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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Multiple SCREAMING BIGFOOT Encounters Reported by Hunters at Carson Lake, Colorado

Two Colorado hunters set up camp along Carson Lake in Grand Mesa. While setting up, they start to hear high-pitched, continuous screams from across the lake that seems to be getting closer.

I recently received the following account:

"This incident occurred at Carson Lake in the Grand Mesa National Forest of Colorado. The lake sits on the edge of what is called Lands Edge on the Grand Mesa. A friend and I were hunting. We had hiked down the Khanna Creek Trail to look for game. We had spent most of the day on a stand.

We made our way back to my truck but decided to stay the night so we could hunt in the early morning and then go home. We were getting things set up for camp, building a fire, and getting food out to cook. I had a pop-up camper and I had just got it up and situated when my friend said, "What the heck is that sound?' He had never spent as much time in the woods as I had so he was freaked out instantly. I came out of the camper and asked him what was the problem. That is when I heard it.

It's hard to explain how it sounded. It was a high-pitched, but deep, scream that lasted for long periods off and on. The sound goes up and down in volume. Whatever it was sounded angry for some reason. At first, I didn't give it much thought. I had heard mountain lion screams and that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. But this sound went on and on, pausing for short moments as if to catch its breath.

My friend was really freaked out now. I said to him it's just a lion or two lions across the lake. This did not calm him down much. I had my sidearm on me so I pulled it out and shot off a round in the air during the screaming. Then it was silent. I told him I scared it away. I started to go about getting food out so we could eat.

The daylight was fading to the point where you can't quite see details across the lake. But you can still see movement and other features. About a minute after firing off the round in the air, the screaming started again. This time it was closer, but still across the lake. It seemed more pissed off, as if it was very mad we were here. We could hear the brush shaking and raking but we could not see it, but just hear it. Now I'm getting freaked out because of what just happened. It was coming closer. You would think that a gunshot would scare game away, not bring it in closer.

My friend is really getting freaked out and wants to leave immediately. I tell him we have high-powered rifles and we will be safe. The whole time we're talking about leaving the screaming is going on.

I eventually gave in to him wanting to leave and started to pack up camp. This took some time for us to do maybe 10 minutes or so. During this time the screaming continued. We got everything loaded up in a hurry, buttoned up the camper, and got in the truck. I started it up and left. It was now dark and the headlights were the only lights beside the stars. The drive up and out of the lake had a few switchbacks. I stopped at one to see if the screaming was still going on. It was not. We drove out of there and down the mountain, not saying a word.

We had stopped to get a bite to eat. We felt unsure of what we had experienced. Both of us decided not to say anything to anyone. I know I didn't say anything to anyone for a very long time I am unsure if my friend has said anything to anyone. I have watched shows on TV about Bigfoot since then. Some of the shows had recorded sounds of what they said was a Bigfoot. To me, it sounded like what I had heard at the lake.

I have a friend that had a similar experience in this same area at a later time. My friend said it was at night when he saw something tall and large cross the road. Also, during the day, he found some very large tracks. Some other friends said that they heard some screaming that sounded a lot like what I described in the area. They didn't tell the rest of the hunting party about what they heard until later when the rest of them heard these screams in the middle of the night. It was loud enough to wake them up.

The Grand Mesa, Colorado area has had a lot of strange happenings and vocalizations. A follow-up investigation by a BFRO investigator stated that many reports have been made from the general area."JJ



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