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Saturday, March 11, 2023

CANINE CRYPTID & HUMANOID Encounters Described in Southern Louisiana Bayou

A southern Louisiana resident describes a friend's encounter with an unknown canine-like cryptid. He also describes his personal sightings and encounters with possible humanoids and cryptids.

The following report was recently submitted publicly:

"So, this is a second-hand account, coming from a close friend who has given me no reason to doubt them:

Main Event: On February 27th, 2023 my friend was driving home from work, and passing down my country road sometime between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Less than a mile from my house, at the end of my township, within 1000ft of the closest house, he saw an unknown creature. It was at the edge of the road as if it were about to cross. It was pitch black, very furry, and had a bobbed tail, and the face of a pit bull.

"I could see its jowls. It had dog-like ears, slender, but muscular, and was standing on all fours. When it saw me, it paid no attention to me, but slowly turned around and leaped back into the woods." When it leaped, it jumped like a frog. Its legs were turned out, just like a frog. It was appropriately the size of a Great Dane, on all fours."

He was uncertain if it had humanoid feet, and couldn't identify much else. Where he reported having seen it in a wooded area, right beside a small bayou (southern Louisiana), and there is a notable nook that leads off into the woods right around where he saw it.

The very same night after he saw it, I heard strange noises around midnight, akin to something climbing a wooden structure -- thuds, and the sound of wood bowing.

Side Events:

• Six or so years ago, I saw something strange leap between one section of woods to another, across a highway, about a half mile from my home. It was black, hairy, and ape-like at a glimpse.

• About 3 years ago, me and my wife heard a tapping on the window behind us, around midnight. We laughed about it at first, but my cousin from across the street called me moments after and said "there's something big in your yard, I could hear it running through your yard. It's in the woods now." We investigated, and heard it rustling through trees, but never saw it. The next morning, outside the window that was tapped on, was a large humanoid footprint. Barefoot. (To tap on the glass would require something to stand, upright, at least 5 feet minimum, given the lifted foundation.)

• About three years ago, a buddy and I were hanging out, and we saw something strange walk into my cousin's yard, across the street. It was large, black, and furry. It walked on all fours and appeared like a pig at first glance. We scoped in on it, and couldn't determine what it was. It had a dog-like snout, but the stature and build of a hog. It was about the size of a large hog, or perhaps a large bear cub. I don't remember it having a tail. It sniffed around his house, circled it, and went back into the woods.

• About a year ago, I was driving at night from the far end of my road. There is a curve approximately a half mile from where my friend reported seeing the creature. In the curve, as I banked a bit, my headlights shined into the woods and revealed eye shine, about 6 feet off the ground. I stopped the car next to where the eye shine was, to examine it. I didn't see anything else, but the smell of rotting meat flooded the car, and I promptly left.

• About a year ago, I was outside around midnight, when I heard a strange noise in my cousin's yard. I shined a flashlight over there and caught some eye shine at average height from the ground. It looked at me and kept walking into the woodline. (In my experience, if you spotlight something and can see its eye shine, they stop and stare at you. This thing kept going, but watched me the whole time). I continued to shine into the woodline for a bit longer, and it returned, about 15 feet down the woodline. It stared at me from within the woods and turned around. I continued to shine my light and caught it one more time in the same place as the second encounter. It looked at me for a moment and turned away. I didn't see the eye shine again. (At the time, I had an eerie feeling that it seemed too sentient to be a deer or a hog. Maybe a big cat, but no normal woodland critter from around here.)" GP


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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