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Monday, March 06, 2023


Young Oahu, Hawaii teens encounter an entity that manifests in front of them. They later find a human skeleton in a cave, though not long after, the cave is mysteriously filed in and altered.

“My name is Christian. I'm from Hawaii. I figured you may find this interesting though and to be honest, I just want to share the experience with a group of like-minded individuals after keeping it to myself for so many years.

I'm 32 now this happened to me around the age of 16 (in 2007). I grew up in a small town on the island of Oahu squeezed between the ocean and a long cliff mountain. I lived across the street from where this occurred. In the forest, they butted up against the property of one of my best friend's family. And three or four of my friends got a hold of some wood and built a deck under a huge Kiawe tree on that we put a really big camping tent on. We called it 'the base.' We had a bare mattress on a box spring in there; a coffee table and two old seats we took from an abandoned van we had found on the roadside.

This experience happened probably six months after we set it up. My friend and I were sitting in the tent as usual. I was sitting on the mattress and my buddy was playing a new song he'd been learning on the van seat, closest to the tent door. The other seat sat empty to his right in the corner of the tent. We were there for a while passing the guitar back and forth but as he was sitting there playing and showing me the chords up for this song, the sun was shining on the tent wall behind him and the shadows of the tree branches were gently swaying on the wall.This part is a bit hard to explain but as I was listening to the guitar this specific part of a branch shadow on the tent wall above the empty van seat caught my eye as it looked like there were two eyes on it swaying with the shadow. As soon as I looked directly at the two eyes, a face started to materialize and within probably five seconds there was a fully materialized kid sitting in the chair looking at me. I'd never felt or experienced anything like this before then or since. A chill ran down my body and I got that feeling like my entire skin caught on fire my eyes started welling up with tears and I couldn't breathe.

The kid looked to be about 10 or 11 and wore a very distinct outfit. He was in a brown button-up vest and a white shirt underneath with a super pronounced sharp pointed collar. He had blonde hair combed neatly to the side and pale white skin. He locked eyes with me as I sat there frozen but trying as hard as I could breathe. While I basically started convulsing, my friend looked up and freaked out. He threw the guitar on the bed and grabbed my arm to pull me out of the tent. He was screaming, 'Was that a ghost? What the heck was that?' as we started running through the woods but I still couldn't get any breath into me to respond. I felt like I was choking.

The woods were a tangled mess with tightly packed trees and big patches of head-high grass. We ran/tumbled straight through it instead of taking the tight little trail we normally use. We headed back to our friend's property. When we finally broke out of the forest of the property, our other friend was actually there washing his mom's Tacoma in the driveway. It wasn't a surprise to him that we were coming out of there from the hangout spot but his first words to us as we ran towards him was, 'Holy crap, what did you guys see?' The friend I was with yelled, 'Ghost!' We ran right past him to the main driveway, jumped on our bikes, and without even saying anything, rode in opposite directions to our houses. This was in broad daylight probably two or three in the afternoon.

I rode straight back to my house jumped in bed and just cried. I couldn't shake the feeling. I felt gross and completely creeped out. It's still hard to explain the feeling it put me in as a teenager growing up in that area. And at the time we pride ourselves on being tough and strong and it was completely out of character for me but this experience completely shook me. I have no explanation for it to this day.

There's more that may or may not be connected to this but a month later, four of us were exploring in the forest probably a quarter mile straight up towards the mountain from the base which was actually just a steep 200-foot overgrown rock cliff that ran the length of our town above the forest. We found a small cave. It was a ground level about knee-high and probably six feet wide. It looked like it went in a good way. We were all super surprised that we had never seen it before because we thought we knew every inch of this forest. Just to the right of the cave is a small pile of rocks that had crumbled down from the cliff and a piece of bone was laying between two of the rocks. I thought it was part of a bird's skull since we very often found them and always brought them back to the base and had a pretty large collection at that point. I grabbed it, pulled it up from between the rocks and it turned out to be the front of a human skull. The back was broken off but it was the forehead, both eye sockets, nose, and teeth. As soon as we all realized what it was, it felt like I got hit with an electric shock. I dropped the skull and we were all losing our minds at the find. My heart felt like it was exploding out of my chest and I was shaking uncontrollably.

We all got down, looked into the cave afterward, and saw the rest of the skeleton inside. The rib cage was closest to the front of the opening and we can see other bones tucked farther back in. They looked old. The strange part of this was that less than a week later we went back to see the skeleton with some other friends and when we got to the spot, the cave was completely filled in with small rocks that fit together perfectly like a tight-fitting rock wall completely filling the cave opening without any mortar. And directly in front of it was a Ti plant that wasn't there before but it didn't look like it was planted recently. It looked like it had grown out of the ground right there.

Ti leaves are used to wrap around stones to be left in the forest as offerings to the spirits just as some context as to the plant that was there. This area was behind my friend's property and was really only accessible through the property and we still have no explanation as to how anyone could have come within the week to wall up the cave and plant the Ti plant or have even known that we found the skeleton. Having that happen paired with us having the kid materialize in the tent with us is almost too strange and should not be connected somehow.”

Transcribed Source “New Photos Sent In, Channels I Watch, Truth Be Told”. The Facts By Howtohunt.com


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