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Tuesday, March 07, 2023

'ALIEN FACE' Recorded in Norwood, Missouri Family Living Room Window (VIDEO)

On the evening of February 8, 1992, members of the Davis family were sitting in the living room of their home just outside of Norwood, Missouri. The father is videotaping as mom, the kids, and some friends settle in to watch wrestling on TV. It was a home video simply meant for family and friends though, at some point in the video (which ran two hours), in the large window behind the couch, a strange face suddenly appears on the right side of the window.

The two people sitting on the couch do not seem to notice it. It pops up and then slowly goes back down, never to re-appear. It was initially thought to be an owl, a large animal, or even a prankster in a Halloween mask though nobody was sure. It soon made the rounds of UFO conventions and sparked many a heated debate in the UFO community.

John Carpenter, a psychiatric social worker, and prominent UFO researcher in Missouri analyzed the face in the window. He didn't believe it to be a hoax though he wasn't willing to call it an alien.

“I've been more impressed as time passes that it remains completely unexplained and completely weird.”

Curiously, the Davis family never attempted to capitalize on the tape in any way and, in fact, even tried to hide it for fear of embarrassment.

“If the family was creating it all on their own, then why haven't they wanted publicity? Why haven't they wanted to be on national TV? Why haven't they wanted to make money on it, cashing in on it in some way?” Carpenter noted.

Even stranger, around the time the Davis video was filmed, Norwood, Missouri was experiencing a wave of UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, and other odd occurrences. UFO researchers in the area collected over a hundred different reports in a three-month period in 1992. Carpenter thought it was unlikely to be a prankster as the weather on that night was 20 degrees and the Davis family had a Rottweiler who wasn't exactly friendly to strangers who happened upon their property. It was unlikely also to be an animal as the window was around 6 feet off the ground and, again, the dog would have alerted them.

“Strange Universe” a now-defunct paranormal news program that ran between 1996 and 1998 sent reporter, Scott Lasky, to Norwood to track down the individuals involved. He discovered that the family was so spooked by the face and other odd occurrences on the property that they had since moved.

Lawrence Davis, the brother of the man who filmed the videotape, agreed to speak to Lasky about the video and the strangeness the family had encountered around the time of the recording. Roughly 300 yards from the Davis home, in a wooded area, there was a sinkhole. In the days after the video was recorded, Lawrence went to the area looking for scorched grass but found nothing except the sinkhole which he found odd. Further, the sister-in-law was convinced that she had seen a UFO take off from the spot in the woods on another night. According to her, it went straight up in the air and then shot off at a high rate of speed. When it was rising slowly, it put off a blue light. It did not look like a traditional flying saucer. Upon thinking of the night of the video, Lawrence is convinced that a craft landed in the wooded area behind the home on February 8, 1992, and at least one of the craft's occupants had walked up to the house and looked inside.

Lawrence Davis and Scott Lasky (top left); The Davis home from the woods (top right); Lawrence Davis (bottom left); John Carpenter and Scott Lasky (bottom right)

Shortly after the video was recorded, the Davis family was visited by two strange Caucasian men in dark suits. They told the Davis family that they needed to leave well enough alone recalled Lawrence. The men never identified themselves but allegedly made an ominous reference to the death of the family's Rottweiler shortly after the face appeared in the window. He believed that they were giving his brother a warning that he needed to leave it alone and if he didn't, he'd “get hurt more than the dogs.” “If the government or whoever thought that this was a hoax or some kind of game, these men in the dark suits would not be taking any interest in it.” noted Lawrence, who admits that he had reached out to the FBI but was laughed at.

Glen and Barbara Barnes, the current owners of the home, allowed Lasky and Lawrence to tour the house for the show. The Barnes family did not indicate having experienced anything strange in the house.

Transcribed Source: Strange Universe “The Face In The Window”


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