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Thursday, March 09, 2023

BIGFOOT? HUGE TRACKS & DEAD DOG Discovered at Muskowekwan First Nation, Saskatchewan (PHOTOS)

Tey Faye of Muskowekwan First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada shared on her Facebook page on March 8, 2023, some amazing photos she took near her grandparent's home.

“So, last night (March 7, 2023) I heard my dogs barking at I don't know what but it sounded pretty creepy when I heard a strange growl. Don't usually hear them barking the way they were either. Woke up to one of them dead. Not sure how he died but he probably was injured from whatever that was, maybe? I don't know. What kind of tracks these are? I personally think it's Bigfoot. But everyone has their own opinions. Not to mention the snow was just above my knees taking these photos. I was pretty creeped out. Located in Saskatchewan.”

The response from various readers has been mixed with some claiming outright that it's definitely a Bigfoot while others felt it might be various wild animals including rabbits, wolves, and deer:

“Just a deer jumping through the snow that’s all,” wrote GeorgeMoosetail.

Jonathan Ballantyne wrote:

“If it was a Sasquatch it would be like a human running in the snow. These look like an animal jumping straight upward and landing straight down. I’d say wolf. It’s probably a lone wolf, sick or elderly. If it’s alone desperate for food. If it’s coming close to people.”

Regarding the wolf theory, Woody Don pointed out a certain detail that the others were missing:

“If the tracks were from a wolf or cougar or any long-tailed animal, how come we don't see the tail track as well? Can make fun of me or whatever but I know these aren't from any four-legged animal.”

Chynna Simms noted:

“Most people say wolves but the tracks are very strange. I’d like to believe it was just a wolf but it could have been something more sinister.”

LeeAnne Thomas wrote of the deer theory:

“She also mention one of her pet dogs had died that night...it’s hard to say. I was thinking deer hops too but their little hooves would have been more into the snow than their stomachs.”

Linda Herman wrote of Tey's dog:

“Your dogs were protecting you. I’m so sorry you lost one. But such long strides and looks like some sort of two-legged tracks.”

Chase Jimmie probably said it best, though:

“I as an Alaskan native always heard a saying - 'Just don’t think about it.'"


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