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Sunday, February 05, 2023

Virginia Teen Observes ALTERNATE REALITY Open Before Her

A rural south-central Virginia teen is sitting on her porch when she notices a 'slit' opening mid-air in the yard. She goes to explore, but the opening soon closes. Was this a peek into another reality?

"I had a weird experience when I was a teen, back in the late 1950s in my family's rural home on a two-lane highway in south-central Virginia.

I was sitting out on the small front porch with my mom. We were doing nothing, just resting in the sun. The traffic on the highway was usually infrequent and now no cars or trucks had gone by in a while. It was extremely quiet. Our neighbor had come over and was talking to mom.

I lapsed into staring off into space, into the front yard, smelling the pines across the road heated by the sun, smelling the flowers. I wasn't blinking, just staring. It wasn't sudden but I happened to notice that a 'slit' had appeared in the air and seemed to be parted just enough so I could see inside.

Inside the slit was the same yard, the same world but yet it was different. The sunlight was uniform and soft white, and nothing cast a shadow. I had the strong urge to go explore and hopped down off the side of the porch to go through the 'slit.'

I looked back to make sure my mom wasn't watching me and reassured myself that she was still talking to our neighbor, although at this point I could not hear their voices, although they were just a few feet from me. I turned back to the front yard to walk a couple of yards and enter the slit but it was gone.

I think that 'openings' or 'portals' are only open for a very short time. I was just curious, but I wonder what would have happened if I had stepped through? Would it have closed behind me? I would have been one of those children that disappear literally right in the presence of their parents. I believe that they are anywhere where the conditions of solitude are just right and the veils can thin out." BD

NOTE: I have heard of these 'slits' or 'tears in the veil' opening, then so closing. Is this how some people simply vanish? Can we enter into an alternate reality that easily? Lon


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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