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Saturday, February 04, 2023

WINGED HUMANOID Encountered at Navajo Nation, NM Residence

A Navajo Nation resident describes her encounter with a winged humanoid above her home. She states that the body was 6-7 feet in length with a total wingspan of 15 feet.

Yah-ta-hey, New Mexico located in the Navajo Nation in McKinley County. The incident occurred in August 2018.

I wanted to look at the moon and stars without turning on the lights in my house and the outside lights. I have a lot of floodlights surrounding my house just for the purpose of keeping unwanted entities away and to feel safe because I also live alone.

I was enjoying the light of the moon and twinkling stars and the stillness of the night was standing on the threshold of the house and heard loud flapping. I stood thinking what the heck was making all that noise. I just so happened to look up towards the sound and this large humanoid creature was flying overhead about 25 or 30 feet above me. The span of each wing was as long as his body which I estimated about 6 to 7 feet. The total wingspan was close to 15 feet.

It flew over my sister's mobile home. The family always goes to bed early. It was flying north towards Shiprock, NM. I was wondering if this was the same flying creature people see around NAPI (Navajo Agricultural Products Industry).

I got so scared and started locking doors and turning on all the lights inside and outside. I spent a sleepless night hoping it wouldn't come back.

Two or three weeks ago the dogs were madly barking toward the canyon and the arroyo that runs close by. My son-in-law went to check and saw a big black being standing about I'd say 60 to 70 yards away, he was walking towards it to get a better look but he said it disappeared. So far I've not seen it again.”

NOTE: I hadn't heard of the winged humanoid sightings at Navajo Agricultural Products Industry in Farmington, New Mexico. After looking into the incidents, I was told that there had been two sightings of an unknown winged entity in 2017. The person I talked to said that the sightings were similar to those seen in and around Phoenix, AZ (image below).


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