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Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Venus Gospel: An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium - Parts VII & VIII


The Venus Gospel: An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium - Parts VII & VIII

By Raymond A. Keller, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

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A Southern California Contactee Visits Belgium

On Tuesday the 21st and Friday the 24th of May 1963, the famous Southern California contactee, George Adamski, gave lectures in Belgium at the great Antwerp Exposition Hall, built just five years earlier, and filled it to its capacity of 2,000 attendees during the first meeting.  The second meeting saw the hall as only half filled, insomuch as the scheduled trip to Finland was cancelled on the day prior due to security concerns.  Adamski and Hans Petersen, therefore, decided they could stay another day in Antwerp, but had little time to promote the meeting with formal announcements in the local newspapers.   

Sandwiched between these dates, on Thursday, the 23rd of May, the contactee returned to Denmark where he addressed a smaller group of several hundred students, members of the Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) group at Kolding, along with the directing adults and others interested in UFOs and the possibility of life in outer space. Thanks to the work of the director of the SUFOI in Denmark, then Captain Hans C. Petersen of the Danish Air Force, and others engaged in the zealous ground-laying work of that organization, in the week prior to Adamski’s arrival, the Belgium UFO Information (BUFOI) group was organized and launched.  BUFOI personnel were responsible for receiving the well-known American contactee and making all of the arrangements for his speaking engagements for his two appearances in Belgium.

As was usually the case, Adamski presented a slide lecture of one hour to those in attendance at the meetings of the 21st and 24th, followed by a half hour of answering questions from the audience.  For the student presentation on the 23rd, the contactee simply talked about his books and went over some of his slides; but afterwards joined the attending students in a campus dining hall where he answered random questions to those seated at and gathering around his table.

Questions and Answers on 21 May 1963

The following questions and answers were taken at random from the BUFOI transcript of George Adamski’s 21 May 1963 lecture in Antwerp, Belgium:

Production for Meeting Needs

Q.  Are the conditions of living the same on the other planets, as they are here?

A.  Conditions of living, in general, yes.  But the government, it’s a little different, you might say.  They do not work for a profit.  The produce for need only.  So, the conditions there are different that way.  The social system has no divisions, like caste systems (poor or rich or black or white).  It recognizes one human congregation of human beings, like a big family.  Allow me to continue on this line.

In 1929 the whole United States stock market crashed.  The whole world was affected.  After that, (Franklin D.) Roosevelt was president.  A lot of factories were standing idle, doing nothing.  He (Roosevelt) opened them up for one purpose:  production for use and not for profit.  So, the industry got to running again.  And perhaps, if the opposition would not have been so strident against the president, we could have had that system throughout the world by now.  Production for use, not for profit, because it is the profit that is the element causing all of the trouble in this situation.

Many Others Have Met the Space People

Q.  How are you so well-acquainted with the programs of the government?

A.  Since 1952, I have been in steady contact with the space people, meeting them an talking with them.  When I say, “I am meeting those people,” understand that I am not the only one.  There are others who have met them; and there are, for the most part, no governments to this day, small or big, that have not also met them in one way or another.

Cure for Cancer

Q.  When can we cure cancer on our planet?

A.  I get letters every day from people, and some doctors, from different countries, asking, “Why don’t they (the extraterrestrials) give us something to cure cancer?”  We actually have a machine that can cure cancer.  If it were put into widespread usage, and made available to everybody, in five years’ time it could eliminate cancer and other diseases off the face of the world.  Yet, the machine is not being used today because it is still under wraps, being labeled “experimental.”  It has actually passed that phase; but it has been kept off the market because you and I would then be able to go out and buy one, quite economically, and have it in the house so that all the family could be treated with it for almost nothing.  It would cost you only $100 for the machine (back in 1963).  It is not a big machine.  And while everyone would be all the healthier for using it, there would be a lot of doctors and other medical personnel out of work.  Naturally, you can expect persons employed in the medical field to fight for their livelihoods by keeping this machine and other medical inventions secret and off the market for as long as possible.  

(Cosmic Ray’s comments:  Many in the audience persisted in asking George Adamski questions about this machine and the technology behind it.  Basically, Adamski described the device as looking like a pair of gloves that dangle from an X-ray-like machine suspended over a patient’s bed.  The doctor runs his special gloved hands over the patient’s body until one of them comes over the spot of the cancer or other anomalous disorder in the body.  When the spot of bodily disfunction is located, a ray from the machine is focused on it.  Adamski told the Belgians in attendance that day that, “If you understand the human boy, you would be able to see what is happening.  The molecules that make up the human body are negative and positive, like shoe lacing.  What happens here is that the ray separates the pairs (the laces), the positive from the negative.  And when they are separated, there is a space; there is nothing there any more because the solids there in the body have been suspended. Then they (the doctors) can get in there and replace the bone or other body part, or in some cases, relace the molecular structure altogether into a new configuration.”  There is no pain, no blood or no cutting in the relacing process, although it takes more time to accomplish. According to the contactee, in the relacing process, “The molecules get together and close up on their own, and no mark is showing.  They (some doctors) have been experimenting with this since the early 1950s.”  

