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Monday, March 13, 2023

Is the Legendary BEAST OF BLADENBORO Roaming Green Swamp Preserve, NC?

A Bladen County, North Carolina man is hunting in the Green Swamp Preserve. As he is making his way out of the area, he is followed by what he believes was the Beast of Bladenboro.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"In the town of Bladenboro, North Carolina, just 8 miles southwest of Elizabethtown where I stay, it was said a demon cat from hell used to stalk the woods killing livestock and making the locals scared. Then it suddenly disappeared. That's what they say anyway, we know it didn't.

To this day there have been reports of something that looks like an abnormally large mountain lion with blood-red eyes and fur as black as night. Its cries have been compared to that of a woman being torn apart and screaming for her life. Luckily it only has a taste for goats and cows, or so we think anyway. I will tell you there have been a few people that have gone missing. Some have been found and to hear some of the police tell the story the bodies were torn to shreds. It's not just located in Bladenboro like most think. It goes from Bladen Lakes State Forest to the Green Swamp Preserve area which covers 3 counties and 1,225 square miles.

A friend of mine was hunting one day down in Green Swamp Preserve when it started getting dark. If you hunt in this area you know you've got to be out of the woods before dark by law. So he climbed down from his tree stand and began the long walk through the swamp and underbrush to where he parked his truck. Now my friend is a cornbread-fed southern boy and has the size to prove it. Standing 6 feet 6 inches with a weight of 260 pounds of pure farmhand muscle. He isn't small by any standards. So he learned not to be scared of anything. He said what happened next made him never want to go in the swamp hunting again.

Making his way through the brush he said he began hearing something walking through the woods toward him. He stopped to listen for it and said it sounded like a large black bear so he got his gun ready just in case. When he stopped it stopped, when he walked it walked. He said it made him nervous because whatever it was knew he was there and won't be running off. He said he started making noise and even shot his shotgun in the air. It didn't leave. Instead, it let out a growl he said you could feel as much as hear. All the way through the woods it stayed just behind him out of sight.

When he came out of the woods onto the dirt road he said his truck was about 50 yards down from him. He decided it was a pretty good chance that whatever it was following him was going to keep following or make a move on him there, so he took off running, It took off running too. He said it sounded like a bulldozer was crashing through the woods and when it broke from the woods it sounded like a horse running through loose dirt. He could hear the stomps of its feet and the growling in its breath. He didn't have to look back to know it was coming and catching up to him. He shot behind him hoping it would scare it enough to stop for a moment and give him a chance to make it to the truck. When he did he said he must have hit it because it screamed and for a moment he thought it was a person. That's when he finally turned around.

He said it was jet black, as big as a 600-pound black bear, with a tail as long as its body, and eyes that were glowing red. He hit it and it was just standing there looking at him as if to say now you've done it. He bolted to the truck and jumped in. Just as he shut the door he looked and it was right there. He said it was so close its breath was fogging the window.

By now he said he was shaking badly and it was everything he could do to get the key in the ignition and start the motor. He drives a Ford F350 4-wheel drive that was raised up so that there's a good 2 feet of clearance under the truck. He said this thing was on all 4 feet and looking eye-to-eye with him in his truck. The engine started and he took off like a bat out of hell. He said it chased him as hard as it could until he picked up speed and stopped and watched him drive off.

The next day he and his dad went back with guns and looked around for tracks, blood, or even a dead body. He said there was no blood even though he knows it was shot, and there were paw prints as big as his hands on the ground everywhere. Then they found a tree that 9 feet up had claw marks 1 inch deep in the wood spaced 4 inches apart from each other. They didn't venture into the woods, nor did they go too far from the truck. Both of them said they felt as though they were being watched and didn't want to stick around to find out what it was. They got back in the truck and that's when they heard it. A scream from the woods off in the distance. He said it was like a woman screaming bloody murder. It let him know it was there waiting.

Yep, there are many dark secrets in the woods. Charlie Daniels even wrote about these woods in one of his songs. If you ever get adventurous and want to try your luck come on down to Green Swamp. And when the sun goes down get real quiet. You might hear that scream. I hope when you do it's off in the distance and not close by. Because if it is, well, it might just be the last sound you hear." TM


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