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Friday, February 24, 2023

Rural Michigan Man Fears DOGMAN May Be Stalking Him

A Michigan man describes possible recent encounters with a Dogman on his farm. He has heard growls and seen movement. He is fearful of what may be lurking in the darkness.

Recently forwarded to me:

"I am writing to you from the state of Michigan. I will be 67 years old in March 2023 and have hunted in my early days and fished all my life. I spent countless all-nighters on a sandbar catching catfish before the sun came up, in my 20s-40s in a tree stand with my bow, then migrated to my .44 magnum hand cannon for whitetails. I was never happy hunting until I reached the deepest darkest dungeons of the forest or timber I was in.

When I moved to Michigan from Iowa after my wife passed it was like a treasure trove of outdoor activity. I met and remarried my now wife in 2004. We live on the east side of Lake Michigan toward the tip of the thumb. Lately, I fish very little and stopped hunting because of the intense pressure and my age. Just not fun anymore. But I continue to competitive shoot.

After moving to Michigan I started hearing stories about the Michigan Dogman. I just blew it off. About 5 years ago there was a sighting by a man named Joe Barger, a semi-truck driver that was hauling a load in the UP. He stated that this creature tried to crawl into his moving truck. He stated that he shot this creature in the head and watched it fall to the ground as the truck sped away. About 3-4 months ago I read a local story about a Dogman sighting just north of us in a small town named Port Hope. We live on a 4.5 acreage with a very high banked creek that flows behind the old farmhouse. We have chickens, goats, pigs, 2 cows, and barn cats and dogs.

I believe it was early October 2022. I was out in the back by the creek when I heard what I thought was a faint growl. I didn't think much of it until I got back inside and I asked which one of our dogs is outside. My youngest replied they are all in the house, and no dogs were out. My wife looked at me and asked, 'Why? What is wrong?' She asked if I was ok. She said the color simply drained right out of my face. She was concerned because she knows that there is very little that scares me. I told her I was out back and I thought that I heard one of the dogs growling. She said they have been inside before you went outside. I grabbed my .44 and a flashlight and went out back. I didn't hear or see anything.

I cautiously went out back again the next night to just look around, and I heard the growl again. But this time it was a lot louder and it sounded like it was right behind me, like just feet away. I quickly turned around pointing my .44 in that direction. I saw nothing, but the lower branches of the pine trees moving. There was NO WIND. I quickly moved back into the house. My wife looked at me again and simply said, "What?' My wife is from Michigan. I never met my father-in-law because he died of cancer in the early 80s. I told her what I experienced the last 2 nights and the color drained from her face. She stated, 'You can't be serious.' I told her, 'Does it look like I'm joking?' She walked over and sat in her chair and began telling me a story told to her by her dad about a deer camp many years ago.

She said her dad told her of a time at deer camp when they saw a man with a face like a dog. She said that her dad never went hunting after that again. Anyway, when I go outside at night to feed the critters I carry my .44. We live on a flat farmland area of the thumb. The biggest thing that scares me is the creek. You can spit and hit the creek it's that close. The scary part about the creek is it has high banks on both sides. Even a very tall creature could walk down the center of the creek for miles, unseen, in any direction because the sides are so high. You would never even see it. I wasn't sure if I needed to tell anyone this because I didn't actually see anything other than moving branches and heard that horrible growl. But what I experienced wasn't normal, but it was real." MJ


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