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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Possible BIPEDAL SCREECHING 'NOT DEER' Encountered in Appalachia Virginia

An Appalachia Virginia college student who is out late at night encounters a possible 'Not Deer' that is sprinting on its back legs, coughing, and screeching. Or was it something else?

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I live in mountainous south-central Virginia in a pretty rural area. My house is a townhome in a neighborhood right next to a middle school. I've lived in this house for over ten years and frequently went on walks during the daytime all around the neighborhood itself plus the surrounding buildings and woods, but I've never gone on a walk at night here. After starting college, I got very accustomed to taking walks around my campus at night when the weather's nice, so now that I'm home for winter break and Virginia is in one of its weirdly warm winter weeks. I decided I may as well go on a walk at night since it's a safe area and night walks are almost daily routines for me now.

So, I leave my house at around midnight. I walk over to the middle school and I sit down on the track (the track is a concrete oval going around the soccer field). I'm just sitting there, relaxing, listening to music with one earbud in. I also had a lit candle on the ground a foot in front of me, which sounds kind of weird of me to have, now that I type it out. Lighting candles, while I sit and chill somewhere outside, is just a habit I developed from having a ton of candles and being unable to light them in my room at college.

I hear what sounded like a cough, so I instantly stop my music and start looking around. I don't see anything, but I'm an extremely paranoid person, so I'm on edge, even though everything seems fine. I just sit there doing nothing for maybe one or two minutes, and I start settling back down.

So I'm almost fully relaxed, but then I hear the "cough" again. Then I see something sprint on its back legs across the field faster than I've ever seen anything move before, and it gets to the other end of the field and then continues to stand there on its hind legs. I couldn't see it super well because it was dark and far away. Since I had just heard coughing and it was running on two legs, I initially thought it was a person. But when it was standing still, I could see that it was too large and weirdly proportioned to be human. It was also screeching the whole time. Like, an incredibly loud horror-movie-creature screeching that made my ears ring.

It looked like its back was to me, so I took the opportunity to pack up and sprint home. I'm physically disabled and I can move around just fine but never very quickly. I literally cannot think of another time in my life when ever ran that fast.

The only sort of paranormal thing I believe in is plain old ghosts, so as soon as I got home, I texted all my friends about it and Googled all I could. Everyone, I texted reassured me it was probably just injured or diseased since that can make deer act weird like that. So that's a little reassuring, but at the same time, I'm Googling about deer running on their hind legs and screeching their heads off, and while it's a decently documented occurrence, none of the pictures and videos on any website are anywhere near what I saw.

I've read descriptions of deer running on their hind legs and I've watched videos of it. None of the videos I've seen really match up with just how strangely fast this thing was moving. Like, it was basically a blur running past me." M


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