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Friday, March 10, 2023

DOES DOGMAN ROAM Cape May, New Jersey? Is Its Presence Hidden By Residents?

A young woman was out in the evening selling cable and wifi services to customers at their homes in Cape May, New Jersey. She then unexpectedly encounters a huge canine-like cryptid.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"So, to begin, this story happened back in 2018. I arrived in this small, rural town near Cape May, New Jersey. The company I was working for at the time was sending me out to go door-to-door, advertising cable and wifi that they wanted me to sell. I was getting weird vibes all throughout the day, as the town itself was very small and a bit creepy, with people staring at me or giving me the cold shoulder for the entire day. It seemed like a lot of the townsfolk that I encountered that day were on edge, and it was a weird tense atmosphere that I shrugged off, as people are weird all the time. I continued doing my job, chugging a Red Bull to keep me going (which didn’t affect me at all surprisingly). Besides the weird atmosphere, the scenery was actually quite pretty once you got off the main road. I had to stop at different streets, and some were in the woods on long and seemingly beautiful endless roads. It was quite scenic.

Just before sunset, I was scheduled to visit a few houses on a small peninsula. To get to this peninsula you had to go down a very long road, past a summer camp area, past a trailer park, past the woods, and then you finally find yourself in a small open area with a bay marsh, a couple small expensive houses, and shore access. The houses were so close to the water it seemed to be a code violation, but I’m sure they were built to withstand storms since they looked so expensive. Every house had its own theme, and the area was mostly deserted. Only one house had someone inside, whom I had talked to after knocking on his door. I was so distracted looking at the houses and scenery that I didn’t notice how fast sunset was approaching. I came to the realization that I should start heading back, to avoid being alone on that long deserted pathway in the woods. As a smaller female, I’m never comfortable after dark in isolated places, especially without cell service. I was making my way down the path, so far so good, as it wasn’t completely dark yet. As I approached the wooded area of the road, I was walking a bit faster, since there were no street lights and the sunlight was rapidly disappearing.

As I walked at a decently fast pace, I noticed something. The woods were eerily quiet. All the life that I was hearing before was gone. No crickets, no birds, just pure silence. I stopped in my tracks and got chills down my spine as I felt the feeling that I was being watched. I looked around the dark woods for any sudden movements and then, like clockwork, something up ahead made its way out of the tree line. It looked to be some type of large animal. My brain went into overdrive analyzing whatever this animal was. Was it a bear? A dog? No. It looked like a large dog. But, dogs don’t get this big. Though I was intimidated by its large size, whatever it was hadn’t noticed me. Even though I was scared, I also didn’t want to walk back and go into that one man’s house. As a woman, I would rather take my chances with a wild animal than be alone with a man I don’t know in a deserted holiday neighborhood.

Suddenly, as I was thinking this, the large animal in the distance finally noticed my presence. It was observing me, not entirely sure of what to do with me. There wasn’t enough light anymore for me to see the animal’s face, but I felt unusually frightened. Whatever I was looking at was definitely too big to be a black bear, with a shoulder height of at least five feet on all fours, which is comparable in size to a brown bear. The mass of this creature was extensive, as the outline of what I could see looked like a wolf on steroids. It was very muscular. I also noticed that the outline of its face was very similar to that of a German Shepherd or a wolf, as it had perked ears and a long snout. In the heat of the moment, I could only hear the sound of my heart palpitating as fear and adrenaline started to crawl their way into my bloodstream. It felt as if time stood still, and then it dawned on me. What I was looking at wasn’t a normal animal, and it was simply too big to be any animal that I could recognize from New Jersey’s catalog of fauna. And, if it wanted to attack me, I would be powerless against it. It was simply too big. Though, to calm myself down, I threw the idea that this creature was out of the ordinary out because I felt like this could be rationalized somehow.

I made my brain go back to the idea of this being maybe a large dog or coyote. I also did not believe in cryptids and was completely unaware of what size coyotes are supposed to be, so I made a quick decision. Realizing that this could very well be a life-or-death situation, I came to the conclusion that this very large dog-like creature was probably a skittish coyote that I could scare off (at least temporarily) to calm down my nerves. What other choice did I have? The longer I kept standing there, the more aggressive I might come across to this animal, and I didn’t want it to get territorial or get the idea that I was easy prey.

So, I decided I would make the most hideous, loud, confusing, and startling scream/howl I could muster and just sprint the rest of the way. After I screeched this hideous sound out of my body as hard as I could, the animal quickly changed its body language to defensive, but then it quickly changed its mind to deciding I wasn’t worth a fight as it ran a decent distance into the woods (not too far though). I decided to sprint as fast as I could pass that area and beyond. I sprinted until I reached the end of the road, and noticed there was a summer camp area with street lights near me. I rested on top of a table there, out of breath and feeling my heart pound out of my chest. However, I was still very shaken up and still felt like I was being watched. I kept my eyes on the tree line. My eyes were darting around, looking for any sign this animal was still there.

Once I felt like the coast was clear, I located the next house I was scheduled to visit, and I quickly made my way over. I met a nice family who ended up buying cable from me, and I told them what had happened to me that night and how I was treated by the locals. The lady of the family who I presumed to be the mother said “I don’t know why they sent you out here alone. These woods are dangerous after dark, and there are creepy people who live around here.” The impression she was giving me was that there were animal encounters she couldn’t explain and that there were lots of ex-convicts in the area (and people who should have been arrested but haven’t been). She was equally concerned about the people as she was about the animals around this place. This gave me goosebumps, how many times today could my life have been taken? They were extremely concerned for my safety and told me to contact my team leader so I could get picked up. They said they didn’t want me to go outside again and that I should call it quits for the night and not make it to any other houses. To this day, I still have no idea what creature I had encountered. There are strange things in the woods, things people don’t speak about, or cover-up. I felt like the townsfolk of that town knew something about what I encountered. So, weird creature I encountered in those woods, let’s never meet again." S


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