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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Recent Multiple 'NOT DEER' Eyewitness Report in Roanoke, Virginia

A recent encounter with a pair of 'Not Deer' left a Roanoke, Virginia wondering what he had actually witnessed. His father has a similar encounter several years previous while hunting.

I recently received the following account:

"I stayed after school one late December afternoon (2022 - two months ago) in the Roanoke, Virginia area for a basketball game. After the game, I walked to the nearby church lot waiting for my dad. It was already dark. As I stood waiting I felt like someone or something was watching me. I turned around and saw the shadow of a man behind a bush. I instantly ran to the other side of the street. I caught my breath and slowly walked back to the other side of the church. I would be able to see my dad drive up.

As I stood there, keeping an eye out for my dad and for other shadows, I saw two deer along the edge of the woods. I put some space between me and the deer. I watched the deer as they began to move around. I watched closely as one of the deer seemed to have a bad back leg or was injured. I began to walk in the direction of the deer in order to get a better look.

When I came within 20 feet or so of the deer I stopped. I was literally frozen and terrified at the same time. I realized that these were not deer!  They both had oddly shaped heads with patches of hair that seemed to be stitched onto their bodies. It actually looked like human skin was underneath the patches.

Then both deer looked in my direction and slowly stood up on their back legs! They then started to run in my direction, chasing me back to the church lot! I was yelling and running at the same time, so loud that my dad heard me a block away! I ran towards my home neighborhood, but my dad happened to see me and caught up.

As he stopped ahead of me, I jumped into the passenger seat, yelling 'Go! Go!' He asked me what the hell was I yelling and running for? I couldn't answer him. I was absolutely freaked out! The 10-minute drive home was surreal as I was thinking about what I had experienced and what I was going to tell my dad.

When we got home, and after I calmed down a bit, my mom and dad sat at the dining room table with me and listened to my description of the encounter. They actually listened. They knew by my demeanor that something had really occurred.

Later that night, while I was in my room watching television, my dad came into my room and wanted to talk. He told me about an encounter that he had several years previously with a deer while he and my uncle were hunting in the nearby mountains. His description was very much like mine. He had told my mom about it at the time, so now I know why they didn't question my sanity when we talked.

Can you tell me what I encountered that day? I see references to Wendigos and Not Deer when I started to research on Google. Is that what I witnessed. Is that what my dad witnessed? Thanks." T

NOTE: I wrote back to the witness and described some of the 'Not Deer' sightings and encounters that had been reported in the Appalachian Mountains (in particular George Washington National Forest), relatively close to his location. I believe that this is the first report that I have received describing multiple 'Not Deer.' Lon


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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