Adamski also revealed during his Belgian tour that, “Every human being has his or her own frequency and the molecular structure of the human body can be adjusted with transmissions directed to their own frequency level.”  The double-helix structure of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules is truly representative of just what this Southern California contactee was talking about in Belgium in 1963.  DNA’s double-helix structure wasn’t discovered until 1953 and work with it largely remained in the experimental stages through 1977, when Dr. Frederick Sanger introduced rapid DNA sequencing techniques, which ultimately led to the mapping of Huntington’s disease in 1983, the detection of DNA indicating susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancers in 1990 and the start of the Human Genome Project in the same year, the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996, etc., with more and more medical advances year after year.  

While the contactee was leery of the specialists and big wigs in many industries and government positions of power holding back critical information and technology that could lead to fantastic leaps in the advancement of human evolution on this planet, with the slower than he expected innovations which have occurred over time in medicine, space research, transportation, etc., Adamski, nevertheless, proved himself to be a prophet of the coming New Age, abetted by the friendly Venusians and other extraterrestrials providing him such valuable insight into a much-improved world of tomorrow for all of us.)

Telepathy Explained

Q.  Exactly how do you communicate with the space people?

A.  In Norway, some years back, if you remember, it was published in all your papers, too, there were two sisters who were picking berries- that must have been in the fall of the year, when one of the big spacecraft came down.  A man talked to both of the sisters in a language they did not understand and even indicated to them that they could go out and rise in the ship, take a ride.  One was married, the other was not.  They refused and were afraid.  Of course, they kept this to themselves; but one of the sisters acted funny.  So, her husband wondered why she acted that way.  It (the encounter with the extraterrestrial) had been a shock to her and she could not forget it; so finally he questioned her until she admitted what had happened; and that is the way the story leaked out.  Some reporters from Norway wrote to me and wanted to know if it was the same kind of contact as I had.  

They have also contacted the Frenchman, Mendes France, and they spoke French with him.  You have space people in Europe, that we have not in America, that can speak seven or more languages fluently.  These people are so advanced as to construct interplanetary spaceships.  With such vast intellects, it is easy for them to learn anything, including a multiplicity of Earth languages.  Besides, they can also tune into our television and radio transmissions and learn that way very easily.  

On top of that, they use the only identical language in the world, or in the cosmos, or even throughout eternity.  It is the same language that the Creator uses with all of His creation.  It’s a language that everybody understands; and they use that.  The language that I am speaking about is the one that everybody is born with.  You don’t learn that language.  It’s given to you from birth.  But you forget it because those around you impose the language that we now know upon you. 

The language we talk about now has been named “premonition,” or “hunch,” more colloquially.  In science we know it as “telepathy.”  It is an impression language.  You can take all the nationalities of this world, talking different languages, and tell them to ask God one thing, all at the same time, and every one of them will be answered, if God deems to answer them  Yet everyone will express that answer in his or her own language.

In an expressive language, where I ask you something, I give sound to it, after I have conceived the idea, which was an impression in the first place.  You are accustomed to sound or words to convey the idea; but you understand the idea a ot better without my words.  Artists are very good at transmitting ideas through their work and all great inventors use it.  For instance, an artist my have received a beautiful image in her or his mind by impression.  Then the artist starts putting that image down on a canvas; and if the quality of the impression that she or he had in their mind is not up to par with the image on the canvas, the artist is disappointed.  The image on the painting can never truly match fine and delicate quality of the image in the mind’s eye of the artist, which was an impression.  That is the language we have forgotten.  

Yet the animal kingdom uses that language.  You can walk up to a strange dog; and if you are going to hurt the dog, the dog already knows.  And if he is on the defense, and if you are going to paddle him, he is going to wag his tail, trying to approach you and make friends.  Even where a ship at sea is sinking, or going to sink, you will notice that the rats try to leave the ship before any of the human beings know anything about the danger they will soon be facing.  And in thousands of such cases, you will see evidence of the language we have forgotten.  

We have never cultivated it; but now even some national governments recognize it.  In the United States and the Soviet Union, there are secret schools attempting to develop this psychic power in astronauts/cosmonauts and military personnel.  More and more high officials in other governments are finally taking an interest in telepathy, realizing its strategic importance and potential.  

