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Saturday, February 04, 2023

YELLOW-EYED 'GOATMAN' Attacked Commuter Bus Near Porto Alegre, Brazil

A commuter bus near Porto Alegre, Brazil was attacked by an unknown humanoid in the later 1980s. The witnesses described it as a naked yellow-eyed Goatman. The media covered the event.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This happened between 1986 and 1989. My uncles and cousins ​​lived in Lami, an area in the extreme south of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

My uncle, now deceased, had a small “boteco”(Brazilian restaurant). In that region, and at that time, the nearest neighbor was more than a kilometer away. Pasture and centenary trees predominated the landscape. To serve the region, there were two buses in the morning and two more in the early evening.

At that time there were rumors that a very large animal, with the body of a man and the head of an animal, had been seen nearby, and it was said that it attacked both animals and people. Several people claimed to have been attacked by this monster and luckily escaped. Others swore they had lost an ox or two to the creature.

My aunt, very skeptical, and dedicated to her children and day-to-day chores, did not like to pay attention to these “inventions of the people,” as she said. However, one day her disbelief was put to the test.

She and one of my cousins ​​were returning home by bus, already in the dark of night. Less than ten people were on the bus, when in a certain part of the journey, something very large came out of the bush and hit the right side of the bus, and returned to the bush. The crash caused the driver, perhaps out of fright, to lose control and brake sharply, stopping partially in a ditch.

Despite the scare, there were no injuries, but people were very scared by that event. The driver got very irritated, and left the bus mumbling and cursing, going to check the damage and at the same time calling for help. Being in the dark, and still a long way from home, everyone stayed in their places.

A few minutes after the driver left, everyone heard a strange grunt, which could not be from an animal or human being, according to the witnesses. People panicked and started crowding right next to the conductor's chair.

Silence took over the people. Everyone was attentive to all external sounds when without warning, a new knock was given on the same side of the bus. Everyone got up and ran to the other side. Some of the people began to cry and pray, one lady became out of control, and my aunt, very afraid, remained to protect her son.

At that moment the bus began to be violently shaken as if something or something was shaking the vehicle from side to side. The dread grew as the bus rocked. It looked like it would be overturned at any moment. Looking through the windows, you could see a large figure outside, but you couldn't tell what it was.

Without the slightest warning everything stopped, and whatever was causing it started to make its way toward the front of the bus, where the door was open. At that moment, my aunt was so terrified that she wanted to die and not see what was attacking them. Even before the creature entered the bus, it was possible to smell a terrible, rotten, unbearable smell.

Everyone fled to the back of the bus and huddled in a corner, which made them look like a single, shapeless mass of people huddled together. Those who had the courage to look, swear to have seen a large naked man, with dark skin, a huge goat's head, with huge horns, and yellow eyes, who ran to the turnstile and stopped.

He spent a few seconds straining and huffing angrily, before turning around, getting off the bus, and disappearing into the bushes. Unbridled crying took over people. People were in shock, totally terrified.

A few long minutes passed when another bus pulled alongside this one. Another driver, who was called to help the damaged bus, was informed of what had happened and left to find the first driver who had not yet returned. Luckily, he was walking along the side of the road, returning from the place he called the bus company.

The Military Brigade was activated, and ambulances, experts, radio, and television came. The case was covered for a few months, with newspaper articles and interviews with the victims. Search parties searched for the creature's tracks, but they were never found.

Several theories were formulated about what would have attacked the bus. But nothing is proven. Apart from some dead animals, which were attributed to the creature, nothing else happened.

Nowadays that region is populated and very different from the time when the events occurred, leaving the mystery of the creature that attacked the bus lost and without explanation." EN


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