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Monday, February 20, 2023

Small Bipedal 'GLIMMER MAN' Encountered in Beaver, West Virginia

A Pennsylvania woman is traveling to North Carolina to visit a friend, While in Beaver, West Virginia she observes a 7-8 inch tall cloaked 'Glimmer Man' figure trying to cross the road.

I recently received the following account:

"I recently found your blog and was curious about the 'Glimmer Man' incidents that you have written about. I had a similar encounter several years ago. I curious as to what you think.

The date was Thursday, September 8, 2016. I was on a trip from northwest Pennsylvania to visit a friend in North Carolina. I had been driving for about five and a half hours when I left Route 64 and drove onto Airport Road and came down to a little town called Beaver, West Virginia.

I stopped at the KFC to grab something to eat. When leaving, I made a right out of the parking lot onto Route 19. I was driving slowly as I hadn't picked up speed from pulling out yet. Because I was driving slowly, I'm sure I never would have noticed this.

I was approaching some leaves spread across the road when I noticed the leaves were moving but there was no wind blowing. I slowed down thinking there may be an animal in the leaves and I didn't want to hit it. I was looking really hard because I could see the leaves moving but I didn't see an animal. Then I could make out a small bipedal figure about seven or eight inches tall that seemed to be trying to hide in the leaves. As it tried to get across the road it looked as if I could see a line of each part of the creature but it seemed to be cloaked, kind of like what a chameleon does but not quite the same. It moved with a ratchet-type movement, rather jerky. I don't know if that was its normal gate or if it was injured.

I was driving at a crawl by this time because what I was observing was so bizarre and I was trying to make out what it was I was thinking what in the world is this thing. It almost looked like a frail stick figure as I could only make out some of it. I thought maybe it was an emaciated squirrel but they don't walk on two feet and if it was that skinny it would be dead, not jerking across the road. It was not a featherless bird either.

It had reached the center line and was attempting to cross the rest of the road when a pickup from the other side came speeding along and just missed it with its driver-side tires and I saw the leaves being thrown. I don't know if it made it or not as cars behind me were honking at me to keep moving. I thought about turning around to see if I could find it because that is what I would do for an animal, but this was not an animal that I had ever heard about or had seen before.

The more I thought about it I realized that it may have been cloaked and was picking up the color of the leaves to disguise itself. It reminded me of the cloaked alien in the movie 'Predator.' I could see it but I couldn't make out exactly what it was. As I tried to rationalize this in my head I thought maybe it was a reptile or a lizard of some kind, like a chameleon that can turn different colors to hide. An octopus can do the same thing and maybe we have just never seen them know that they are there.

When I arrived at my friend's house that night I told her about it. She never doubted me as I'm not prone to making up stories. I'm a very rational person. But I still wonder what that thing was and if these Predator-like entities exist all around us." PK

NOTE: I contacted 'PK' and we discussed her incident. In our discussion, she described the shimmering effect that's indicative of the 'Glimmer Man' sightings. I have no idea what the 'cloaked' being may have been but the stick-like figure description is interesting. Lon


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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