Therefore, you see how the space people have this higher form of communication to deal with.  In other words, they get your impressions of what you are going to say and convey their impressions to you.  This is sometimes seen as a type of mindreading.   Many of you have probably experienced it yourself, at one level or another.  

For example, you take a walk down a seemingly lonely road.  You don’t see anyone on the road, thinking you are all alone.  But all of a sudden, you get the feeling that somebody is either watching you from behind a tree or there is somebody following you- stalking you- and you look around again and discover that is actually the case.  Now there is your psychic impression and you now know that it never fails you.  It is always right.  That is one language you can count on, if you only would learn how to use it.  

The problem is that we depend on sound too much and too little on the feelings we get.  All impressions are feelings, after all.  This is when you become conscious of something that you were not aware of before.  It’s born with us.  

The space people use this kind of language almost all the time.  That’s why they have practically no crime on their planets.  Everyone can read minds, getting impressions of intent, and that is why everyone is always careful and circumspect in their behavior.  When you have a society like that, you’ve got to guard your thoughts and act appropriately.  You know that somebody is going to read you; and if you are up to something, planning to do wrong, then they’ll know all about it.  You’ll quickly see the futility in pursuing criminal activity.  

(Cosmic Ray’s comments:  George Van Tassel (1910-1978) an aircraft mechanic from Ohio who moved to Southern California to run the airport at Landers Field, about 17 miles northeast of Yucca Valley, where he held Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions annually from 1954-1977, was also a famous contactee who conducted telepathic communications sessions in his home carved out under the famous Giant Rock.  The quartz in this rock was shown to possess piezoelectric properties which Van Tassel claimed served as a type of cosmic battery in augmenting mental telepathic signals to and from interplanetary spaceships, most notably from Venus that were drawn to the area.   Van Tassel asserted that the Venusians had a “tensor beam” which could transmit thoughts word-for-word directly between one brain and another, heard inside one’s head just as if they were listening to a radio signal through headphones.)

Fellow Ufologist Aimé Michel:  UFOs as Preclude to Invasion 

Aimé Michel (1919-1992) was the foremost French “go-to guy” for information about UFOs in the 1950s and into the mid-1960s on the European continent.  Having university degrees in philosophy and psychology, as well as a certificate as a radio station sound engineer, Michel applied his knowledge to write numerous books on the possibilities of life in outer space and the existence of some UFOs as being interplanetary spaceships, which can frequently be observed traveling along flight paths between certain population centers determined through the science of “orthoteny,” defined in the context of the plotting of UFO sightings by time sequence as clustered around particular grid lines.  In other words, Michel was what we might refer to today as a “nuts and bolts” ufologist.

Most of the members of the Belgian group were familiar with Michel’s work; and while believing that some UFOs were extraterrestrial, were still doubtful about the more metaphysical contact experiences extolled to them by the likes of George Adamski and other contactees. Ergo, the followers of Michel in Europe were much of the same ilk as retired Marine Corps Major Donald E. Keyhoe’s adherents in the United States, declaring that while UFOs were real and coming from other planets, they were most likely unmanned, remote controlled probes sent to our world for the purpose of conducting a military reconnaissance, possibly in advance of an invasion.  

And if there were any extraterrestrials manning some of these ships, they were probably few in number from another solar system but were being deployed from bases established on the far side of the Moon, on Mars or Venus, or even under our seas and oceans, biding the time when reinforcements could arrive from their home world or worlds in sufficient numbers to initiate an attack.  

For these reasons, the Belgians wanted to know what George Adamski thought of fellow ufologist Aimé Michel.

Q.  What are your feelings about Aimé Michel?

A.  As far as Michel is concerned, I am not against him, as even the Bible speaks of fallen angels and other evil beings existing outside of the Earth.  After all, the universe is a big place. It is filled with beings both good and bad, some more spiritually advanced and others less evolved and subversively minded. I talk from another angle, and we all have different experiences. Therefore, Michel can only speak from his research, investigations, and experiences while I, on the other hand, talk from my own.

Dedication to the Youth

The noted Southern California contactee, Professor George Adamski, had specifically asked the leadership of the Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) group, to set aside Thursday, 23 May 1963, as a day dedicated to the youth of Denmark.  It was important to Adamski that no section of any country’s population be afraid of the unknown, for the space people had revealed to him and other contactees that humankind’s destiny lies in the stars.  Too many of the Earth’s masses remained ignorant of the teachings and program of the space people for the elevation of humankind’s consciousness preparatory for further contact with their emissaries now working behind the scenes in every nation on the planet to promote peace and understanding among us.  

