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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Bizarre Six 'MIRROR MEN' Encountered in Small Town at Night

Just like a scene from 'The Twilight Zone,' a group of teen girls were driving around their small town late at night and encountered six 'Mirror Men.' An odd phenomenon that is rarely reported.

Please note...Derek Hayes at the 'Monsters Among Us Podcast' was the first to truly lock down the phrase Mirror Men Phenomenon, after a number of callers to his show described seeing the same type of entity (or entities). Typically the Mirror Men are described as coming in threes and moving in unison so perfectly that it appears one is looking into a mirror. I've not heard of a case involving six together, so this is a new one for me. 

“My story took place around 1993-94. I was 18 years old and living in a small town in southern Utah. Living in a small town, we need small-town things to entertain ourselves. One of the few but popular options among the high school population was to drag main. It consisted of driving from the end of Main Street to the other end, trying to link up with friends or meet new ones preferably in a car full of cute boys.

Main Street was barely a half mile. I believe there are only two stoplights. My red Subaru hatchback was loaded full of my friends - more girls than seat belts. We had taken several drags down Main and struck out, so we decided to detour off the beaten path. There's a good chance we had Salt N' Peppa or George Michael album blaring from the factory speaker and peach Schnapps concealed in our soda cups which could have easily been our deterrent but we were determined to make a connection so we left Main Street behind. We had two options. First drive through the town cemetery to a story of the devoted cat that comes and sits on her owner's grave every night since she died, a story everyone in town has heard a million times now. It's become a rite of passage - you drive slowly through the graveyard and if you turn your lights on, this particular headstone just right looks like the silhouette of a cat. Newcomers gasp. The rest of us pretend to. Like I said, small-town entertainment. Or there is a second option, cruise the college streets, the heartbeat of this little town, in hopes of meeting someone new who hasn't got the memo to drag main. We opted for the latter and struck out there too.

So we're finishing up our detour and heading back towards Main for one last drag down Main, before calling it a night. We were about four blocks away when we approached a stoplight laughing about whether we had time to do a Chinese fire drill or not. If you don't know what that is, everyone gets out of the car at a red light and runs around the car, and tries to make it back to their seat before the light turns green. Like I said, small-town fun.

Suddenly I look up from our shenanigans and there in front of me were six men crossing the lane directly in front of us. All six men, however, were walking in single file, which seemed rather odd and unnerving for that hour of the night. All in step with a straight back facing forward. Same height. All crossing from the right corner of where a mortuary stood, the fact that didn't stand out at the time and really didn't even cross my mind until years later when sharing the location of this incident. All crossing from the right (mortuary) to left (where a school bus garage and baptist church stood) on opposite corners.

We were frozen trying to make sense of what we were seeing. It looked out of place for this time of night or for any time, really. Something was weird. Our frozen observance was quickly broken by a friend ordering me to “follow them!” When the light turned green, I made a quick left turn to follow them between the garage and the church. We rolled down our windows, laughing at the oddity and searching for an understanding of this bizarre scene through our laughter. You could hear several of us questioning 'what are you guys doing?' Without saying a word, they continued marching in sync and staring straight ahead. We were met with only a profile of six faces which only piqued our curiosity further, so we enquired again and again. We're non-relenting.

Then, suddenly, a response but it wasn't the response we expected. It jarred us and froze us for a brief moment. As if in a choreographed move, they all quickly snapped their heads toward us. All six pairs of identical eyes on identical faces, frames, and identical hairstyles, coldly stared. It was like staring into a mirror that is facing another and seeing exact replicas of oneself repeating indefinitely but here it wasn't my face but another and it they shouted in unison, “Go away!”. Suddenly another shout woke me from my shock and disbelief. This time from my back seat: “Drive now!” On a side road, I was half a block away from the... what was that? Another voice: “We have to go back! Turn around, let's follow them!” Remember, small-town fun. Why the hell not? We have nothing better to do?

We are now only a small town block away. We flip around and head back. We were met with the void of where they once stood. They were completely gone. It's a dark street. Nowhere for them to go. Street lights, business lights, house lights, nothing. If they went into a building, a light would be on. No buildings to go to in that amount of time. Just gone. We try to make sense of it and drove along the cross street that separated the block, we had just driven down, and nothing.

Defeated and confused, our laughter turned into shock and silence as we headed back to the corner. We took the detour that lured us off track. We sat on the dark side street in silence waiting for the red glow above the bath. The only sound was through my blinker. A steady sound signaling the left-hand turn, when suddenly we felt that it was tangible. The thought gives me goosebumps still to this day. Above us. it crept. Our heads snapped up collectively to see what above us could possibly be and it was massive darkness, undeniable darkness slowly engulfing us in its depth and its mysterious shadow the blackness weighed heavily upon our innocence. Suddenly green reflected from our terrified eyes and we were released from the clutches of the darkness. Before I had completed that left-hand turn to pick up where we had originally left off, we were all in tears, full-blown sobbing tears. We were shaken. No explanation. No answers but real undeniable yet unexplainable fear. Fear that hit each of us the same, made our skin crawl and our core shake and our eyes tear up and made us sink into areas of our soul we never knew existed seeking solace and an escape from the unknown.”

Source: “Strange Men In The Road”. Real Ghost Stories Online. Brueski, Tony. Host. 27 Sept 2022



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