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Thursday, February 09, 2023

The Venus Gospel: An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium - Part VI

The Venus Gospel: An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium - Part VI

By Raymond A. Keller, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

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Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

From Keller Venus Files:  Danish Air Force Major Hans C. Petersen (L) with Professor George Adamski of Southern California (R) at the Scandinavian UFO Information Congress (SUFOI) in Fredericia, Denmark, 5 May 1963.

Professor George Adamski Answers Hundreds of Questions

Throughout his time speaking in Denmark to the Scandinavian UFO Information group (SUFOI) assembled for their congress in the municipality of Fredericia outside of Copenhagen during the period of 5-15 May 1963, the Southern California professor of the mystic arts, George Adamski, fielded hundreds of questions about extraterrestrials and their spaceships that traverse our skies, the objects that we casually refer to as “flying saucers.”  Adamski claimed that he had flown into outer space on eight separate occasions but had only visited the planets of Venus and Saturn, although he orbited the Moon several times to get a gravitational assist from Earth’s natural satellite before moving further out into our solar system; but he never touched down there.  

The following represents a cross-section of some of the more pertinent questions asked to Adamski in Denmark and the astounding answers he provided:

Brutality on Earth

Q.  Why is Earth, our planet, inhabited by human beings, some of whom display the most horrifying brutality?  Indeed, in this case, is the word “brutality” too mild an expression?

A.  It is true that Earth is inhabited by mentally subdued individuals.  However, we are not born with that brutality.  We absorb it from the negative cultural influences that have surrounded us since birth.  We learn it at the movies, on television, at school, in college, in the print media, and our whole lives through.  Frankly, a change for the better will demand an alteration of the minds of this planet’s inhabitants, starting with you and me.  If we start with ourselves, kindness may spread out like ripples in the water.  It won’t be long after that that conditions worldwide will show a registered improvement.

Paradise Lost

Q.  Why did the Creator provide the people of Earth with Edenic planetary conditions, i.e., clean air and pure water, when the greater part of these are being misused in the most dreadful way?

A.  All planets are abundantly provided with those resources which will allow the people living on them to enjoy a carefree existence.  The universe is filled with countless inhabited worlds, and on some of these, their respective inhabitants manage their natural wealth even more carelessly than we do.  However, the more highly evolved civilizations, which predominate in outer space, utilize their resources better than we do, that is to say, more efficiently.  One day we, too, shall learn to utilize our planet’s resources in a more proper and effective way.

Latent Psychic Powers

Q.  Do the space people have a “third eye?”  Are they able to see the human aura and the radiation emitted from everything in nature?

A.  Three times yes!  The so-called “third eye” is a sectarian expression for telepathy.  The human aura is the magnetic radiation of a human being.  Like everything else in nature, it emits its own radiation.  All human beings are provided with these three faculties, but only a very few know the science of accessing them, and this is because they do not know themselves.

Extraterrestrial Infiltration

Q.  Do you think that there are space people inside the Danish government?

A.  Probably not in the Danish government, as they mostly work in connection with the governments of larger nations, like the United States or the Soviet Union.  I would not totally rule it out, however, insofar as I am aware of their presence, in a few cases, in the governments of some smaller nations in Africa and Latin America.  Most frequently, however, they bring their influence to bear in scientific work under the auspices or in connection with the respective governments.  Therefore, any extraterrestrial infiltration of Denmark is probably taking place in the civilian sector.

World Government

Q.  Mr. Adamski, are you of the opinion that the space people can or will further the establishment of a possible world government; or must such an objective necessarily wait for a sufficiently high development of humankind?  In other words, must the leaders of national governments realize for themselves the necessity of a world government and take the appropriate steps to have it established and duly recognized?

A.  There is no doubt that national governments will take the initiative, but only if the people, through elected representatives, voice a genuine interest.  We all know the saying, “The will of the people is the will of the country.”  Anything short of this will result in an oppressive dictatorship where everyone suffers as they currently do in China, Cuba, the Soviet Union, and all its satellite countries.  The space people will not deal with thugs in control of the world.  


(Editor’s Note: Stay tuned to this website for the continued coverage of Adamski’s 1963 European tour, where the Southern California contactee and professor of the mystic arts travels to Antwerp, Belgium, and answers more sundry and miscellaneous questions about Venus and the Venusians in Part VII of Cosmic Ray’s article, “The Venus Gospel:  An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium.” - Lon)


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