Adamski took note of the hysteria following Orson Welles’ Halloween 1938 broadcast about an invasion from Mars supposedly taking place in New Jersey.  Although it was announced at the beginning of the program that it as just a dramatization, many who did not hear the introduction thought that it was all for real, that the end of the world as we knew it was finally upon us.  In order to avoid the panicked response from happening again with any announcement about the existence of UFOs as crewed interplanetary spaceships, Adamski cautioned the future ufologists assembled that they should take extra care in presenting information about alien beings and flying saucers, i.e., informing the masses by incremental degrees, as it were.

Importance of Space Research in Coming UFO Revelations

In the initial stages of UFO revelations, Adamski urged the Belgian youth assembled to press for more of their own government’s involvement with space research, looking for signs of life on the Moon and other planets in our solar system and helping to engineer space vehicles which will take us to these other orbs in the years to come.  Adamski expressed his belief that although the authorities in the United States and other countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) know where the UFOs come from, what they are and why they are here, they have chosen not to keep the public informed about them.  

Professor Adamski talked about various space phenomena, including the so-called “fire-fly effect” exhibited by the UFOs sighted beyond the Earth’s atmosphere by the Friendship 7 astronaut John Glenn in his several orbits that he made of our planet in the Gemini capsule.  Adamski asked the young people in attendance, “Has John Glenn seen fireflies in space?”  All of the students answered in the affirmative.

From Keller Venus Files:  George Adamski in center of back row, sporting thin necktie, with members of the Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) Youth Study Group at Kolding, Denmark, on Thursday, 23 May 1963, along with senior leaders and teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Dybkær of Kolding.

Then the California metaphysics professor commented: “Just think about it.  Would Glenn have seen these fireflies if he had not been in space?”  There was a negative reply to this question from all assembled.  

And lastly, Adamski further questioned the students:  “How has it been possible for me to describe them (the fireflies) seven years before Glenn and in the same way he has?”  After a brief pause, he answered his rhetorical question thusly:  “Well, in order to know about the fireflies, I must also have been in space.  Other things about outer space, too, that I had written in my 1955 book (Inside the Space Ships), have been confirmed by our satellites.”

Summary of Life on Venus

For the younger audience, Adamski briefly went over some of the same answers that he provided to the Belgian adults on the previous day:

Religion:  The space people let themselves be guided by their “religion.”  They worship the invisible, the Causal Principle or the Creator.  

Politics:  Political parties simply do not exist among the inhabitants of Venus or other planets in the Galactic Confederation.  And if any of them found themselves in disagreement over policy matters, they worked together, setting aside their egos, in order to reach a consensus, finding common ways of thought directed toward achieving the very same end, that being the common good.  

Ethnocentrism/Racism:  Neither castes nor ethnic and racial discrimination exist on the other planets.  

Telepathic Power:  Every human being is born with telepathic power.  All nature kingdoms (animal, vegetable, etc.) are able to make use of this means of communication which is life in the world of the forms; and life here is not dependent on the human being.  

At first, you will get an impression like a presentiment, clear-sightedness, etc.  It has many names.  Finally, you will be mentally awake through the impressions which turn up.  You will now find yourself in a condition where you are impressionable, a condition where you are mentally conscious, and where you will see the things round about you in their spiritual light.  The impressions will be there before the spirit will be able to catch them.  They are active and exist independent of the spirit; ,ut they have no life without consciousness….

It is through telepathy that God communicates with the created.  We are here to learn the different natural laws which have been given to us; thus we shall neither know about pain nor sorrow.

United States Space Exploration:

I believe that it would behoove the Congress of the United States to authorize a 50% increase in funds allotted to researching conditions on the Moon and other planets and the building of spacecraft to eventually carry American astronauts to these far-off worlds.  It is extremely important for the United States to establish bases on the Moon and other planets before some insane dictator in a communist country “presses the wrong button,” if you catch my drift.

(Cosmic Ray’s comments:  The implications in the contactee’s remarks about the American space program are two-fold:  First, if life as we know it is obliterated from the surface of the Earth as the result of a nuclear war, there will at least remain remnants of a space-faring Western civilization to start anew in outer space colonies, under the protective guidance of the Venusians and other planetary members of the Galactic Confederation; and second, should humankind somehow manage to avert such an apocalypse, all of Earth will benefit all the more by advancing further along in our cosmic evolution as a peaceful, space-faring civilization, all the more worthy of being included as the next planetary member represented in the councils of the ruling galactic body.)  


(Editor’s Note:  In the next installment, Part IX, Adamski returns to Belgium for the presentation of his final lecture on his 1963 European tour. You won’t want to miss it. - Lon)


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