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Friday, March 24, 2023

MEN IN BLACK Approach & Intimidate California UFO Experiencer

The experiencer describes an encounter with two Men in Black, the day after he and others had observed various UFOs in Joshua Tree National Park. He was intimidated by the incident.

"My MIB encounter happened in 2011 and it was something that I'll never forget. First, a bit of a back story.

Prior to the MIB incident, I went on a camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park, CA with a few friends. On our last night there, we were looking at the stars in front of the campfire. That's when I witnessed a couple of glowing blue UFOs in the night sky going at amazing speeds. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and my friends were equally amazed and mystified. I tried to take a photo with my flip phone but the UFOs moved too fast for me to get a clear image of them.

On our drive back home, we talked more about what we saw and were really excited about it. Not long after, I noticed a black car following me from a distance. I switched lanes to make sure the black car was in fact following me and sure enough wherever I went the car followed. Then when I glanced at my rearview mirror again, the car suddenly disappeared without a trace, which was really unsettling.

Now, the MIB encounter. The next day, after running a few errands I started driving home and when I arrived at my house I saw a black Cadillac parked in my driveway. I tried to convince myself that it wasn't the same black car following me a day ago but my gut feeling told me otherwise.

When I got out of my car, two men in matching black suits, light gray dress shirts, black ties, and black fedoras approached me and asked if they could ask me a few questions about what I witnessed the night before. I asked them who they were and to see some credentials. They claimed that they worked for a division of the US Air Force.

Their appearance looked what I can only describe as "plastic" and expressionless and they both had a pale olive skin tone. They spoke in a raspy, monotone voice and their speech was very precise; sounding almost synthetic. They also had a very cold and intense gaze.

Some of the questions they asked were:

Can you describe what you saw that night?

What do you think you saw?

Did you take any photos of what you witnessed?

Were there others who might have had recording devices or cameras?

Do you know if anyone recorded the incident?

Have you spoken about this incident with anyone else who wasn't present with you that night?

Did you find any unusual debris at the location you were that night?

Would you be withholding any important information from us?

Of course, I didn't answer most of their questions honestly and I did withhold a lot of information as to what I saw and who I was with.

They ended their questioning by strongly advising me to refrain from talking about what I witnessed with anyone and to forget the incident ever happened. They also strongly implied that they would be keeping an eye on me in case I decided to ignore their demands. After the encounter, I had this constant ominous feeling for a while and always looked over my shoulder wherever I went.

I don't know who these men were or how they had knowledge of what I saw that night, but I believe that they were the men in black. Since that encounter, I've been really hesitant and careful about who I share my experience with but I finally decided to share it here.

During the years following that incident, I've only had a couple of UFO sightings at night on separate occasions but I haven't had any more visits from odd men dressed in black, not yet anyway." MS

NOTE: A very similar account from a MIB experiencer. Over the years, the scenario hasn't really deviated that much. The biggest difference is the appearance of the MIB, who are usually dressed in black athletic or casual attire. I don't believe that the MIB is a part of any military group from Earth. IMO, they seem to be a 'clean-up crew' and alien or otherworldly. Lon



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