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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

UFO Appears In 1972 'Columbo' Episode on Santa Monica Pier

In a 1972 episode of the hit detective show, 'Columbo,' it seems that a UFO might have made an unexpected appearance, lingering in the skyline of a shot featuring Peter Falk and Val Avery.

In the episode “The Most Crucial Game” (Season 2, Episode 3), which aired as the NBC Mystery Movie of the Week, on November 5, 1972, Detective Columbo, played by actor Peter Falk, is looking into the mysterious murder of a football team owner, played by Dean Stockwell.

At around the 59-minute mark in the original airing, Columbo meets up with a private investigator, played by Val Avery. The two men discuss the case while standing on a pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It appears to have been filmed sometime in the morning or afternoon. It's a clear sky. No clouds. As the two actors talk, a light suddenly appears on the horizon overlooking the ocean. The light seems to zip into the frame from the left, gets extremely bright, and then drifts away toward the right out of the frame. Given the distance, it's barely noticeable at first, but upon closer inspection, it does seem strange.

A check of the various Columbo fan sites and the Internet Movie Database reveals that the scene was filmed in the summer of 1972 at 401 Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California. In recent years, people have been finding strange objects in old TV shows and in movies, including the killer shark blockbuster 'Jaws.'

Source: Columbo, The Most Crucial Game, Episode Aired - November 5, 1972


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In this episode of Phantoms & Monsters Radio, I welcome Bigfoot investigator & researcher Brenda Harris. Please like, subscribe, and comment.

Brenda Harris is Native American and resides in Upper Fruitland, New Mexico in the Diné Navajo Nation. She has conducted Bigfoot investigations & research for 30+ years. She also started the New Mexico Shadow Seekers team.

Brenda has been interviewed on several radio shows and has appeared on the Monsters & Mysteries in America and Finding Bigfoot TV series on two occasions. She has also appeared on Ghost Adventures & Unsolved Mysteries.

Brenda encourages all who enter the woods & the domain of Bigfoot to always remain careful and vigilant.

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STEVE HUDGEONS - MUFON Director of Investigations / Int'l. Development - Vincent Richardson (Host)

In this episode of 'V' host, Vincent Richardson welcomes MUFON Director of Investigations / International Development Steve Hudgeons to the show. We hope to see you in the chat. Please like, subscribe, and comment.

Steven Hudgeons is Texas-born in 1950.  He is an 8-year U.S. Navy Veteran and has spent over 40 years in Construction as a Commercial Glazier with disciplines in installation, fabrication, estimation, selling, and drafting as well as being an OSHA Outreach Trainer.  During a 32-year membership in MUFON, Steve has been a Chief investigator, Section Director, Assistant State Director, and State Director for Texas as well as previously serving as MUFON Director of Investigations, MUFON Director of Investigations International and now MUFON Director of International Development, Member of the Senior Staff and once again the Director of Investigations.  He has investigated and completed over 1,700 MUFON cases.

Past and present volunteer of neighborhood projects;  21-year member and Captain of the Fort Worth Citizens on Patrol Charlie 14 Beat with the Fort Worth Police Department, 2-years President of the DHJ Little League Baseball, and 5-years President of the DHJ Neighborhood Advisory Council.

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ERIC MINTEL - PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR/FILMMAKER - 'Eric Mintel Investigates' - Lon Strickler (Host)

In this episode of Phantoms & Monsters Radio, I welcome paranormal investigator & filmmaker Eric Mintel. Please like, subscribe, and comment.

Eric Mintel (Lead Investigator) - For more than 30 years Eric Mintel is an acclaimed jazz musician with his group the Eric Mintel Quartet. Later at night, Eric Mintel investigates the paranormal.

Eric was invited to perform twice at the White House for President Clinton in 1998 and for President Obama in 2011.  He was also invited to perform at the Kennedy Center over ten times from 1999-2005 and also had a special concert at the United Nations in 2010.  He has toured and performed around the country in concert halls, high schools, libraries, elementary schools, churches, jazz clubs, and many more venues. A consummate professional in front of the camera, Eric has been on television performing his music as well as being interviewed.

Eric and Dominic were recently featured on the cover of American Paranormal magazine in January 2023. Eric has also had stories written up on his paranormal activities by numerous newspapers and has been featured on many radio stations and podcasts across the country and around the world.  Interested in the paranormal from a very young age Eric has led Eric Mintel Investigates since 2016 seeking out strange stories to tell whether it’s ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, or Dogman sightings.

Fans of his music have eagerly followed him into the paranormal world.  On many an investigation, Eric and his team have captured groundbreaking video footage and captured strange paranormal activity the likes of which have never been seen.

Eric is also a Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research affiliate.

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A Paranormal Life welcomes Lily Nova, who is an Astrophotographer, UFO / alien contactee, & experiencer. Bernadette McDaniel (Host)

Lily Nova's journey as an Astrophotographer turned from fueling her love for space by taking photos of the night sky, to being visited by extraterrestrials, and documenting close encounters with UFOs.

UFOs began visiting Lily Nova during COVID while she was out shooting astrophotography. She began documenting these close encounters with her camera, accumulating evidence, and investigating the phenomena.

Since then, she has been exploring the universe in ways she could never imagine possible. Lily now initiates contact with these otherworldly beings and has become a channel for their messages. They have taught her many curiosities about the universe, spirituality, how to develop psychic gifts, and what it truly means to be human. Lily has discovered so much about who we are, and where we are heading as a species.

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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