. It's kind of a place where there's enough area for one vehicle, or one four-wheeler, or whatever, and then that's where you hit all the trails.

So as we're on the main road or whatever, it's still pretty open because it's a paved road and it's two lanes, one going each way. It's pretty wide open and it's not that dark, you know, but the lights of the four-wheelers are on. So we go we make the left and we get on the dirt road. This is a main kind of what you'd consider a main road there. It's not technically inside the wood where the two-track is so it's a place where you could drive a truck or a car whatever. 

So we make those first couple of turns going back there before even getting really into the woods. In the two tracks, it's like it went from five to six o'clock to midnight immediately. I'm like, 'Oh no, this is a bad idea.' I started to feel really funny, so I stopped my daughters and I'm like, 'Nope, turn around!' I allow both of them to go in front of me and turn around and I turn around last and I tell them, 'Nope, just keep going right on back to the cabin!'

So we're on like, we're not even five to ten minutes from the cabin. So we turn around and we start heading back to the cabin and as we head back and I'm in back there and they're in front, both of them. I look to my left and here's what's really weird and kind of how I don't know, how your mind works when you see something that you just, you don't really know what you're seeing. Your mind can't process it. I look over and the only thing I can think of is just two people on horses because that's the only thing that my mind could process, a human figure being that tall. Somebody would have to be sitting on top of a horse.

That was the first thing my mind processed and they're just standing still, not moving one muscle. Two of them. One is clearly taller than the other by almost a foot. So I'm looking at them. I don't see the back part of the horses at all but their hair is so long it's like a horse's mane but it's all over and they're just standing there. I just freaked out because I'm back here in the dark and now my mind is playing tricks on me. So I keep going.

We zoom back to the cabin. It's probably 10:00 PM. Fifteen relatives were there. They're all sitting around the fire outside, you know, drinking, whatever, telling stories, having a good time and we got like five dogs with us because it's three or four families. I think I had two dogs at the time.

So we get back and I'm sitting around, of course, telling the story about how that was the worst idea ever because we turned two corners and we were in complete darkness and how I would never ever do anything that stupid again.

We're sitting around and my back is to the cabin and I'm facing the woods. All of a sudden, all of the dogs started to go completely bonkers. They're running around in circles, peeing on themselves, barking. I mean barking, but totally scared. No bark of aggression at all. I mean absolutely totally, they're all going so crazy that everybody corrals their dogs and they had to put their dogs in the cabin and the dogs are still going crazy. They just will not stop. So I'm like, 'What the heck is going on?' And my dog, rest in peace, Nala, she's right next to me but she's just going in circles, going in circles, going in circles and I'm like, 'What's wrong? Relax. Relax. Relax.'

So I look straight ahead in the woods and what I see, and this is how I processed it, I see glowing yellow eyes, two sets. One was probably 11 feet tall and one was probably 12 feet tall and the only reference I have is I coach basketball. I coached basketball for 20 years so I know what 10 feet tall looks like and I know one was 11 feet and one was 12 feet. So I say to myself this must be two owls in the trees. 'Wow, owls... their eyes would be like, you know, close together if it's an owl. These are this far apart (uses fingers to show width) and so I just started to look and I see them blink. I see one of the sets of eyes blink and then it dawns on me what the dogs are afraid of and what they saw and I believe that those same two Sasquatch that I had just seen when we rode around the corner coming back. Those two had covered the distance in roughly minutes to get where they were and they were just outside of our fire and everything else but they were legit right there watching us and that's why the dogs went absolutely berserk because they also saw the same two Sasquatch that I saw up north in Vanderbilt, Michigan."


NOTE: Interestingly, just one year before his encounter, a person hiking in the woods near Vanderbilt, Michigan described hearing very strange sounds. Lon


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